Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Katimavik at Kootenai Brown Pioneer Village

Hi my name is Shayne. I am taking part in a volunteer program called Katimavik, that enables people from ages 16 to 21 from all over the country to travel from province to province, and volunteer in each of the communities that we are placed in.

In my case, my first rotation, or destination, is here in Pincher Creek. I am stationed with seven other youths including myself. I have to say that living with this many people in the same house at once, and spending every waking moment of the day with everybody takes some getting used too. Personal time becomes a long gone luxury, and sometimes some people do things that you might not agree with. You might even get mad at a certain person for re-occurring incidents in the house. It seems at times that you are fighting a battle with your own ego, trying not to succumb to your prejudgements on the actions or point of views of others.

When all is said and done, the little things are always the ones that stick out, and make an impression in your head. The group that I reside with is very open to almost everything, and we all like to have fun. Our backgrounds may be different, but we all understand and support each other the best we can.

I contribute to the community by volunteering my time at the Kootenai Brown museum. It’s a wonderful place filled with warm people and antique treasures. I do small jobs and big jobs alike. There’s always something to do, so you probably won’t catch me sitting around playing with my thumbs. The village is constantly being modified and renewed, for the enjoyment of the public. So far I’ve helped install and varnish storage cupboards with learning stations for people who need to do some research, I’ve done some gardening which I am told that in spring and summertime turns out to be extremely beautiful, my group and another group stationed in Crowsnest Pass helped out with the sugar shack at the end of march, I helped construct a new greenhouse for the community garden, and many more varieties of things. All this in just a few weeks! As you can surely tell by now there is not one dull moment in the course of the days that I spend here.

I get very tired because we are always on the run looking for new adventures. Sometimes I need to take little naps at home during lunch or the blocks of free time that we have, but I always try to keep my energy high. Last week we had what we in Katimavik like to call the Katimalympics, in which every group from the province came down to Pincher Creek to take part in a great deal of fun activities, get to know each other, and to see who can bring the Katimacup back home. I am glad to say that the Katimacup is staying in Pincher Creek this year.

Well that’s pretty much all I have to say for know I hope you enjoyed spending time reading what just came out of my mind, whoever you may be. I enjoyed letting it come out.

Peace, Shayne

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