Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The end of analog tv

Are you receiving me?
Chris Davis

Some Pincher Creek and area citizens turned on their television sets to find nothing but static this morning.

Without much fanfare, but with plenty of warning, Canada's television broadcast system went digital. The analog tv signal is a thing of the past. Digital TV (DTV) is not a backwards-compatible system, meaning tv sets with analog tuners cannot pick up the signals without a digital tuner and an antenna.
Most newer tv sets already have a digital tuner built in. Cable customers are not affected by the change.

Damn the Torpedoes

Phil Burpee
Phil Burpee, Columnist
Burpee is a carpenter and farmer living north of Pincher Creek. He keeps an eye on the world from under the big Alberta sky.

     It would seem that Prime Minister Harper has recently been overcome with a certain hobnobbing fit of sentimentality. As he browsed around his shambling empire he noted that the Armed Forces were struggling for relevance under the dreary weight of some old sixties-vintage monikers. In a fit of modern, egalitarian rejigging, some old Liberal government had taken it upon itself to rename the Navy and Air Force as Maritime Command and Air Command respectively, leaving the Army as just the familiar, plodding Canadian Army. Clearly Mr. Harper was moping in front of his TV one night recently when suddenly there appeared the beguiling vision of buck-toothed, cuff-link-fidgeting British aristocracy in the pampered person of our dear Prince William (whose flop-eared father Charles, our future King, is a constant reminder of how twenty generations of cousins marrying cousins is a bad idea), and his svelte and perky young bride Kate. The Harper neurons began to snap and crackle. "Royal! Of course! Brilliant!"

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Editorial: Ads infinitum

Chris Davis, Chief Bottle Washer, Pincher Creek Voice

Toni Lucas photo
On July 15, 2011 I relaunched this website, the Pincher Creek Voice.  Since that time, we've published approximately 100 stories, accompanied by about 1000 photos.  Since the relaunch we've had, at the time of this writing, 10, 600 pageviews, for an average of around 235 pageviews a day.  At present we are averaging over 270 pageviews a day, and growing steadily.
I want to thank all of you who have been so supportive of this endeavor, born out of a desire to provide a current, dynamic, modern source of local news to the Pincher Creek area.  I also want to thank the people who have contributed to this effort, with stories, photographs, and tips.  The positive feedback we're getting is very encouraging.

High School Rodeo coming this weekend

C. Davis photos

Chris Davis

The Pincher Creek High School Rodeo Club Rodeo will be held at the rodeo grounds in Pincher Creek on Saturday and Sunday this coming weekend, September 3 and 4.

Halton being brought up to grade prior to school year commencing

Shane Hubbard 
T. Lucas photos

Toni Lucas

Matthew Halton High School is getting ready for the influx of students coming back to school  in one week, on Tuesday, September 6.

Contractors have been hard at work completing renovations while the school has been unoccupied during the summer.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Nest revisited

C. Davis photos
Toni Lucas

Connie Robinson of Pincher Creek invited us up to have a personal look at the nest that is in her back yard. (see our recent story "Huge insect nest found in Pincher Creek")  "I do have a large fake (wasp nest) one in the yard," she said, pointing to a plastic replica hanging in one of the corners of her garden.  "They are supposed to keep other ones (wasps) from building in the area, but it doesn't seem to have worked this year."  Connie wonders if anyone in town has seen a bigger nest than this one. When asked what she planned to do about the nest and inhabitants, she shrugged. "Live and let live.  I have not been stung this year at all, and they seem very calm.  I am all over my garden, and I rarely even see any of them."

A little investigation may change her mind.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Disaster! Do you Have a Plan?

Toni Lucas, Pincher Creek Voice

Funnel cloud near Christie Mine Road
Bill Torvi photo
Mankind has always had to deal with the changes in the weather.
It is most noticeable when it is extreme. Mother Nature has been strutting her power across the world recently, and Canada is no exception.
Within the last week Ontario shuddered in a quake, and the east coast was hit with Irene, a sledgehammer of a hurricane.

