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Sunday, October 15, 2017

The Good, the bad, and the Godly

Chris Ney -
Sometimes in our lives we can lose something important to us and we go through a time of mourning and grieving, which is perfectly ok. There are times when we grieve over something that is not nearly as legit and really we are just upset because our plans got changed or something didn’t work out like we planned. We can get sidetracked by the world not working as we intended and mourn over that. These two types of mourning are very real in our everyday life, people all around us can be mourning and we go right on by them or we are that person and life goes right on by us. I am not trying to minimize in any way the loss of someone or something important, that hurts and there is a proper time for us to be sad. It does hurt when we lose someone we love, it hurts deeper the closer that person is, but it is a season, and it is normal to mourn that way. If we sit by and are miserable in life mourning how life sucks then that is wrong and someone needs to help you snap out of it. In all of that there is still another type of mourning and that is Godly mourning.

You are probably asking what in the world is the difference and what is Godly mourning?   Well I’m glad you asked. Godly mourning is something that can cut to the depth of our souls and lead us at the same time to a place of freedom if we are willing to walk down that road. It is a place where we actually are sorrowful over the sin in our lives and we want to be rid of it. The problem sometimes is that we want to have our cake and eat it to; we want to love our sin and say we are followers of Jesus, when in fact that just can't work. I am not saying here that we do not make mistakes but are we always doing the same things and loving it. Are we constantly making excuses for our sin instead of dealing with it? The beautiful thing is that we don’t even have to do the hard work because Jesus already did. He paid for our sin in full and what we need to do is turn from it, ask for forgiveness to Jesus and literally turn a different way, make a different choice, change the situation we are in. I hear too often from people how they want to change or they are not happy, but they also don’t really want to change because let's face it, we love our sin.

I say we because no one is better then another and we all have things in our lives we need to work on, but are you willing to do it? That is a question only you can answer and the wonderful thing is you are not alone. Jesus is right there and if you know Him He has given you the Strength inside to defeat sin and to not be enslaved by it anymore. If you do not know Him as Lord and Savior then you are at a disadvantage in this war. You can win small battles but never seem to win the war because you are doing it in your own power and that is limited. I would exhort you to stop trying to do this on your own and give it to Jesus.  Ask Him for forgiveness and acknowledge Jesus as Lord and Savior and you will begin a relationship with Him that will change your life, and give you the strength you need to fight this war. We are in a war and need to have all the soldiers with us we can. Jesus is the ultimate companion for the battle, but will you surrender to Him or will you continue in your love for your sin? That, loved ones, is your choice to make, and if you are wanting help but are unsure we would like to invite you to join us Sunday mornings at 10:30 am at Vertical Church. There is family there all going through life together day by day with no mask, just family. You are invited to come and meet them anytime as this life needs friends and family that will be there no matter what.

You are Loved

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