Friday, September 30, 2011

Metis Alberta Arts Days celebrations

Toni Lucas, Pincher Creek Voice
Metis Local 1880 celebrates Harvest Fest
T. Lucas photo
Metis Youth Leader Donna Bruder and artist/teacher/archaeologist Garry Hackler were at the Metis Local 1880 office in the Pincher Creek Provincial Building celebrating Harvest Festival and Alberta Arts Days with all those that came through the door on Friday, September 31.
Young children found fun and excitement exploring the world through  art, nature, and music. All ages were welcome.  Young Garrett and his sister Mia were very enthusiastic, and Garrett was facinated by the cougar mount that Garry had brought for study, while Mia wanted to make a Medicine Wheel.

If you would like the chance to experience this for yourself, Metis Local 1880 will be at Kootenai Brown Pioneer Village from 10 am to 2 pm today, Saturday, October 1.

Viral phone scam nets local victims

Chris Davis, Pincher Creek Voice, from various sources

If you get a phone call from someone who claims your computer is running slowly or is somehow infected, do not be taken in. Typically, as happened at our house several months ago, the caller will represent themselves as being from Microsoft or some other well known company, and offer to repair your computer by having you grant him access to it over the internet, for a fee. Ask yourself, how does this person know anything about my computer without engaging in illegal spying on me in the first place? How did they get my phone number? Ask them what operating system you are using and they will not be able to tell you. It's a lie.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Halton holds Terry Fox run

Chris Davis, Pincher Creek Voice

Some of Matthew Halton's Terry Fox runners
C.Davis photo
On Thursday, September 29 Matthew Halton High School in Pincher Creek held their annual Terry Fox Run/Walk.  Prior to the event students gathered in the gymnasium, where they were addressed by Mr. Petluk, who said the Terry Fox Run was now taking place at around 205,000 schools in 58 countries.

Petluk said he had personal reasons for running, in that his wife is a cancer survivor.  He also said that everyone in the gym would sooner or later be touched by cancer, either personally or through knowing someone afflicted.  "That's why we're here, and why we're doing this. Last year we raised over $2000.00.  I'm hoping we do the same this year too."

North Hill Voice from Whispering Winds

Whispering Winds
George Huddlestun

Wednesday, September 21 was a red ribbon day for the Whispering Winds Seniors complex in Pincher Creek. The official opening took place, celebrated with ribbon cutting and cake cutting. Officials were here from the Alberta Legislature, the Town of Pincher Creek, the Municipal District of Pincher Creek, Whispering Winds management and staff from B.C. as well as staff here. A large crowd was on hand to enjoy hot-dogs, salad and corn on the cob. The cake was delicious.

As a resident of the Whispering Winds Lodge I must say the facilities are of excellent quality and the feeling within the complex is warm and home-like, which I can relate to. As is with all new buildings there have been hiccups but management has responded quickly and efficiently. It is with pride that I say I live here.

Unusual tourists pass through Pincher Creek

Chris Davis, Pincher Creek Voice

Intrepid world-travellers Benny and Steffi Jülich
C. Davis photo
Benjamin ("Benny") and Stephanie (Steffi) Jülich are on an incredible one year North American journey, traveling in a completely rebuilt and modified 1978 Mercedes 1017 AF vehicle, formerly a firetruck. Benny completely rebuilt the vehicle, lowering the weight from 12 tons to 7.5 tons and incorporating a living space complete with shower. It replaces several smaller vehicles the couple have used in various other worldwide adventures.

Cardston JV no-show equals Sr. Mustangs 5 and 0

Chris Davis, Pincher Creek Voice
updated September 28

The Cardston JV team didn't show up for their scheduled exhibition game with the Senior Pincher Creek Mustangs, forfeiting the game.  The Mustangs were visibly disappointed, and would have preferred to win the game the hard way.  They used the time to practice instead.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Canyon School's Terry Fox Run

Chris Davis, Pincher Creek Voice

Canyon Elementary School held their Terry Fox Run today, starting promptly at 11:45 am.  The weather was perfect for it, sunny, warm, and breezy.  All the Canyon students assembled outside, then walked to the creek path, which they followed east to Hewetson Avenue.  They headed east down Main Street at that point, back to the school in time for recess.

Museum celebrates Curator's fifteen vibrant years

 A Farley good party!
Toni Lucas, Pincher Creek Voice

Curator Farley S. Wuth
T. Lucas photo
Curator Farley S. Wuth, of the Kootenai Brown Pioneer Village was in for a surprise on Monday, September 26.  The Pincher Creek and District Historical Society threw a surprise party that celebrated his fifteenth anniversary of employment at the museum.   During the potluck dinner, Wuth said he was "proud to be working here, and to be serving this community."  Wuth was presented with a pocket-watch honouring his years of service.  "It will be one of my cherished possessions," he said.

Farley Wuth has been a mainstay in the Pincher Creek area for a number of years.  Growing up here, he recognized early a deep love for history.  He volunteered for the Pincher Creek and District Historical Society while he was still attending Matthew Halton High School in the turbulent 1970s, when it was called the Pincher Creek and District Museum and Kootenai Brown Historical Park.

MD Council notes September 27, 2011

Chris Davis, Pincher Creek Voice

In addition to the Spotted Knapweed problem reported on elsewhere, the Municipal District of Pincher Creek Council addressed several other issues at their September 27 meeting.

