Thursday, October 12, 2017

STARS visits Pincher Creek's councils

STARS representative Glenda Farnden presents Reeve Hammond with a token of appreciation

Chris Davis - STARS Air Ambulance Foundation representative Glenda Farnden appeared as a delegation at the MD of Pincher Creek and Town of Pincher Creek councils' regular meetings on October 10. Farnden asked both councils to continue their $2.00 per capita committments to STARS, provided details about STARS responses in the southwestern Alberta area, and promoted the SOLUS smartphone app that enables people to access 24/7 emergency assistance anywhere in Canada with a cell signal.

STARS provides an approximate $100,000 value per year and flies an average of 66 missions per year (more than one mission per week) to the southwestern Alberta area, including Pincher Creek, Crowsnest Pass, Cardston County. MD of Ranchland, and MD of Willow Creek. It receives just over $7 million a year from the Government of Alberta, about 20% of their total expenses, and must fundraise approximately $16 million (80%) each year. Farnden said the last couple of years has been rough for fundraising due to a downturn Alberta's economy.

Types of missions flown:
  • Medical   Emergencies  55%
  • Motor  Vehicle Collisions  19%
  • Trauma   Related  14% Recreational Accidents 7%
  • Industry/Workplace   Accidents  2%
  • Agricultural  Accidents 3%

Town of Pincher Creek Mayor Don Anderberg told Farnden that the Town's 2018 budget included a $2.00 per capita contribution to STARS, consistent with the Town's past contributions, but he also cautioned that the new upcoming council would have the right to change that decision. The MD council was also asked to commit to a continuance of their past $2.00 per capita contributions. In accordance with their usual procedure MD council forwarded their decision making process on the matter to a future meeting. Farnden also asked both councils to consider committing to a four year pledge to continue their $2.00 per capita committments, to help STARS budget more effectively for the long term.

Farnden also presented MD Reeve Brian Hammond with a framed photograph of STARS in action to thank the MD for their past support. She said the MD has been a STARS partner since 1991.

The SOLUS app:
  • Tracks user's location  in  real time
  • Provides a direct  connection to STARS ELC (Emergency Link Centre)
  • Talk with a live person 24/7
  • STARS Emergency Physician oversight
  • STARS dispatches appropriate level of response
  • STARS notifies pre-defined emergency contacts
  • No hardware required - Android and iOS
  • $9.99/month
  • Emergency assistance anywhere in Canada (where a cell signal is received)
  • Learn more @

Selected graphics from STARS presentation:

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