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Sunday, April 15, 2018

You can’t judge me, right?

Chris Ney - We can all find bad examples of judgement, in fact I bet you don’t even have to look any further than in the mirror just like me to see someone that has the potential to judge people at any time. Some people fight through it and other go with it. Sadly, in the church world we love to judge from our platforms as we look down on the world and somehow think that just because we go to church and know God we are better than the person who is homeless, or is addicted to drugs or pornography. We cast our glances at them as if we do not struggle and that just isn’t the truth. The truth is we all struggle and one thing I have been learning is the church should never be a place of judgement and yet in a lot of places it is.

Before I found a relationship with Jesus I would go to church and not only felt judged but literally was, no one would talk to me and really, they had their own clicks and I was not welcome, they liked the idea of new people coming to church but all in all really didn’t care. Maybe that sounds harsh and well, it happened 20 years ago so things must have changed by now right?  I wish. Since walking with Jesus, I have had the privilege to attend a lot of churches, some friendly but most really did just have the religious nose in the air and then wonder why no one comes. It is time to beat that, it is time for something different is what my wife and I said to each other and that is why we started down the road of planting a new church. It isn’t perfect but nowhere is.

Vertical was started to give people, all people a safe place to attend church, and more than that to actually be the church where we care more about others then we do about ourselves. That doesn’t mean it is always easy when we live like that together in fact in doing that we have to sometimes lovingly address sin in the lives of the people around us. That isn’t easy as sometimes it comes back like you are not supposed to judge me. You are supposed to just love me. You would not look at someone with a curable disease and just say "Oh well you are okay just, keep doing what you are doing" so that you don’t upset them. No, you would tell them what was wrong and give them the medicine for it to cure them. They wouldn’t say you are judging me they would just say thank you for saving me. Sin has the same effect on us, we all see the problem but instead of us taking the diagnosis we often walk away because it is easier to not deal with the problems in our lives instead of dealing with them head-on. We can write it off as being judged but really it is our feelings and pride that get in the way, so we get mad, right it off and cast the people around us to the side because we don’t like light shined on the darkness inside. The phrase you can’t judge me is only partially accurate as we are not supposed to judge from a place ever of thinking we are better than everyone else but we are supposed to call to attention sins in each other’s lives, but to do so in love and having spent the time to have a relationship with someone so they know how much you care, and that you are not saying you are better but that they see this and want to help.

That is a common misconception about believers that because we follow Jesus we are not supposed to judge, and it is right in a way. No one is ever above anyone, we are all equal and are made in God’s image for His glory and light. If we truly love God and seek Him first in everything, truly love each other and love our neighbours and put others before ourselves then when we do talk to people with problems it isn’t that bad, in fact, it is healing and good as they know we love them. Where are we today with that, does the world around you know for certain that you love them and want their best interest, or do you still have a bone of religion and sit up on the perch while looking down and judge people trying to hide your own sin. It is time to be real, genuine and authentic in our good stuff and in our failures. We are real people here at Vertical with no masks, and if you are looking for family and friends we would like to invite you to join us every Sunday at 10:30am Vertical Church. If you are looking for something different in your life, to fill the emptiness inside then look no further then Jesus. He is right there and wants a relationship with you. Turn to Him and ask Jesus for forgiveness, and believe in Him and you will begin a walk with Him like nothing you have ever done before. We love you and Jesus loves you.

You are Loved

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