Spotted Knapweed plagues MD

Chris Davis, Pincher Creek Voice

The Municipal District of Pincher Creek Council discussed the growing knapweed problem plaguing our area, in particular near the Oldman River Reservoir and east of it,  at their meeting on September 27.  "It concerns me that this is happening around one of the largest water sources in the area," said Deputy Reeve Bjorn Berg.
The knapweed is spreading downriver, starting at Summerview, with an estimated 100 acres infested, according to MD Fieldman Shane Poulsen.  "It was a specially good year for it, all of it grew," explained Poulsen.  He expressed his belief that the MD could do a better job of removing the knapweed and other similar threats than outside organizations.  "They tend to come at the wrong times," he said. "I come from the perspective that we can do the better job."

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Waterton Biosphere Association makes presentation to MD Council

Chris Davis, Pincher Creek Voice

Waterton Biosphere Reserve Association (WBRA) Coordinator Nora Manners, accompanied by WBRA Secretary Larry Frith, made a presentation to the Municipal District of Pincher Creek Council at their September 27 meeting.

Food Bank still looking for a home

Chris Davis, Pincher Creek Voice

"Temporary" Food Bank at Napi
C. Davis photo
The Pincher Creek Food Bank, which is currently managed by the Napi Friendship Association at their facility, received another setback to proposed plans to move the operation into the old RCMP building on Main Street, which is owned by the Town.  Town Council once again discussed the issue at their September 26 meeting.  Napi had previously appeared before council asking that another facility be found, as the Food Bank was using up valuable space in their building.  Napi took on the chore of administering the Food Bank, not intending their building to be a permanent location for it, after Christian Outreach closed its doors last year.

Community Safety Committee approved by Town Council

Chris Davis, Pincher Creek Voice

After much discussion at their September 27 meeting, Pincher Creek Town Council approved the formation of a Community Safety Committee, tasked with developing a strategy to deal with panhandling, addictions, and vagrancy issues in Pincher Creek.

Ice plant broken, curling woes continue

Chris Davis - Representatives of the Pincher Creek Curling Club appeared before Town Council on Monday, September 26.  Council was told the ice plant is unusable this year.  Apparently, when the rink was shut down last year the plant was allowed to freeze, causing major and possibly irreparable damage.

"We don't think we can afford to lose another year of curling," said Rick Visser, a curling club executive member.  "We really want to have curling this year in Pincher Creek."

Festival of Roses quilting session date change


Due to the funeral of St. Mikes Teacher Jeff Warkentin, the quilting session for Festival of Roses....Art in Bloom! originally scheduled for Friday September 30 is changed to Saturday, October 1, from 10 am to 12 pm at St. Michael's School, Diana Smith Instructor.

This session features a Wild Rose Quilt Block, Free, and is on a first-come basis for 15 participants.

If you have questions, call 627- 3709 (please leave a message) -  I. Goodfellow

ReLeaf is available to Albertans who have lost trees to mountain pine beetle

Funding program in place to offset costs of replacing trees
Government of Alberta News Release

Private landowners and municipalities in Alberta are being offered help to replace trees lost to mountain pine beetle.
The Alberta Mountain Pine Beetle ReLeaf program provides funding to homeowners, private landowners and municipalities for replacing trees that have been killed by mountain pine beetle on private or municipal land.

Monday, September 26, 2011

MD holds public meeting to review Animal Control Bylaw

Chris Davis, Pincher Creek Voice

MD of Pincher Creek
C. Davis photo

On Thursday, September 22 the Council for the Municipal District  of Pincher Creek No. 9 held a sparsely attended public meeting to review Bylaw 1198-10, the Animal Control Bylaw.
The Bylaw contains few surprises.
Some highlights:

Alberta Arts Days in Pincher Creek: DJ Frankenstein to perform at the Museum

Chris Davis, Pincher Creek Voice

DJ Frankenstein
DJ Frankenstein at Kootenai Brown Pioneer Village
Saturday, October 1,  8 pm, $5.00 cover
1027 Bev McLachlin Drive, Pincher Creek, Alberta

DJ Frankenstein (Frank van Zandwijk) is a 13 year old Honours student at Matthew Halton High School in Pincher Creek.  He moved here two and a half years ago.  "I couldn't speak a single word of English before I came here," he said. He lives in Pincher Creek with his parents and younger sister, and all the rest of his family is still in Holland. "I love making my own music and listening to music. I play trombone in the Grade 8-9 Junior High band this year," said van Zandwijk.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Peewee Mustangs get schooled by Claresholm Raiders

Coach Tom Holoboff, Pincher Creek Peewee Mustangs

Peewee Mustangs at practice last week
C. Davis photo
Well,  football fans. Saturday was a learning day for the Peewee Mustangs as they were schooled by a familiar foe, the Claresholm Raiders. The Mustangs got a lesson on how important it is to have 12 players working towards one goal, and how if one player does not do their job the ball ends up in the wrong end zone.

Cows, Kestrels and the Planetary Orbit

Phil Burpee, Comment

Summer is on the slide and the prairie is browning, looking for all the world like some great, tawny hide stretched over the flesh and bones of the world. Pretty much anything that wanted to make flowers out there has already done its thing, except for a few asters, the dregs of some blazing star, and the odd late arnica and wild sunflower. The balsam poplars down in the creek are changing their palette from shimmering green to a radiant yellow, chasing the Manitoba maple to the other end of the colour spectrum. The shadows in the coulees across the river deepen with every passing day, as the Sun rumbles steadily on down the skyline of the Livingstone, moving ever southward on its yearly journey to its mid-winter repose in the spires of the Castle.

The old time Blackfoot understood well enough that the West Wind, old Snoweater himself, had his home way up on top of Chief Mountain. I don’t doubt it for a minute. I can see with my own eyes that the Sun makes its seasonal home in the High Rock, from where it rolls down along the western slopes each night, around the entire world, only to reappear in scintillating splendour each morning amidst the symphony of light that is the dawn.

