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Sunday, March 25, 2018

Don’t worry, be happy

Chris Ney -
These are lines to a song that probably dates me a little or a lot, but they are well known and can be overstated maybe just a little too much, specially in that song. Everything in life can be solved by simple stopping to worry about it. Turn your frown upside down and don’t worry be happy. If only life was like that then we wouldn’t have 3 million people across Canada struggling with major anxiety on a daily basis, and in some cases it cripples the best of people from living the life they would want to live. It is a major epidemic that is hurting many around us. The idea that you can just not worry and that would solve everything just doesn’t even compute as an option, it is terrifying.

I have struggled with this myself over the years and even into last summer anxiety was burning through me, it was hard and painful and then caused me to always react to things out of fear and anger instead of seeing things with eyes as they should have been seen. The anxiety that would cloud my thoughts and judgement and cause me to react wrongly or at the very least not clearly the way I would want. It is a real struggle but one I am excited to tell you I have conquered without the help of medicine. Early in the summer I was around some people that helped me to see there was a clear path to getting rid of anxiety almost forever, of course that isn’t a sure promise, but I can say on this side of it I have been mainly anxiety free since last June. The freedom that has come from that has been liberating and more satisfying then you could ever imagine including the sleep that you didn’t even realize you were missing. Sleep is a good thing as I have learned more and more.

How did this happen though, how did I beat 90% of my anxiety and fear, the truth is that I didn’t, in fact I couldn’t. In my own ability without medication I would still be struggling with it day in and day out and just reading my Bible and going to church wasn’t enough. It wasn’t helping and sometimes made things worse only because that is what I was responsible for. What made the difference was me understanding my worth, and value in something other then myself or my things, or even my family or job. It took someone sitting down with me and sharing what real value I was not based on that but based on my value in the eyes of Jesus. I didn’t buy it at first, I was thinking more of ya ya heard it all before, but this was a bit different, this other pastor reminded me that not only was I worth more than I was seeing but I was worth Jesus dying for, and He did die for me, because He loves me. Then we proceeded to pray and literally ask Jesus to take away the anxiety from me. I was a bit weird with this but I thought what the heck nothing else had worked. So, I prayed and this pastor prayed and asked Jesus to remove all the anxiety in me and take it upon Himself and in that moment, I felt a flow of something rush out of me and realized that Jesus actually pulled out the anxiety. It wasn’t make believe but something I couldn’t explain, but I did know it was something that only Jesus could do.

We were never meant to do this on our own, and we were never created to have to take all of the stress of this life on ourselves. Jesus even says while walking with His disciples to “Come to me, all who are labor and heavy laden, and I will give you rest. My yoke is easy, and my burden is light” inviting us to take all our cares, our fears, our anxiety and through it on Him and He will look after it, and in return give us the life we were actually created to do. He did for me and He will do it for you, but do you know Him. I don’t just mean know about Him but do you actually know Him personally as Lord and Savior. Have you ever had a time where you asked Jesus for forgiveness and turned to Him as Lord and Savior? He is there waiting to take on all your cares and burdens and has already paid the price for all of your s and mine sins. What are you waiting for? Go to Him now with it all and end the life of anxiety. If you know Him as Lord and Savior and live with this you are not alone and do not need to hide in the shadows anymore, come and join us on Sunday @1030 each week and meet the family at Vertical Church that is there to help you walk down this Journey to freedom from anxiety, fear and anger. We are here to set the captives free, and to love everyone no matter the past, present or future.

You are Loved

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