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Sunday, October 8, 2017

Turkey time

Pastor Chris Ney -
This is the time of year where we celebrate with mounds of turkey and stuffing, potatoes and pies, if we are lucky we will get pumpkin pie and ice cream to top it all off. We will sit around the table with family and friends and give thanks to God for another year and for the turkey, and then dive in. Food gets eaten, thrown, and well then, there is the mess. The funny thing is that no one is usually thankful for the mess.  In fact when the meal is done and the last piece of pie is eaten everyone leaves and there is a mess. Are we still thankful then?

The answer is not so much, at least that is my answer as I thought about it. This year in particular I have a lot to be thankful for. My family is healthy, we are all together and life seems a bit normal right now, as normal as it gets I think. The thing is that it wasn’t all that long ago that it all came to a sudden halt for me as everything was turned upside down do to my business and the resulting one track mind of plowing ahead. I was at a place where I couldn’t find the words to give thanks for anything, I didn’t know what to be thankful for. Life as I knew it had changed and it was not as easy to deal with when it my own life. I had to make a choice.

My choice at that time was to not give up and to not get angry.  Don’t get me wrong through. it all I had my days where I was just flat out mad but I made the choice to be mad and then find a way to calm down. I began to read through the Psalms out of the Bible and I began to see how people all throughout history poured out their hearts to God and it was okay. For the first time I was seeing that God was big enough to handle me yelling at Him, being mad at Him and crying out to Him and HE never changed throughout it all. He loved me through it and at times picked my head up just like He did throughout all of history. I began to day by day become more thankful and more trusting in Him and He day by day revealed more to me as my world began to come back into shape a bit. I know I am making this sound easy but it was not. This was the most painful process I had ever had to go through and never want to repeat it but I learned so much through it. Most of all I learned to be thankful even when I didn’t see anything to be thankful for. God was showing Himself to be there in the midst of the good times but most of all He was showing Himself to be there even in the hard times.

This may be a season where you are very thankful and know what to say, maybe this is a season that is tough and you are not there. That is okay, there is someone right there wanting to pick you up when you're ready, and trust me He is big enough to be there, yell if you need to, cry if you need to but in this time when you may have nothing else turn to Him and just let it out. Begin the process of healing and find just one small thing to be thankful for. If you don’t know God in this way you can right where you are, right now and ask Him for forgiveness and turn to Him as Lord and Savoir and you will begin to know Him. If you know Him and things are not where you hoped they would be, lean on Him hard and press in, you have a Father who loves you and knows you pain. He is right there waiting to take that pain from you.

If you're looking for family in the midst of the good times or bad I would like to invite you to join us at Vertical Church, we are far from perfect but we are family and I have seen this family stick together like no other in the tough times and the good. Come and join us during the week or for service on Sunday @1030 am. No masks, just real people doing life together one step at a time

You're Loved

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