Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Letter: Election concerns

J. S. - Judging by the historically high turnout at the all candidates meeting last week, there is tremendous interest in local governance. Perhaps this is a result of the fact that candidates new to the local political scene have raised important issues about governance, economic development and the town’s future. Or perhaps local citizens are ready for a change from the stagnancy that has gripped our community. In any event, the conversation is welcome and the hope for renewal is most encouraging.

However, some distressing notes in the current campaigns revolve around damaged and stolen signs as well as deliberate efforts to describe some candidates in negative and untruthful ways. None of these should be part of democracy in our community. Let us instead look at the issues raised and the qualifications of the candidates who have generously offered their talents for public service. Then let’s get out and vote, as this matters most of all in our precious Pincher Creek community to which we all belong.

(Editor's note:  The above provided their full name to us but asked that only their initials be used.)

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