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Sunday, November 12, 2017

Why are we here?

Pastor Chris Ney - 
Why are we here? That is a question we all ask ourselves from time to time but do we ever come up with the answers. I know for me it can look different all the time and sometimes it looks like I have the answer and then something else happens or comes up and the question remains. For me it can be like that personally and in the church. Often I will look around and ask why are we here, why am I here? It is not to answer saying I want to move or we shouldn’t be here, it is more like what is my purpose, what is the real reason that we started a new church in this town?

This is something that we wrestle with on a regular basis as a church, even down to the question on what is the church, what are we supposed to be doing? Tough questions to ask that then take us potentially out of our comfort zone.  Lets face it we can put on a great service that everyone loves but is that it? The answer in a big way is NO, it is actually one of the smallest parts of the church in the community. We are not ever called to be a social club of likeminded people but called to be living examples of Jesus each and every day, no matter where we are. This isn’t a popular message to the church era, the religious groups that love it they way they do, and I am not in any way speaking against that. If that is your gig then go for it, but what I am putting out there is maybe, just maybe, there is more. Maybe Monday to Saturday could actually be more important then Sunday mornings. Now I love gathering with the Vertical Family Every Sunday morning as we share stories about what God has done throughout the week and we get to hear the heart of the people that are in the community the rest of the week as normal people who love Jesus.

I think as we hear these stories it gets us excited to hear more and do more, to find new ways to actually love everyone even if they never step foot into a church or Vertical. Could we do that, and if we could how and why! Those are questions I can’t answer for you but I do know there has to be a way but it is more then just doing it has to begin with the heart. We can all do the work we want but if there is no real love to go with it, then it doesn’t help. So this is a call out to those who read this to check our hearts, time, spending and see if it lines up with what we say we believe. Jesus is our prime example for life and He was willing to give anything to anyone without hesitation. He gave His life for His bride the church, and we should be ready to do the same for those around us. It is not easy I know that, but it is incredible to love and serve with absolutely no strings attached.

That is the exact same way Jesus gave Himself for us, no strings attached. He died for you and for me, suffered for all of our wrongs and then took the penalty for them that we could not pay. We need to admit we have done wrong, believe in Jesus and confess Him as Lord and we will be free in Him and free from the penalty of all the wrongs we have done. Jesus paid it all and for us to live any different would be crazy. If you are a follower of Jesus I would plead with you this week to examine your hearts and get out of the four walls of a building and find ways to help. If you are reading this and are in need of help in any way we would be excited to help and you can email us at, or call 403-904-0021. If you are looking for a family that is actice and loves you we would like to invite you to join us any Sunday @10:30 at Vertical Church, and if you can t make that we are on facebook live, and starting small groups really soon. Contact us if you are interested or need help in any way. We don’t just say this but we are excited to help when we can.

You are Loved !!

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