But now it is false Spring, that evanescent time of the year when temperature and daylight briefly fool wild creatures into thinking that true Spring has come again and it is time to posture and warble and parade their genetic wares. Mr. Meadowlark, who has been busily silent all Summer, has suddenly taken to hollering from the fencepost in that liquid metal cascade that is his song. Starlings have taken a pause in their preparations for flying south to nose around likely-looking eves and crannies in a half-hearted charade of nest-site surveying. Even the mustard and sweet clover are turning hopeful faces to the waning season, thinking maybe to squeeze another seed or two out of the year. None of this will last, of course. Late Summer may be running delightfully into Indian Summer, but the signs are there for those with eyes to see. Just as the Sun rose the other morning, a blanket of shimmering frost settled on my Chevy truck. The bees coming out of our hives pause when they come out the door to soak up a few rays before lurching off like miniature B-29s into the chill air, bent on an early hit on the late alfalfa blossom down in the pasture. Overhead a V of Sandhill cranes trills in excitation as the great red orb hauls itself above the eastern horizon. But they are moving southward, ever southward, and soon the swans will follow - it ain’t Spring at all.

Out on their Summer pasture, our cows are looking about as lazy as a lazy cow can look, which is pretty damn lazy indeed, unaware of the coming snows and seemingly without a care in the world. Their calves are fat and bright-eyed, and the ladies themselves are full of figure and sashay their mighty asses across the ground like so many heavy-weight ballerinas, resplendent in their bovineness, and seeming like queens of their particular world. They have dined their way through a few hundred tonnes of variously succulent grasses, sedges and shrubs, not to mention every available scrap and smidgeon of water hemlock, death camas and locoweed, and all they seem to do is proceed from strength to strength. I’ve told them time and again not to eat the bad stuff, but they seem to thrive on it, like some sort of post-holocaust cockroaches munching their way through a hellsbroth of poisons and paralytics. Sometimes when I eat their livers I think I can detect a slight neurological tingling and a light but chilly perspiration on the top lip, along with a mild out-of-body sort of sensation. I think this is maybe called homeopathy. Or maybe it’s just gas.

And anybody who hasn’t been too busy texting or preening in their rear-view mirror while they’ve been driving around these last couple weeks will have noticed another delightful sign of the calendar. Little flying jewels of blue and orange and ermine-speckled polka-dots are to be seen flitting from post to post or hovering like miniature gyro-copters above a hay field. The Kestrels are moving through our country, heading for Texas and points south. We used to know them as sparrowhawks, but this name seems to have fallen out of favour. In truth, I’ve never seen one catch a sparrow, but I have seen them snag a big fat grasshopper, or a plump mouse, hovering in place and picking the gizzards out of its prey on the wing. When these elegant little creatures show up, you can pretty much lay a safe bet that they have had their feathers ruffled already somewhere back up the line by the old North Wind. Along with them will also come, in due course, the Sharpies and the Falcons and the great Golden Eagles in all their majesty. A vast wave of winged blood and bone is sweeping down across the map ahead of the darkness and the cold. What they tell us is this - Fall is upon us.

It is, in fact, the time of the Autumnal Equinox - that time of the year when the length of night equals that of the day. This also occurs in March - the Vernal Equinox. As our planet sweeps in its stately course around our star, tilted in that cack-handed way that it is on its axis, we experience what we have come to call the Seasons. Now we are coming to the time when the Sun favours the southern hemisphere with its beneficent rays, and we are left to cope with the drawing-in of the light, and must summon all our faith to believe that the cycle will once again reverse in six month’s time. And even though this big, blue ball we ride is traveling more than one hundred times faster than a Jumbo Jet in its endless journey ‘round the Sun, it will still take us a full year to return to the spot where we are right now. It is a very long road indeed.

I try to remember to be amazed. The very fact of our existence and our voyage in this Cosmos is vastly more fantastic and marvelous and implausible and wondrous than all the wildest flights of fancy of science fiction, and all the self-absorbed roilings of inward-gazing religious orthodoxy. A cow may seem a dull and banal thing - but it is far from that. It is a self-replicating, sentient organism inheriting the 13.7 billion year legacy of a universe so sublime and so boundless, that we should by rights be rendered speechless with awe at the sheer fact of it. A moo. A cloud. The swish of a wing. A last ray of the setting Sun. This small blossom in the palm of my hand.

“If the doors of perception were cleansed everything would appear to man as it is, infinite.” - William Blake

Phil Burpee
September 25, 2011

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Amber Alert cancelled

An Amber Alert for Cardston County, Foothills #31, Pincher Creek #9, Rocky View #44, and undefined areas of  southern Alberta issued Saturday, September 24 at 7:24 pm was cancelled at 8:14 pm when the missing 8-year old child was located  in Calgary.

Joanne Smith has been arrested and charges are pending.

WiFi Connection Falsely Claims To Be RCMP

Calgary, Alberta – Two recent incidents have surfaced in the Calgary area involving home owners who have a WiFi router, noticing an unauthorized computer connection which identified itself as “RCMP Surveillance”

Single Vehicle Roll Over on RR 19-1 Near Coaldale

Coaldale County, Alberta – On September 21st, 2011, at 6:19 p.m. Lethbridge RCMP along with Coaldale Fire, and Emergency Medical Services responded to a call of a single vehicle rollover on Range Road 191, just North of the “Indian Hills Golf Club”. The vehicle, driven by a single female occupant was driving Northbound on Range Road 191, swerved off the road partially into the East ditch, lost control, and proceeded to roll numerous times before eventually coming to a stop on it’s roof. The driver was transported to hospital and later died from her injuries in the early morning hours of September 22nd. The driver’s name is not being released at this time pending next of kin notification. Alcohol is not believed to have been a factor in this incident.

