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Sunday, December 3, 2017

Something Big is coming

Part I: Where it starts from

Chris Ney - In the beginning God, the first words in the Bible and it starts with something very simple and yet so complicated. So much can be in a word and we can treat them with such casual use. We can build things with a word and we can tear things down with a word, we can do the same to people with our words. Beyond that, a word is strong enough to create. Before moving on, I am not trying to say that our words have the ability to create things but I am saying there is one whose words are just that strong. The One who created everything that is and everything that was.

God spoke a word and in that created the stars of the heavens.  With another word  He created the earth and all that is on it, in another word he created all living creatures, and in another word He created man. So much has been created by a word and in the end He will claim victory for good with His word as well; but are you, are we living in that victory?

We live day to day and miss the victory that is all around us, given to us by the One who created it all. God after He created man said it was good and then man messed up, they did the one thing they were not supposed to do and since then we all have this thing in our life called sin. Sin is all the wrong that we have ever done, or will do, and even think. It has caused a separation between us and God, a broken relationship, and only by the one who created all can we be redeemed and have victory. This is a big problem that over the next few weeks we will unpack more and more using just words to share the greatest story ever told to man. The story of victory, redemption and love.

If you are looking for a family, for victory come and join us at Vertical Church any Sunday at 10:30. Family is here and no matter where your life has been, or is right now you are invited and welcome with us.

You are Loved!

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