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Sunday, March 18, 2018

What do you value most?

Chris Ney - Sometimes we can answer that very easily, and of course it is family or something important, right? I mean, how could it not be, and on the outside that seems right and really it is. Sometimes we can answer the question like this by saying my faith, or for me my relationship with Jesus I value the most over anything else. The problem is sometimes what we say and how we live end up being two totally different things. While living two ways and serving two masters we are not only being dishonest with ourselves but with the world around us. Too often we/I can also think I am living like this and yet everyone around us/me sees what I really value.

Sometimes it isn’t bad things we value, it could be ministry, work, hobbies, family, and various other things that draw our affections, time, and finances away from what is really important. While in this we don’t often even see it, we are working hard for others, to provide, to enjoy and we all along say my first is God and yet give Him only what is left over from the business, or my priority is family but by the time you get home there is nothing left for family. This doesn’t make you a bad person it makes you a busy person with some priorities out of whack, I/ we always make time for what is important to us and usually without apology, so it comes back down to where your treasure really lies. Does it lie in things, affirmation, money, toys? Or does it lie in things that will not pass away like love, faith, family? We while asking these questions sometimes can’t even answer them properly because we have the blinders on but what we can do is ask someone who is close to you if you dare. It is tough because they might say something we don’t like, they might reveal what our life shows rather than what we think it is and then we will have a choice to make about what we really value and how to get it in the right way.

It is like someone who claims to be a church going person but only goes once or twice a year, truth in they go to church but reality is it isn’t a priority and then they wonder where God is in their time of need. Let’s face it though we all have something like that in our lives, let’s change that, let’s start slowly and just ask someone around us what do you think I value most in my life, and then sit back and just listen, no defensive battle, just listen. Then take it in and evaluate, then go and make the change. If you say you follow Jesus and don’t make Him a priority then now is the time to start it is never too late, and let’s be real, a good barometer for life in Christ is often how much you attend church on Sundays, and I know you can do it better on your own but this from the beginning was never a solo sport and doing it on your own just means you don’t like accountability and want to do whatever you want. If you follow Him start this weekend by showing the world that He is the priority in your life, then watch what God does with that when He is number one. If you are reading this and do not have that relationship with Him but something inside is pulling you, don’t fight it, ask Jesus for forgiveness and turn to Him as Lord and Savior in your life and begin life with a fresh start. Start storing up treasures that will have value for eternity and not just only have value while you are here.

If you are looking for a church family, we would love to have you join our family any Sunday @ 10:30 Vertical Church 1200 Ken Thornton Blvd

You Are Loved!

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