Co-op C-Store and Gas Bar Grand Opening

Anita James, Steven Li, Bruce Buckingham
Pincher Creek Co-op C-Store Grand Opening

C. Davis photo

Toni Lucas

It was "All hands on deck!" at the opening of the Co-op C-Store September 23, 2011.  Some of the dignitaries assembled for the opening ceremony included MD Reeve Rod Cyr, Pincher Creek Mayor Ernie Olson, Co-op Gas Bar Manger Anita James, Co-op General Manager Bruce Buckingham, Co-op Controller Tom Holloboff, and several representatives from the Pincher Creek Co-op board of directors.  Also in attendance were CFL Calgary Division Petroleum Advisors, Steven Li, and Naveed Sultan.  The official ribbon was cut by Janet Taylor, one of the Gas Bar attendants.

W. Garfield Weston Foundation Helps Students Become Ecosystem Investigators

Parks Canada Community Bulletin

Waterton Lakes International Park
Chris Davis photo
The W. Garfield Weston Foundation is helping to fund a project that will strengthen connections with youth to Waterton Lakes National Park. The grant, totalling $462,790, will support the Ecosystem Investigator camp for three years. Specifically, it will fund transportation, accommodation and meals for the camp participants.
This innovative 3-day outdoor education camp brings grade 5 students from regional schools to the park to enjoy nature and learn about the ecological importance of whitebark pine and prairie fescue ecosystems.

Mustangs Football

Chris Davis, Pincher Creek Voice

Pincher Creek`s Senior Mustangs football team beat Claresholm yesterday 13 - 6, in an away game played at the posh Claresholm facility.  Claresholm went down hard, in a rough-and-tumble old-school game completely dominated by the Pincher Creek team, according to Voice insider on the scene.  This was a first for the Mustangs, in a season that has so far seen them rack up firsts every game.  Four games in a row for the Mustangs, including two demonstration games.  The Senior Mustangs beat Kate Andrews in Lethbridge last Friday.
The Senior Mustangs are scheduled to play an home exhibition game against the Cardston JV team on Tuesday, September 27 at the Matthew Halton field, 5 pm.

Mustangs vs Bulldogs Sept. 24
C. Davis photo
Our Bantam Mustangs had a bad day today, losing to the Lethbridge Bulldogs by a significant margin.  The Mustangs played hard, and got hit hard, able to hold the line but giving up precious grounds in flagged plays.  This one was a battle, with the legions assembling to fight for possession of the ball under a broiling sun, the dust of fall in the wind.

Coach Tom of the Pee Wee Mustangs does a great job of promoting his team`s exploits: click here to read about the Pee Wee Mustangs at the  Lethbridge Jamboree.

Two faces of environmental awareness

Megan Albert and Myranda Goss
C. Davis photo
Chris Davis, Pincher Creek Voice

Megan Albert and Myranda Guss were participants in the recent Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup event, held Thursday, September 22.  A small group of volunteers cleaned up the creekside pathways.  Thanks  for making this a better place to live.

Editorial: The news comes first

Chris Davis, Head Cheese, Pincher Creek Voice

I've been helming this Voice endeavor for over two months now, in a period which saw us go from about 3 visitors a day accessing archived material, to as many as 1,060 pageviews a day. Every week more of you are reading and looking at the pictures.
Thank you.  Without you this is nothing.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Alberta remembers its fallen police and peace officers

Government of Alberta news release.
September 23, 2011
Edmonton... Albertans are invited to join a ceremony paying tribute to the province’s 96 police and peace officers who have died in the line of duty.

Toastmasters International reveals updated brand to Pincher Creek

press release

Club President: Colleen Stensrud
VP Public Relations: Bradley Bustard

Pincher Creek, Alberta, September 16, 2011)
For the first time in 70 years, Toastmasters International, the world’s largest nonprofit organization dedicated to teaching communication and leadership skills, has updated its brand. With a more contemporary globe logo and accompanying visual identity system, local Toastmasters clubs now have updated and consistent resources to conduct and promote their programs.

Blatant advertising and self promotion

Chris Davis, Pincher Creek Voice

I will performing, classic tunes from all sorts of times, including some of mine, 12 string guitar and a 4-hour bucket of tunes, while the Pincher Creek Co-op gives away lots and lots of really cool stuff at the Grand Opening of their C-Store and Gas Bar.

Summer: this year it aint over til it's over.

Check it out, and try not too have too much news while I'm busy.
Here's a link to the full story.
Check out the Co-op site for all kinds of groovy specials and stuff.

Matthew Halton High School Academic Achievement Awards

Toni Lucas, Pincher Creek Voice
Matthew Halton's Grade 10 Academic award students
Toni Lucas, photos
Spirits were high in the Matthew Halton High School Gymnasium Wednesday evening, September 21. The school's academic awards were handed out. In talking with a few of the students before the event started, I found out that they did not know "what" they were to be awarded, just that they had achieved in some way. They had been asked to attend to pick up their awards.

Alberta Arts Days coming soon to Pincher Creek

Toni Lucas, Pincher Creek Voice

Chris Davis photo
Alberta Arts Days are just a few days away, running from September 30 to October 2 throughout the province.  Various organizations in Pincher Creek will be joining in.

