Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Top 5 Things Motorists Can Do To Keep Bus Riders Safe


Top 5 Things Motorists Can Do To Keep Bus Riders Safe

1. Maintain a Safe Distance.
School buses stop frequently. Leave plenty of distance between your car and the bus in front of you so you can safely apply the brakes once lights start to flash.

2. Stop for Stop Arms.
Red flashing lights and an extended stop arm mean a child is entering or exiting the bus. On two-lane roadways, come to a complete stop (in either direction) until the stop arm and red lights are deactivated.

3. Never Pass a Stopped School Bus.
Passing a stopped school bus with its lights activated as it loads and unloads children is illegal.

4. Give Riders Plenty of Room.
Children are hard to see within the three meters that surround a school bus. When stopping, help keep children safe by giving them plenty of room to get on or off the bus.

5. Know Your Provincial Laws.
Provincial laws regarding when to pass a stopped school bus on a roadway with four or more lanes can vary. To learn more, visit the Ministry of Transportation website.

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