Friday, August 10, 2018

Voluntary water restriction now in effect for Town of Pincher Creek

Town of Pincher Creek, August 10, 2018 - Due to hot, dry conditions a voluntary water restriction is now in effect for the Town of Pincher Creek. We are asking residents and businesses to cautiously consume water and to be mindful of your watering choices.

To be proactive and good environmental stewards the Town has reduced the watering and irrigation schedule as of August 7. We are hoping the reduction in draw will have a positive effect and set the stage for the community watching their water consumption.

The Town of Pincher Creek has taken the following steps to reduce consumption:

Please be mindful of your water consumption and watch our regular communication channels for any changes to the restriction. Water restrictions may come into place this summer as per the Water and Sewer Utility Bylaw # 1607-12 Section 4.5.  For additional information on how you can help save water please click here (pdf).

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