There is a myriad of  facets to the word "art".  Pincher Creek has many talented people engaging in different forms of art. Kootenai Brown Pioneer Village (KBPV), The Pincher Creek Municipal Library,  Metis Association Local 1880, Ranchland Mall and The Oldman River Rose Society are all doing their part to celebrate our artists.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Cougar cancels Canyon School recess

Canyon School
C. Davis photo

Sheri Monk

Kids attending at least one school in Pincher Creek were kept inside for their lunch-hour recess today, Thursday, September 22, after a cougar was spotted in the area.  Update: At St. Michael's School in Pincher Creek, recess was held outside,  but only on the east side of the school.

“Around 11 a.m., Fish and Wildlife were down around the creek, down around Kettles Street and up behind the school. One of our TAs (teacher assistants) asked if there was any issue and they said no, they were just being precautionary and our kids weren’t out," said Canyon School Principal Carole Goodreau.

"Then they phoned the school and said there had been a potential sighting west of town on the ridge, behind the creek, behind the community hall, and they would keep us posted. Before recess they phoned back and said it hadn’t been confirmed yet, but it was best if we kept the kids in."

Locals miss the bell at Nanton High School Rodeo

Chris Davis, Pincher Creek Voice

Ryley Jenkins
C.Davis photo
The High School Rodeo held in Nanton last weekend on September 17 and 18 proved to be a disappointing affair for most of our Pincher Creek area competitors.
Ryley Jenkins of Pincher Creek placed first in the Saddle Bronc event on the 18th,placed third in Boys Cutting Event on the 17th, and took second place in Boys Cutting on the 18th.
Lundbreck's Cooper Zur managed to place first in Bull Riding on the 18th, after a zero score in the event the day before. The Bareback event was a wash for him, not making it to the bell either day.

Jenkins, Zur and several other local cowboys and cowgirls involved in High School Rodeo will be competing next at the Cardston Agridome on Friday, September 23 and Saturday, September 24.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Humane Society gets sizeable Community Initiatives Program grant

Chris Davis, Pincher Creek Voice

MLA Evan Berger, PCHS VP Jason Wagenaar, PCHS Pres. Clara Yagos,
PCHS Sec. Bev Duffield, PCHS Co-ordinator Shannon Moody
C. Davis photo

     Livingstone-Macleod MLA Evan Berger presented the Pincher Creek Humane Society (PCHS) with a cheque today, September 21.  PCHS was awarded a $50,000 grant from the Government of Alberta's Community Initiatives Program (CIP).  The funds will be used to help run the operation, and are to be spread over a two-year period.  "This will help our sustainability over the next couple of years," said PCHS President Clara Yagos.  "It will enable us to concentrate on capital grants for our new building," she further explained.  The PCHS plans to tear down their present structure and build fresh, incorporating a plot of land to the east of their present property on Kettles Street, which is currently being used for public composting.

Group Group Youth gets sizeable Community Initiatives Program grant

Chris Davis

MLA Evan Berger and GGY Chair Linda Jones
C. Davis photo
Pincher Creek's Group Group Youth (GGY) was presented a cheque today, September 21,  by Livingstone-Macleod MLA Evan Berger.   GGY is to recieve $60,000 over two years under the Government of Alberta's Community Initiatives Program (CIP).  The money is to be put towards staffing costs at GGY's drop-in centre on Waterton Avenue.  "It's really exciting, because we need more staff," said GGY's Lynn Tenneycke.   "There's so much we want to do, but we need the staff to do it."

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Co-op C-Store to hold Grand Opening event

Toni Lucas, Pincher Creek Voice

Poulan Riding Mower
C. Davis photo
On Friday, September 23, the Co-op C-Store and Gas Bar will be holding a Grand Opening celebration. "It has been a long time coming, but it is worth it," said C-Store Manager  Anita James.  "We have so much planned. There will be live music, give aways, specials, it is going to be a big day."

A Poulan riding lawn mower on display outside the store is up for grabs.  To enter the draw, you have to put your name and contact information on the back of a receipt from the C-Store that totals $50.00 or more and enter it into the draw box on the counter.

Pee Wee Mustangs at the Lethbridge Jamboree

Coach Tom Holoboff, Contributor

Thane Buckingham
C. Davis photo
Well football fans, the Pincher Creek Pee Wee Mustangs were once again on the field Saturday, September 17 at the Lethbridge Pee Wee Jamboree. The Mustangs played 2 games against new opponents. The first opponent was the Lethbridge Gold Rams.

First province-wide test of the new Alberta Emergency Alert


September 20, 2011

The new public alerting system, Alberta Emergency Alert, is scheduled for its first province-wide test on Wednesday, September 21.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

2011 Pincher Creek Terry Fox Run

Gavin and Garrett Parker
T. Lucas photos
Toni Lucas

Three years after Terry Fox lost one leg below the knee to an osteogenic sarcoma he pledged that he would run from one side of Canada to the other to raise funds and awareness for cancer research. Beginning on April 12, 1980 he started "A Marathon of Hope" by dipping his artificial foot into the Atlantic ocean. Unfortunately, his efforts to cross Canada stopped on September 1, 1980. After covering an impressive 3,339 miles in less than six months, Terry's cancer had returned, spreading to his lungs. This inspirational young man lost his fight to cancer June 28, 1981, but left a nation fired by his enthusiasm and hope.

Thirty one years after his run stopped, people all over the world celebrate his memory and his cause by joining in the annual Terry Fox Run. In Pincher Creek, volunteers set up for the run at the arena on Sunday, September 18 for any who wanted to participate.

