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Sunday, January 14, 2018


Chris Ney - As a child growing up it seemed like all my parents had over me were rules, don’t do this, don’t do that. Then I went to school and rules just got added on because now the school had rules, and it seemed at a first glance that if you didn’t follow the rules you were out. What I didn’t see as a kid and teenager was that those rules were there for a reason, and most of that reason was to keep order and for the safety of everyone around including me. I always thought they were there just to hold me back, so I would often take the rules and bend them as much as I possibly could so that I could still do what I wanted but technically still stay in the confines of the so-called rules.

The funny thing is I think we still do it as adults, at least I do.  Get on the road in a new place and what do you ask?  How fast can I go before I get pulled over?  I drive a little faster all the time until the day I get caught and end up with a ticket, and then blame the officer for doing his or her job of keeping us all safe. I take the ticket and slow down for awhile and then I'm late for something and because I was unprepared I think I can bend the rules and speed again. Now I know I am the only one who does this so you are probably reading this trying to figure out how this could relate to you but stay with me to the end and maybe there is something here for you rule followers as well.

It is funny how something like this can mean so little to us, but take a look at the people who have found themselves in prison.  They for the most part didn’t start off the morning saying I am going to prison, they made a decision to break the law and then got caught and had to pay the price for their desire to break the law. Before you start saying "Well they deserve what they got," I think it is important to examine ourselves a bit. Do we ever bend the rules, break the law, break God’s law, bend God’s law to suit ourselves? Sadly for all of us the answer is yes. None of us are perfect and we have all broken the law, more importantly we have broken God’s law. Whether you are reading this and believe in it or not is irrelevant, the reality is God laid out His law and we are supposed to follow it and we will be judged according to it. Now that sounds like an miserable message, and if I left it there it would be, but there is hope.

God gave us the law and expects us to hold up to it but He also gave us something more, knowing that we couldn’t live up to it He gave us His son. Jesus came down to earth to live among us to then be the ultimate payment for our wrongs. You see someone or something had to pay for our wrongs, our rule bending, it could be us, it could have been something else in the early days but now it doesn’t have to be either. Jesus came here to fulfill the law by taking the penalty of it on Himself so that you and I would not have to pay for it. He took all the payment and He did so willingly because He loves you. So that means we can have freedom, hope, happiness, and joy in our lives. It also means that I don’t have to be perfect or work to be a good person so I can earn something; instead I do those things because of who I am, and because of the love that has been given. Maybe you are reading this today and don’t know that kind of love, you can right in your seat. Ask Jesus for forgiveness and turn to Him for freedom, accept Him as Lord and Savior and you can know this love and freedom, His sacrifice has already paid for you because He loves you, don’t wait. Maybe you have had a time in your life where this has happened and you know you are forgiven but you don’t have that joy, then it is time for something new, find a family, church family that will love you and lead you back to the real joy in Jesus.

If you are new to town or looking for a change, family, or friends I would like to invite you to join us on Facebook live every Sunday at 10:30am or in person at Vertical Church 1200 Ken Thornton Blvd. We are a church for people who don’t go to church. We all tend to bend the rules from time to time, and none of us here at Vertical are perfect so you are welcome here

You are Loved!!

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