Alberta had more than its share of floods and fires this year, displacing people from their homes. A picture was taken of a funnel cloud just outside of Pincher Creek showing that we are not immune to immediate changes.

There are numerous sites on the web that can point you to how to prepare for a disaster, what to have ready to move in an emergency, in a vehicle and on your person.

Five Tips to Take Back to School

Toni Lucas, Pincher Creek Voice
Schooldays at the museum
T. Lucas photo

Going back to school.

Some face it with enthusiasm and vigor, some with dread.
If you are going back you will be counting the days, either way.

Here are five tips that you can use to help you make this
time of transition and the rest of the school year smoother.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Premiums for mandatory auto insurance to remain the same

Mandatory auto insurance
premiums to remain the same
Chris Davis

According to the Automobile Insurance Rate Board (AIRB), premiums for mandatory automobile insurance in Alberta will not increase this year.  The AIRB is an independent body making independent decisions but is attached to the Alberta Ministry of Finance and Enterprise for administrative purposes. It reviews auto insurance rates annually. Any adjustments to rates begin November 1 of the year in question.  Based on consumer input, the AIRB decided to hold mandatory coverage premiums to the 2011 level.  Optional collision and comprehensive coverage is set by the individual insurance companies, and is not affected by this decision.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Pincher Creek Pro Rodeo 2011 photos and wrapup

Longview's Barrel Racing Angel Suzanne Depaoli
Chris Davis photos

The Pincher Creek Pro Rodeo ran from Friday, August 19 to Sunday August 21.  Brilliant weather resulted in tremendous crowds for all three days of the event.

Trick Rider Dana Jenkins at the Pincher Creek Pro Rodeo

Dana Jenkins
Pauline Breeze photos

Toni Lucas

Dana Jenkins is no stranger to riding.  She's been doing it for as long as she can remember.  Nor is she unfamiliar to the rodeo ring.  She has competed in cutting from the time that she was twelve years old in High School Rodeo.  In 2008, she and her partner won team roping in Ponoka for Alberta Finals, climbing the charts in Gillette, New Mexico till their standing was 22 in the world.  She as held titles in a number of categories in Alberta and Canada.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Huge insect nest found in Pincher Creek backyard.

Connie Robinson photo
Connie Robinson of Pincher Creek looked out into her backyard yesterday and saw something in her lilac bush.  At first she thought it was a grocery bag.  When she got closer realized it was an insect nest the size of a soccer ball hanging in the tree.  She couldn't identify the small black and white occupants for sure, but it appears to be a wasp nest.

TD Summer Reading Program at the Pincher Creek and District Municipal Library

Press release

The Pincher Creek and  District Municipal Library’s TD Summer Reading Program has wrapped up for another year. The theme this year was Splash! Celebrate Summer which focused on oceans, marine life, and other seaside topics.  The library staff ran three sessions each week from July 12 to August 18, 2011.  The library is pleased that over eighty children participated with an average of twelve children per session.  Over the six weeks of the program, children enjoyed stories, crafts, and activities.  During one of the weeks, children had visitors from Chinook Arch Regional Libraries share stories with them.  (Pincher Creek and District Municipal Library is part of the Chinook Arch Regional Library System, headquartered in Lethbridge.)

Rodeo Royalty - Passing the reins

Jodie Dunbar and Chelsea Stokke
2011 Pincher Creek Rodeo Royalty
C. Davis photos

Jodie Dunbar was installed as Miss Rodeo Pincher Creek  and Chelsea Stokke was installed as Little Miss Rodeo Pincher Creek in a ceremony during the Pincher Creek Pro Rodeo on Sunday, August 21.  Outgoing Pincher Creek royalty Kate Fullerton (Miss Rodeo 2009-2010) and Brooke Martine (Little Miss Rodeo 2010) are to be congratulated for doing such a terrific job of representing Pincher Creek.