Column: Fishing in the Pincher Creek Area - sort of

Joe Cunningham, Columnist, Pincher Creek Voice

I started fishing in the Pincher Creek area 19 years ago, shortly after moving to Calgary from Nova Scotia. In Nova Scotia I kept most of the fish I caught. That was the cultural tradition; but my brother Jeff pointed out to me one day that the big brook trout I was showing off were the best spawners. I was already worried about the stocks as I was very aware of the stories regarding how much better the fishing had been in the past. Indeed, the salmon fishing exploits of my grandfather, an Anglican minister who worked mostly on the weekend and seemed to fish an enviable amount, were almost legendary. Many maritime streams and lakes were virtually dead by the 1970s and the regulations still permitted individual quotas of 15 trout per day. So, I was ready for the catch and release philosophy of the fly fishing fraternity of Calgary when I arrived there in 1990. Actually, I was impressed with the "can do" attitude I found here with respect to to a lot of things.

Gary Mar takes big lead in PC Leadership race, another ballot required

Chris Davis, Pincher Creek Voice

The final results of the first ballot of the Alberta Progressive Conservative leadership election were announced around 11:50 pm last night, Saturday, September 17.

Gary Mar was by far the favored candidate, recieving 24,318 votes, more than double his nearest competition, Alison Redford.  It was not enough to seal the deal for Mar, with 50% + 1 vote overall  required to attain the leadership. Redford recieved 11,147 votes, making the leap from relative obscurity into the provincial spotlight.  Doug Horner recieved 8,648 votes, enough to ensure he can be a contender in the second ballot, which will be held in two weeks on Saturday, October 1.

The final tally (top three go on to the second ballot):

  • Gary Mar   24318
  • Alison Redford   11147
  • Doug Horner   8648 
  • Ted Morton   6969
  • Rick Orman   6010
  • Doug Griffiths   2245 

Silly Season

Phil Burpee
Phil Burpee, Columnist, Pincher Creek Voice
Burpee is a carpenter and farmer living north of Pincher Creek. He keeps an eye on the world from under the big Alberta sky.

Picture this. A grown man sits in a pick-up truck on a gravel road out on the bald Alberta prairie. He is dressed in forest pattern camouflage so that he cannot be seen inside his cherry-apple red GMC 3500 SuperCab against the monochrome tan of dry grass. He sports a pair of 10x50 HyperMax Celestron binocs. On his dashboard the GPS nav system tells him that he is exactly where he is - which is indeed exactly where he is. His buddy, also garbed head to toe in camo, is texting Cabalo's in Spokane to see if they have in fact spritzered themselves with just the right mix of doe-piss to outfox the notoriously discerning and wily muley buck that is their intended prey this day. Slung on the window racks behind them are a couple of Battlestar Galactica motif compound bows - camo, of course. Safely tucked into camo rip-stop quivers are two dozen fibreglass, razor-tipped arrows (camo) fledged in day-glo green nylon. A hundred and fifty feet away, standing calmly in barley stubble, a three year old muley buck stands chewing quietly, bemused at the odd-looking farmers parked by the side of the nearby road. He has seen pick-ups all his life and recognizes them as only strange but benign things that hurry around on the landscape in clouds of dust with some kind of monkey-like creatures inside, sometimes towing boxes on wheels with a couple of his horse-cousins riding along inside. He is unaware that he has become the focus-point of several thousand years of technological evolution, culminating in the arrival this day of two fine, Copenhagen-sucking, male representatives of the human race, bent on securing meat and glory.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Roundabout opens

Chris Davis, Pincher Creek Voice 

C. Davis photo
The new traffic circle at the intersection of Highways 6 and 507 opened on Friday afternoon, September 16 after being closed late July for construction. 

According to Transportation Alberta, in a traffic circle the vehicle on the right must yield to the vehicle on the left. 

Visit for more information on correct traffic circle driving procedures.

2011 PC of Alberta leadership election - first ballot in Nanton

Chris Davis, Pincher Creek Voice

The Progressive Conservative Association of Alberta is holding their leadership election first ballot today, September 17 from 9 am to 7 pm.  If no candidate has over 50% of the vote, the second ballot, between the top three candidates, will take place on October 1, 2011.  The winning candidate will be named leader of the PC of Alberta party and will also serve as Premier.

The polling station for the Livingstone-Macleod riding, which includes Pincher Creek and area, is at the Christ Church Anglican Parish Hall, 2306 20th Street, Nanton.

Candidates include Doug Griffiths, Doug Horner, Gary Mar, Ted Morton, Rick Orman,  and Alison Redford.

Visit for more information,  and for election results after 8:00 pm

Friday, September 16, 2011

Premier Stelmach wishes Alberta well

A message from Premier Ed Stelmach

I take this opportunity to tell you what a privilege it has been to serve these past five years as Alberta’s 13th premier.

Being informed about fire prevention protects your family

Alberta marks fire prevention week, October 9 - 15

Government of Alberta information bulletin

Every year, Alberta averages 31 deaths, 230 injuries and more than $380 million in direct property loss due to house fires. Many of these fires could have been prevented.

Albertans are encouraged to get the information they need to protect their families from fire during fire prevention week, Oct. 9 to 15. Based on fire statistics, unattended cooking is the number one cause of home fires and fire injuries, while careless smoking is the top cause of home fire fatalities.
“There are steps all of us can take to reduce the chance fire will happen in our homes,” said Hector Goudreau, Minister of Municipal Affairs. “When fire breaks out, we may only have three minutes to escape before the effects of toxic smoke take over. That’s why I encourage all Albertans to take every opportunity to learn about fire prevention and how to escape from your home should a fire occur.”

Registry services temporarily disrupted province-wide

Government of Alberta information bulletin 
September 16, 2011

Many registry services are currently unavailable across Alberta due to an information system failure.

