Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Katimavik at Kootenai Brown Pioneer Village

Hi my name is Shayne. I am taking part in a volunteer program called Katimavik, that enables people from ages 16 to 21 from all over the country to travel from province to province, and volunteer in each of the communities that we are placed in.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Piikani Tipi Transfer and new Lodge

C. Davis photos

Toni Lucas

Brocket revealed their new Buffalo Skull Lodge to the public today. Designed to be a learning and gathering center, the Piikani people will be able to store their knowledge, language, and history and share it on the reservation itself.

The transfer of the tipi was a dedicated ceremony with much symbolism.  Leonard Bastien led the tipi transfer rights. He carefully designed the tipi based on the dream of Chief Reg Crowshoe. The ownership of the tipi, though a public structure, has been given to Reg and Rose Crowshoe, with Maria Crowshoe being the primary caretaker.

After the dedication of the tipi, their was a ribbon cutting ceremony on the new lodge structure attended by Even Berger and other dignitaries.

Once the general public were welcomed into the building, they experienced a berry ceremony and a luncheon. It was day of celebration, and sharing, in the true spirit of this new lodge.

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