2011 Pincher Creek Pro Rodeo results

Bea Brooks of Nanton rides a wild one
C. Davis photos except *
Chris Davis

The 2011 Pincher Creek and District Ag Society rodeo was a classic event. Hot weather and clear blue skies brought the crowds out in large numbers, particularly on Saturday, August 20.

The unofficial rodeo results are in, subject to change. There were quite a few surprises. A few favourites went home empty handed, and a few underdogs got to move up in the standings with a bit of jingle in their jeans to boot.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Niki Cammaert-Flundra dances with horses at the Pincher Creek Pro Rodeo

Niki Cammaert-Flundra 
C. Davis photos
Chris Davis

Professional Trick Rider and Liberty Horse Entertainer Niki Cammaert-Flundra proved to be one of the top attractions at this year's Pincher Creek Pro Rodeo. The audience was entranced every time she performed.  Riding bareback with no bridle, she performed a ballet with two of her horses that transcended trick riding. She loves her horses, and they love her back.  That was evident throughout her act, where trust and obedience blended with artistry for a gentle and compelling demonstration.  It was a welcome diversion from the rough-and-tumble of the regular rodeo events.

Beaver Mines celebrates sunny centennial

Adriana Van Der Heijden photos

Toni Lucas

Beaver Mines celebrated its centennial in style on Saturday, August 6 under sunny skies, with close to 300 people in attendance. People gathered around the gazebo in the park to see the displays and enjoy the official program. MLA Evan Berger was on hand to present a plaque to honour the event. Reeve Rod Cyr and Town of Pincher Creek Mayor Ernie Olsen were also on hand to say a few words of congratulations.

Town Hall gets an upgrade

Pincher Creek Town Hall undergoing renovations
T. Lucas photo

Toni Lucas

Pincher Creek Town Hall chambers are currently undergoing a number of renovations.
Bert Stanford of Sebering Construction, general contractor for the renovations, walked us through some of the new changes.  There is to be an expansion of council chambers with the addition of new data lines that are scheduled to be finished by the end of August.  Also on the list are new electrical upgrades, entrances and a new fire escape.  All renovations are expected to be finished by mid September.

Monday, August 22, 2011

The Politics of Less

Phil Burpee
Phil Burpee, Columnist
Burpee is a carpenter and farmer living north of Pincher Creek. He keeps an eye on the world from under the big Alberta sky.

August 22, 2011. Jack Layton is dead. Sixty-one years old and in the full flight of political action and discourse, he succumbs to illness and is no more. It is good perhaps to take a moment to consider the passing of a voice from amongst us, a voice which spoke timely and sometimes uncomfortable truths about the way we live and the nature of our corporate and political leadership.

Facebook group celebrates Pincher Creek memories

photo courtesy of Kootenai Brown Pioneer Village

Toni Lucas

This past week Facebook (FB) had a Pincher Creek meme appear based on memories. I first saw something similar through a friend of mine, Lori. Her FB feed suddenly had a bunch of things about when she was growing up in Lethbridge. I found these to be funny, sweet, nostalgic, and only vaguely related to my life, as I grew up in Pincher Creek. I did find that many of the posts about winter journeys to school, games and pastimes were comfortably similar enough to what I actually experienced that it made me smile. Because she and I are similar in age, some of our experiences coincided based on that as well.

Goodbye Jack

Chris Davis, Pincher Creek Voice

Jack Layton died Monday night.

I will leave the punditry to other sources, since I'm sure there will be enough of it to go around. Instead, I will reflect on the good and decent man I met very briefly many years ago.

My hat's alright, Mama

Rocket Ryan, rescuer of hats
Chris Davis photo
Chris Davis

A big thank you to rodeo clown Rocket Ryan, who saved my hat from equine destruction on Sunday, August 21.  A gust of wind, rare in these parts, exposing my head to the elements. Rocket was kind enough to take time out of his busy schedule to help out.  It's my best hat too, cost me almost $3.00.
Thanks to Donna Bruder as well, who offered to get me a new hat with a chin-string and a whistle.