Services affected include driver’s licence renewals, corporate registry access, SPIN II, land titles, personal property registry access, online fine payment, and vital statistics services.

Vehicle registration services are still available.
Registry services were disrupted on the morning of September 15. Since then, Service Alberta has had service providers working around the clock to restore the system.
Service Alberta apologizes for the inconvenience to Albertans and asks for their patience as the problem is resolved. Restoration of registry services is the department’s highest priority.
An update will be provided when services have been restored.

Update: Driver's licence renewals and vital statistics services restored (click here)

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Police warn public to beware of puppy scam

News release
Cst. David McLellan
Sgt. Colin Lock
RCMP Calgary Federal Enforcement Section

RCMP Calgary Federal Enforcement Section (FES) recently investigated a suspected counterfeit Canadian Kennel Club (CKC) purebred dog Certificate of Registration. The investigation determined this document was not only counterfeit, but that the scheme was greater in scope than it appears at first inspection.

Single vehicle roll over on Highway 3 near Coalhurst

News release
Cst. Carlos Da Ponte
Lethbridge RCMP

At approximately 12:30 pm, September 15, Emergency crews responded to a single vehicle roll over on highway 3, approximately half a km west of Coalhurst.  The ensuing investigation revealed that a white van traveling eastbound, veered off the road the road, crossed the center median and rolled onto the driving lanes of highway 3 west.  Three occupants including the driver were transported to hospital with minor non life threatening injuries while a fourth occupant was cleared and released at the scene.

Senior Mustangs defeat Coaldale Pride by a huge margin

Chris Davis, Pincher Creek Voice
Pincher Creek's Senior Mustangs were in Lethbridge yesterday, September 14, playing against Coaldale's Division B team, the Kate Andrews Pride.  This was the first regular season game for the Mustangs, and they pulled it together in a big way, defeating the Pride by a score rendered almost meaningless, the margin between the two teams being so pronounced.

The Mustangs have been frothing at the bit, galloping into this season in an unprecedented manner.  I guess Coach Sokownin was right when he told me this is going to be their best year ever.
In fact, all three Mustangs teams (Pee Wee, Bantam, and Seniors) have emerged victorious over their Coaldale counterparts this season. 
Up next for the Senior Mustangs: an away game against  arch-rivals Claresholm on Friday, September 23, at  7:00 pm.

HooRah Mustangs!!!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Parent Link's fall season underway

Toni Lucas, Pincher Creek Voice

Parent Link playroom
C. Davis photo
Parent Link has already begun their fall season, and they have something going on every weekday, with additional programming aimed at making life better for children and parents alike.  If you go into their newly redesigned office at 688 Main Street, you will find toys, games and puzzles designed to engage children's minds and imagination, and books and magazines designed for parents.  Parent Educator and Family Support Worker Jacqui Bruns has seen younger siblings that have older brothers or sisters in grade school come to programs at "their school" with backpacks and lunch kits.  "They want to emulate what their siblings are doing, and for many, that is going to school in the daytime.  It also gets the moms to teach the younger children a routine while teaching valuable social skills like sharing," said Bruns.

MD of Pincher Creek Council meeting, September 13, 2011

Chris Davis - The Municipal District of Pincher Creek met on Tuesday, September 13.  In attendance: Reeve Rod Cyr, Deputy Reeve Bjorn Berg, Councillors Rod Zielinski, Helen Cyr, Terry Yagos,  CAO Wendy Kay,  and Administrative Executive Assistant Jessica McLelland.

Pincher Creek Humane Society request for support - decision delayed

The Pincher Creek Humane Society (PCHS), in the persons of Christine Wagenaar and Bev Duffield, attended the August 23 meeting of the MD council.  At that time they said the PCHS was in desperate need of a new building.  According to the meeting minutes, they said  The Town of Pincher Creek has donated land and set aside $100,000 towards a new facility, and hoped the MD council would also support the endeavor.
Council decided to postpone a decision on the matter until they hold 2012 budget discussions.

Operations report

Director of Operations Leo Reedyk reported that the summer help had returned to school, excepting one individual who was staying on for a few weeks.  He said Agricultural Fieldman Al Jacklin would be retiring from MD service on September 16.  Concerns regarding the Beaver Mines tennis court were discussed, with the basic theme being the court was not designed for skateboards and similar hard-wheeled usage.

The Ranch Road intersection at Highway 6, southwest of Pincher Creek near Christie Mines, was cited as a concern, due to visibility issues.  Councillor Helen Cyr mentioned there had been several accidents at the location, and Reeve Rod Cyr agreed that there were real sight-line problems.  Since Highway 6 is under the jurisdiction of Alberta Transportation, they would have to be involved in possible changes.  However, Ranch Road itself is an MD road, and Reedyk indicated that would mean the MD would have to be responsible for any project to rectify the situation.  Councillor Cyr observed that there was a large body of water that would have to be accounted for in any plans to change the approach to Highway 6. She also said ratepayers who use Ranch Road wanted to see changes, as it is a fairly busy road.

Bonertz Hill flood repair

Tenders were considered concerning repairs to the road at Bonertz Hill, which was damaged badly in the June 17, 2010 flooding event, which resulted in a significant portion of the roadway sloughing down the slope.  Reedyk indicated he had not heard back from Disaster Funding as to how much of the project they would fund, and that the estimated $400,000 cost was nearly double the initial engineering estimate.  He recommended deferring the project until next year.  He said the MD would still need approval from the Department of Transportation for the necessary road closure to complete the work, and he thought time was running out to complete the project this year.
Council members questioned several aspects of the project and Reedyk's recommendation.  Two tenders have been submitted, and several members of council wondered whether it might be prudent to ask the successful bidder if they would allow the project to be deferred until next year while keeping their bid the same.

