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Sunday, November 5, 2017

Someone in need

Pastor Chris Ney
- There used to be a day when we would stop when we saw a car on the side of the road, or when we seen someone fall and hurt themselves. There was a time when if we saw a fight we would break it up and not allow awful things to just go by. Now it becomes second nature and we walk past like it isn’t our problem, so we look the other way, forgetting with each step, while we lose a little more compassion and heart for those all around us.

Jesus talks about a man who was beaten up and robbed on the side of a road and many people walked by, including lots of “religious people” who would not help because this would be an inconvenience to them and interrupt their schedules. Then a man came by who was busy as well, but for a moment he saw someone in need and stopped to see what he could do. The man on the ground was in bad shape so the traveller did what he could to help and brought him to the inn and paid for everything. He didn’t know the man but showed enormous amounts of compassion on him and did the right thing by helping someone in need.

Jesus then asked, who is the good neighbor to the person He was talking with, and then identifies that the man who helps the stranger is the good neighbor and demonstrated mercy/  It leaves us with a thought of what would it be like if that was the trademark for our area today. What would it be like if we showed mercy and compassion for those around us even if it interfered with our day to day but made the difference in someone else’s day? Maybe by showing some compassion we could change the path for someone who is hurting, who is alone, who is hungry, who is in need. Maybe by slowing down for just a minute we could be used by God in ways that would not only give life to the people around us, but it would change our hearts as well.

If you are looking for family like this to be a part of, we would invite you to join us on Sunday Mornings at Vertical Church 10:30am.

You Are Loved

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