We will post extensive coverage of the 2011 Pincher Creek Pro Rodeo soon.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

A perfect parade

The view from here (Chris Davis photo)
Chris Davis

The 2011 Pincher Creek Parade was held under brilliant blue skies on Saturday, August 20. Thousands came out to watch, and the untold toil of hundreds was on joyous display. Afterwards there was a BBQ at the Legion, Beef on a Bun at Co-op, and of course the 2011 Pincher Creek Pro Rodeo. We will focus on some of the parade highlights in future posts. We have a couple of slideshows you can see after the jump, but we are hoping for more pictures, so if you have any parade photos you`d like to share with the Voice readership, send them to We will update this post accordingly. Please include the name of the photographer and any other information you think is pertinent to the photo(s). So, for lots of parade pictures -

Open letter to AltaLink and AESO

Phil Burpee

Open letter to Scott Thon and David Erickson, Presidents and CEOs of Altalink and Alberta Electric System Operator (AESO) respectively:

Chris Davis photo
I remember when Alan Fotheringham used to write a column for Macleans Magazine, he would often use the term ‘obfuscate the muddification’, or just as likely, ‘muddify the obfuscation’, when he came across a particularly obtuse and dunder-headed approach to any complex problem. The idea was that when somebody doesn’t know, or doesn’t wish to reveal, the reasoning behind some wildly-swerving manoeuver or other, they would try to bury the whole sorry mess in bafflegab in hopes of scaring off further investigations or ongoing search for clarity. This would seem to be the case with the whole sordid affair otherwise known as the Southern Alberta Transmission System Reinforcement (SATR) and its Needs Identification Document (NID). How different it might have been.

Family Street Dance equals fun, fun, and more fun

Johnny at the Family Street Dance
T. Lucas photos
Toni Lucas/Chris Davis

The Family Street Dance held on Saturday evening, August 20 between the 7-11 and the Provincial Building was a huge success.  Children thronged to the face painting (which was particularly good), played carnival style games at various stations, and grooved to the sound the DJ was laying down.  Papa Joe worked his balloon magic, and some parents even got to take a breather from an event-filled day. Kaitlyn MacMillan with the Pincher Creek Recreation Office put in many hours of work preparing for the event, and with a large handful of eager volunteers pulled off a wonderful family event.

Pincher Creek Pro Rodeo Schedule for Sunday, August 21

9:00 am Rodeo Slack

Noon - Gates Open
1 pm -  Beer Gardens open
1-5 pm - Children’s World Daycare Mini Carnival
1:30 pm -  Pre Rodeo Entertainment
2 pm - Pro Rodeo and special events with rodeo clown Rocket Ryan, the amazing Nicki Flundra and her Liberty Horse demonstration, a Calf Scramble for kids, the Ag Society Volunteer Award, the crowning of Miss Rodeo Pincher Creek 2011 and Little Miss Rodeo Pincher Creek 2011.

Pincher Creek Pro Rodeo 2011
Chris Davis photo

Every picture tells a story

St. Henry's Church near Hill Spring
C. Davis photos

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Holding up traffic

Elizabeth Engen at Kootenai Brown Pioneer Village
Engen was one of the many people toiling behind the scenes
to help make this year's parade a reality.
Lana Toney photo
It's parade day! Unfortunately, the Ray Degan Model A seen in the background of this picture will not be making an appearance this time out, having blown a fan at the last moment, but there will still be plenty of antique beauties on display, including some from Degan's collection.  The parade starts at 11 am on Main Street.  The theme this year is "Celebrating Water"
Celebrating Water
Lana Toney photo

Friday, August 19, 2011

Free trail building clinic at Cypress Hills Interprovincial Park

Government of Alberta press release

Join provincial parks staff and the International Mountain Bike Association Canada for a free trail building clinic for all trail users at Cypress Hills Interprovincial Park, near Medicine Hat.

Alberta and Canada sign new 20-year contract for RCMP as provincial police service

  • Alberta is first among provinces and territories to sign

The governments of Alberta and Canada agreed to a new 20-year contract that will see the RCMP continue as Alberta’s provincial police force to March 31, 2032.

