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Sunday, January 7, 2018

How bright does your light shine

Chris Ney, Vertical Church - In the dark we all like a little light.  Too much light at once will hurt the eyes and could cause other issues, but it also draws us in. Utter darkness can be terrifying as you have no idea what is around you and without light there is no way to see. I have been in this type of situation where it was so dark I could not see the hand in front of my face, and we were all a bit terrified. We could hear things moving around us and then wow doesn’t your imagination play games on you. Overall I learned a valuable lesson, I do not like being in that kind of darkness, and I also learned what just a little bit of light can do when it is dark all around.

It has been the same in my life at times as well, I have been walking in the dark not aware I was even in the dark. I would just walk around trying find my way from day to day not sure what I was doing or where I was supposed to be, I wondered even at times what my purpose even was. It was a place that was dark and so much so that all the things around me just seemed to fade into the background and I couldn’t see right in front of me. Then something changed and a light broke thru the fog and I began to be drawn into this light. At first it hurt and I pushed it away, covering up where it hurt and then all at once my eyes got adjusted and it wasn’t hurting anymore it was actually inviting and freeing to be walking closer to it.

This was the beginning of my story that totally changed my life, and I went from bars and parties to seeing in front of my next step to know there was something more. I began to see hope and it wasn’t in me, it was in a person called Jesus. Jesus says He is the light and He is, He shines a light that might hurt at first but He is just trying to peel the layers off so that we can grow and have a life that is full of joy, peace, love. Who doesn’t want that? Down deep we all want that and struggle every day to find that in ourselves. The truth is we will never find it in ourselves, our families, friends, careers. We will only find true peace when we are ready to give ourselves up and let the light shine thru our darkness we have created around us. The world, this culture, has us convinced more and more every day we don’t know who we are, or what we can be. Jesus died so that we could know, and could be free, and could love and be loved more then we could ever deserve. He loved us so much that He gave Himself to pay our penalty, so that if we would confess Him as Lord and believe that God raised Him from the dead we would be saved from this darkness and we would enter into marvelous light, His marvelous light.

We/you/I can have peace, joy, happiness in this life if we are willing to give up our current paths, and turn to the light that is shining all around. In Jesus is love and He loves you, we love you and if you are ever looking for a place to connect and find out more we would like to invite you to join us any Sunday at Vertical Church 10:30am at 1200 Ken Thornton Blvd or on Facebook live every Sunday 10:30am on my profile Chris Ney

You are Loved

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