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Saturday, April 21, 2018

Golden Rule

Chris Ney - One of the most well-known statements for all the ages is treat others as they treat you. It has been a staple of the culture for a long time, many religions state this and have taught on it, as well as leaders and influential people over the years. I grew up that way as well, and man it made it really easy to cast off those who treated me poorly. I would just dust off my feet and not care anymore. Then I became a follower of Jesus and started going to church and found it wasn’t any different, the people there all wanted me to treat them well even if it wasn’t returned, and if I didn’t then well, look out. I found myself saying quite often that doesn’t make sense, and returning my answer saying I will only treat you as good as you treat me.

There is some value in that. I am not writing that off totally, it is not easy at all to treat people good when they don’t treat you that way. So, my response was always to just walk away, I wouldn’t go out of my way for them or help them; really it was just easier to pretend they didn’t even exist. BUT then as I have done some growing up in Jesus over the last little while I began to know that there must be something else. There is no way that God intended for us to live like this especially in His family. I have often acted like a spoiled entitled child who was better than others and gave absolutely no thought of what they could be going through or that I was even, maybe wrong about something. It was always someone else’s problem, and that was true sometimes, as there are times you just didn’t do anything and woke up on the wrong side of the bed. Those are tough situations, but gratefully they are not the norm for our lives. We can sit on our towers and look down never wanting to make things right or take any responsibility OR we can read our Bibles and see what God says about how we should be. 

Matthew 7:12 is the golden rule for all of us, “So whatever you wish that others would do to you, do also to them.” Well that just wrecked my pride, and selflessness. It is easier to be bitter and angry, if fact you don’t know what they did to me right. All the things that are running through your head as they did mine and then I remembered even when I didn’t love Jesus He loved me and in fact gave His life for me so in light of that how could I not love others. Even the tough ones that still act like grown adult children. It is not my place to sit and condemn, it is my place to first love God, if I do that and have a relationship with Him then love flows out of me no matter what life brings. It is incredible that out of the love I have been shown I can then love others no matter what.

A love like that changes everything, it makes no sense but, in the end, it also doesn’t even matter what others think or say anymore because my identity is not in them it is in knowing who I am as a child of God and resting in that is enough. Is it enough for you? If it isn’t then you will never find rest or satisfaction. If it isn’t then maybe you need to know Jesus personally and maybe, just maybe you are reading this because He wants to know you as well. Turn to Jesus and ask Him for forgiveness and accept Him as Lord and Savior in your life and you will know Him and start a relationship with Him where this can become a reality. If you claim to know Him but harbour hate, criticism, anger or bitterness for others, then now is the time to repent and turn your heart and life back to Jesus. That is not to be named among you, no excuses, eyes focused on God and the rest will take care of itself, love God with everything you have, love your neighbour as yourself and watch the world around you transform.

The mission of Vertical is simple Love God, Love each other, love your neighbour, to give everyone an opportunity to know Jesus and grow together in Him. Together as one family, no masks, just people who love God and all those around us. If this sounds like a family you are looking for I would like to invite you to join us any Sunday morning 10:30am at Vertical Church 1200 Ken Thornton Blvd. Great family, Starbucks coffee and total family environment for all.

You are Loved!

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