Operation Jubilee: Remembering Dieppe

Photo courtesy Kootenai Brown Pioneer Village
Chris Davis

A dark and deadly day in Canadian history happened 69 years ago, August 19, 1942, with the second-world-war raid on well-entrenched German forces at Dieppe, France.  4,963 Canadians embarked from England for the operation, code-named "Jubilee", and only 2,210 returned.  Many of these were wounded.  Lessons learned at Dieppe were invaluable in the later D-Day offensive, which turned the tide of that terrible war.

Pincher Creek Pro Rodeo Team Roping results

Chris Davis

The Pincher Creek Pro Rodeo got off to a fast start yesterday, August 18 with Team Roping. 114 entrants competed for a total of $6840.64 in prizes. The team of Header Mace Prozak and Heeler Colter McDonald took first place in the competition with a time of 18.75/3, taking home $909.84 each. Header Clint Weston and Heeler Cam McDonald placed second, with a time of 20.73/3. Chance Paradis and Colter McDonald took third place with a time of 22.28/3.

Steers were supplied by Troy Houff.

Stay tuned, we will have photos and more information from this and other Pro Rodeo events over the course of the weekend.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Local Dog Club Members do well in the U.S.

Judge Richard J. Lewis,Sharlot Caroe, Easy Ryder, Mary Ellen Whyte, Tess
Chris Davis

Pincher Creek's own Mary Ellen Whyte with her German Shorthaired Pointer "Tessa" and teammate Sharlet Caroe with Snowy Creek's Easy Ryder traveled to Great Falls/Missoula, Montana for the Electric City Kennel Club Dog Show this summer. Tessa won Highest in Class all three times in Rally Novice B competition, to obtain her US Rally Novice title three time straight. The duo moved up to Rally Advanced B, tied for 4th place, and then took High in Class the last day with 95/100.

Romi Mayes and Jay Nowicki rip it up at the Twin Butte General Store

Jay Nowicki and Romi Mayes
C. Davis photos
Chris Davis

Romi Mayes and Jay Nowicki brought their rollicking rock and rhythm show to the Twin Butte General Store and Restaurant on Tuesday, August 17.  Two electric guitars, one electrifying voice, a big bucket full of original gutsy songs, and an acerbic sense of humor made for a phenomenal show in the intimate space, before a small and enthusiastic crowd.

One more week for beach volleyball

Kaitlyn MacMillan photos
Beach Volleyball at Juan Teran Park has proven itself to be a fun summer diversion this year.  Spearheaded by Kaitlyn MacMillan with the Town Recreation office, the most successful outing so far had 26 people in attendance.  Tuesday, August 23 at 7 pm is the final day to play. Come on down to Juan Teran park and give the summer a proper farewell. There will be prizes and fun to spike your interest.

A reminder: don't forget the Street Dance planned for this weekend, on Saturday, August 20. Come down to the intersection by 7-11 from 7 pm to 9 pm. There will be a DJ spinning music, face painting, multiple games, balloon animals as well as prizes and much more. It promises to be a great free event to take your family to during the busy Rodeo Weekend.
Food bank donations will also be accepted during this fun-filled event.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Coleman's Rick Rypien found dead

Rick Rypien was found dead on Monday afternoon, August 15 in his Coleman home by a family member.

Restorations continue at museum

C. Davis photo
Chris Davis

The spirit of renewal continues unabated at Kootenai Brown Pioneer Village in Pincher Creek.  The latest structure to get some much needed attention is the front administration building, Pioneer Place.  New steel roofing was installed this summer by JB Construction, and Twin Butte Log Homes is now in the process of stripping and refinishing the exterior of the structure, which is constructed of large logs.  It's a big task, but quite necessary as the extreme weather we face here has weathered the building quite a bit in the ten years since it was first constructed.

