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Sunday, September 10, 2017

Moving forward

Pastor Chris Ney -
Going forward is usually a good plan, it can hinder life when it is all we see and in the process we miss all of the wonders right around us, but in the end staying still for to long is just as dangerous or worse. As I have shared some of my summer I hope you know that it seemed for a while like it was taking a huge step forward and then asked to just stand still; but it wasn’t. This was one of those times where it was better to go backward for a while so you could get a glimpse of the mountains past the rocks right in front of you. Standing in the valley your view gets pretty limited but in the valley sometimes there is room for nothing more then to move up and forward. That is where I am now, it is time to move up and forward. Before anyone wonders that does not mean leaving Pincher Creek, you all are stuck with me, but what it does mean is there is a road ahead that is right and I am looking forward to taking it.

As we have ventured down this road there has been much to learn about my family, both and myself at home and the church, God has revealed many things to aid me to love unconditionally and sacrificially. There has been something happen in me that only God could have done and in the midst of Gemma and I having the summer to work on our family and ourselves seemingly taking steps back, all that really happened was that God pulled us out of the fog so we could see His path clearly and man is it beautiful. Please don’t get me wrong in this I am not saying I am now perfect or anything like that in fact I am sure there will be times that I will let someone down, perhaps more then once. I wont do it on purpose but I am just a normal guy who God has called to love a community with no strings attached, and no conditions. It is incredible to see things this way, and we are looking forward to the next step as we have come out of the fog and see so clearly now.

Maybe though you have been tracking with me and are asking why am I still in the fog, why hasn’t God cleared the way yet? Hang in because He will, He doesn’t want us to stay there but maybe there is still something to work through, or on. I have many of those things but one of the biggest blessings through all of this has been people who have stepped up and said you are not alone, we have your back and we are with you for the long run. I will tell you guys something, in all my “church” experience I have never been so loved for and supported as our family in Pincher Creek has been. This has been the real deal where we don’t have to wear masks or fake anything; we can be real, and messy and love each other through it. So if this is you still in the fog come and be apart of this great family, all are welcome no matter who, or where, or what has happened this is a place for new beginnings and to encounter a real Jesus through those who follow Him.

I am not just saying that as the Pastor there but I have truly experienced it first hand as well. The mission of this family is to Love God, Love Each Other, and Love our Neighbors and wow is it awesome when it really happens. This doesn’t happen on our own though, this only happens through people who know what love is and where it comes from. It comes from knowing how much we are loved, because we are loved so much Jesus was willing to give up His life for us, He took our penalty for all the wrong we have ever done while on the cross so we could be free and know Him. He asks that we turn from living in the fog and turn to Him by acknowledging Him as Lord and Savior and believing that God raised Him from the grave, then we will be free and have a relationship with Him. If you have never done this, then maybe today is the day to make a change. If you have and you are in the fog then turn to Him again and ask Him to make it clear, give it to Him and let Him show you the path, it may be that you have to move a few steps back or in my case a lot but as you do The Father is right there with you and will not let you go. There is such freedom on the other side, when we put religion aside and just focus on knowing the Father in relationship, man such freedom. I have personally gone through this and am now just starting to make the climb and move forward, how about you, are you ready to take some steps with me. One step, one day, at a time; looking to Him who guides our path in all things. If finding a true family excites your or terrifies you then maybe Vertical is the place to come and see just how much you can be loved

You Are Loved

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