Local Mini-Bike collection displayed

C. Davis photos

Chris Davis

Pincher Creek residents Dave Fouillard and son Riley have an extensive collection of mini-bikes, some going back to the mid-1960's. The bikes are found via the internet or good luck and then lovingly restored in their home shop. Dave brought 30 of them out for a good look today, and said there were another 10 in various stages of restoration not shown here. "I buy them and keep them. Riley buys them and sells them," he said. Apparently Riley has made a tidy profit in this manner over the last few years. It's a beautiful collection, and a testament to hours of painstaking labour.

AUC to hold transmission line hearing in Pincher Creek

Toni Lucas, Pincher Creek Voice

Chris Davis photo
The Alberta Utilities Commission (AUC) will be holding a public hearing regarding power transmission lines proposed for our area.  The hearing will be held at the Heritage Inn,  Pincher Creek, August 23 - 25, starting at 9 am each day.  This hearing has been scheduled for three full days, but may not take all three days allotted.
Local individuals, the Alberta Electric System Operator  (AESO),  AltaLink, and  The Livingstone Landowners Group are all expected to present at this hearing.

Visit for more information about the hearing.
Visit for more information about local opposition to some of the projected routes this project may take.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Car enthusiasts converge on Twin Butte

Chris Davis, Pincher Creek Voice

C. Davis photos
The Twin Butte General Store and Mexican Restaurant held their first annual "Rumble in the Butte" on Saturday, August 13. Classic-car and motorcycle enthusiasts gathered to show off their vehicles and enjoy some barbeque. The Sicka Surfin' Band, a country/surf combo, provided the live music for the event. The weather was spectacular, sunny and hot. Turnout was better than expected, with the event bringing in curious passers-by in addition to those who planned on attending. Over 30 classic cars, many belonging to Creek Cruzers members, sat gleaming in the sun. Vintage cars loving restored shared the parking lot with imaginative reinventions, with some shiny new toys on display as well, including a Ferrari that stopped in on a whim.

Blue-green algae and botulism threaten waterfowl on Alberta lakes

Government of Alberta Sustainable Resource Development information bulletin

Blue-green algae blooms and avian botulism in lakes across the province may lead to higher-than-normal bird mortalities. These outbreaks are naturally occurring summer events in many Alberta ecosystems.

Friday, August 12, 2011


Toni Lucas photo

Personalizing your own "Wacky Watering Can" is just one of the crafts that you will be able to do during Alberta Arts Days, being held across the province September 30 - October 2.  The Oldman River Rose Society will be at the Lebel Mansion with speakers, crafts for the kids, displays, photos, and informed people on site to answer any questions that you may have about roses.

Severe thunderstorms, often accompanied by hail continued
 to batter the Pincher Creek area this week.
Chris Davis photo

Toni Lucas photo
Anyone need a lift?  Matthew Halton High School is having work done on the roof, with supplies being moved up by crane on Thursday, August 11.

Chris Davis photo

Friends Kay Wolfe, Ada Buttle Hegion, Mary Cichon and  Mollie Dean were visiting the area from Minnesota last week. Ada, a former resident of Beaver Mines, was being treated to a memory filled-vacation by her friends.

Crestview Lodge packs 'em in for 50th anniversary

Chris Davis

Crestview Lodge was the site of an exhuberant 50th Anniversary celebration yesterday, August 11, 2011. Built in 1960 on the Hyde Street hill and opened in 1961, Crestview consistently gets very high approval ratings from residents and their kin. In 2007 it was ranked the happiest senior facility in the province, with the most involved residents. That kind of spirit was very evident at this event.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Piercing shop in Coleman shut down, customers urged to get tested for contagious diseases

Health Alert

The Victor Proctor piercing operation in Coleman did not properly sterilize its equipment, and has been closed down by Health officials. Anyone who received a piercing there may have been infected with the viruses that cause hepatitis B and C or Aids. If you were a customer there, please see a doctor and get tested. If you know someone who was a customer there, please tell them.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Hail again

Toni Lucas photo
Pincher Creek experienced a brief hail shower around 5:30 pm today. A homeowner on the west side of town reported no hail fell there.  Environment Canada issued a thunderstorm warning earlier in the day.  Today's storm was much milder than most of the other hail showers we've experienced this summer.  Keep an eye on our weather widget in the left column for current weather alerts.

Locals involved in highway tragedy

Pincher Creek residents Gordon and Lillian Casey were involved in a traffic accident on Highway 3 west of Sparwood on Friday, August 5, 2011. Gordon was killed and Lillian is in a Calgary hospital with multiple injuries, but is expected to recover.

Blackfoot Arts and Heritage Festival attracts 300 visitors to Waterton Park

Toni Lucas, Pincher Creek Voice

Shelly Mercer, Parks Canada, photo
The Blackfoot Arts and Heritage Festival was held at Waterton Lakes National Park August 2 - 4 at the Waterton School community field.

Artist Lance Tail Feathers and Cultural Society Executive Director Mary Ann Crow Healy welcomed over 300 people who came to participate, learn, and enjoy at this first-time event.  With over 70 dancers and three drum groups representing the Blackfoot Nation, this was a spectacular festival.  Dancers came from the Kainai, Piikani, Siksika, Cree, Nakoda Sioux (Stoney), Coeur D'alene, Oglala Sioux, Spokane, Arikara, and Tsimshian tribes, participating in either the youth or adult exhibition dancing, showing their skills to an appreciative audience.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Highway 22 crash leaves one person dead, five others injured

Fatal collision at junction of Highways 22 and 533
Dame Debbie Webster photo
Chris Davis, Pincher Creek Voice

Nanton and Foothills Emergency Services and Nanton RCMP were called to the scene of a  collision just before noon yesterday, Friday, August 5. A GMC truck pulling a fifth-wheel trailer southbound on Highway 22 and a westbound Subaru car on Highway 533 collided, resulting in one man being pronounced dead on the scene. Reports indicate he was a passenger in the car. A family of four, reportedly from Okotoks, was in the truck. One adult female, a passenger in the truck, was transported by STARS air ambulance to a Calgary hospital with serious injuries. The other occupant of the car and three other occupants of the truck, including two children, were transported via ground ambulance.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Beach Volleyball a big success after slow beginnings

Chris Davis photos
The weekly beach volleyball game at Juan Teran Park saw a dramatic increase in attendance last Tuesday evening, with over 20 people showing up, enough for three teams.
Kudos to Kaitlyn MacMillan of the Pincher Creek Recreation Department for setting it up and persevering even though attendance numbers were initially disappointing.

 Everyone is welcome, Tuesday evenings all summer, Juan Teran Park at 7 p.m.

Local rancher Emily Puch does well in National Junior Angus Showdown

Toni Lucas, Pincher Creek Voice

Emily Puch and her prize-winning heifer "Red"
Emily Puch, of the Porcupine Hills northwest of Pincher Creek, entered two yearling heifers in the National Junior Angus Showdown in Weyburn Saskatchewan, held July 21 - 23. The heifers, Lucy and Red, did well in the competition, with Lucy winning Reserve Commercial Female.  Both animals will be shown again at the Alberta Junior Angus Show in Bashaw, Alberta, August 7 - 9.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Piikani 2011 Celebration and Rodeo

Chief Gayle Strikes With A Gun
Chris Davis photo

The Piikani Nation held their 54th Annual Celebration last weekend in Brocket.  The well-attended event was graced with blue skies and hot weather, with the mercury pushing 30 degrees in the daytime.  Under the big tent, drum and dance competitions entertained a capacity crowd. First-nations cowboys vied for fame and prizes in the IRCA-sanctioned rodeo. Chief Gayle Strikes With A Gun recieved a ceremonial head-dress of traditional design, honouring her leadership of the community.  "I feel just wonderful," she said, after the ceremony. "I cannot find the words to express the way I feel.  Listening to the elders as they told their stories, the dances, the ceremony, it's our way of life.  It's imperative we preserve it."

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