Additional land would need to be acquired to complete the project as proposed.  Councillor Terry Yagos indicated it was likely the affected landowner would be amenable to a land swap.
In response to a question from Councillor Helen Cyr, Reedyk indicated the project would probably take a month to complete, and that a significant amount of earth would have to be removed, an aspect of the project accounted for in both bids.

Bobcat and Attachments

Council approved the purchase of a bobcat with multiple attachments, including a snowblower and chipper.  There was some debate as to the ability of the smaller machine to tackle some of the large snowfalls the MD can be faced with.  It was determined that the MD still had possession of the large snow removal equipment still, and could defer selling it, just in case.  Reeve Rod Cyr said "we need the bobcat anyway."

CAO Wendy Kay discussed traffic control on MD roads, indicating that overweight vehicles are causing excessive damages in some areas.

Deputy Reeve Bjorn Berg suggested council should revisit the goals calendar council made in the fall of 2010, to see where they were in reference to it.

Wildlife control concerns

Council also spent some time working on a resolution to present to the Alberta Association of Municipal Districts and Counties, with the goal of encouraging Alberta Sustainable Resource Development (SRD) to increase manpower and services "to address the ongoing issues on the eastern slopes".  At the heart of the MD's concern is the closure of the Fish and Wildlife office in Pincher Creek, and the gradual reduction in Fish and Wildlife officers from three to the one presently serving.
"What makes the news is that a cougar has eaten someone's cat, not that a cougar has eaten three llamas across from the dam." - Deputy Reeve Bjorn Berg
Septic dumping rates a concern

Jacques Thouin, owner of the Beaver Mines Store, wrote a letter to the MD council asking that his effluent removal issues be addressed.  The council seemed sympathetic to his plight, saying "we're working on it" after discussing several possible options.  At present the Beaver Mines store is being charged what seems to them (and others) to be exhorbitant rates for effluent removal.

Animal control bylaw

Council spent a fair bit of time fine-tuning the proposed Animal Control bylaw, which is due to be featured at a public meeting on Thursday, September 22, from 7 pm to 9 pm at the MD administration office. Councillor Rod Zielinski was concerned with the mechanics of the permit, in terms of the actual experience for someone showing up at the MD office looking for a permit. "What would that permit look like?" he asked.  Zielinski and Berg discussed the specific wording of the proposed bylaw without coming to agreement.  After a vote, the modified text of the bylaw was accepted, with the possibility of amendments being made, as being ready to present to the public on September 22.

Ladder truck for fire department discussed

In his report to council, Deputy Reeve Berg, who also serves as Chair for the joint Emergency Management Committee, raised the issue of purchasing a ladder truck for the Fire Department.  "We have 11 structures large enough that it is recommended we have a ladder or aerial truck," he said, indicating the general rule is to have one once a community has 5 structures large enough. Such a vehicle would be a "big expense".

Berg also mentioned the Emergency Management Agency, which he said has seen an increase in budget during the course of his chairmanship.

Highway 2 and 2A overpass at Leduc temporarily closed

Travellers' Advisory, September 14, 2011

Motorists are advised that the Highway 2 and 2A overpass at Leduc is temporarily closed.

Due to a truck rollover on the off ramp to Highway 2A, crews are required to clean up any spillage from the rollover. This will delay the reopening of the road until today at approximately 6 p.m.

Hopley ordered to undergo psychiatric testing

Chris Davis, Pincher Creek Voice, from various sources

Randall Hopley, suspected in the abduction of a young child in Sparwood B.C. last week, was ordered to undergo psychiatric evaluation at his first court hearing since being apprehended.  Voice sources in Cranbrook, where Hopley appeared and is presently incarcerated, said the courtroom was full to overflowing with people curious to see the defendant, many of whom were involved in the volunteer activities organized to help find the child Hopley is accused of abducting.
Hopely  is facing kidnapping, abduction of a child under 14, and break and enter charges.

Globe and Mail

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

On a positive note: Friends In Sync

Toni Lucas, Pincher Creek Voice

members of Friends In Sync
Brenda Squair photo
Friends in Sync are a local non-religious choir group that is held together by the love of music.  They usually perform publicly about 6 times a year.  Pat Toney has been directing them for four years.  "It is fun, and a chance for everyone to get together."  She said.
They practice every Tuesday evening from 7 pm to 9 pm at Canyon School.
The first practice of the season, on Tuesday night, September 13, had three new faces out of a total 15 ladies. Toney is open to more voices joining in.  "It is a two hour a week commitment.  It is so rewarding to hear everyone harmonizing together," she enthused.
With Brenda Squair accompanying on piano, the group warmed up their voices and went into a few songs that they had practiced last year.  New performers were sorted into their vocal range and paired with someone within that range that had more experience.
If you would like to join Friends in Sync,  call Pat Toney at 403-627-3153.

Pincher Creek Town Council Meeting, September 12, 2011

Pincher Creek Town Council settles into renovated Chambers
C. Davis photo

Pincher Creek's Town Council met on Monday evening, September 12.
In attendance: Mayor Ernie Olsen and Councillors Don Anderberg, Sahra Nodge, Lorne Jackson, Wayne Oliver, and Roy Smyth.

Update on missing toddler Kienan Hebert

Update, September 13, 2011: CTV news reports suspected abductor Randall Hopley was arrested near the Crowsnest Pass this morning.  CBC reports RCMP tracked Hopley using dogs to a vacant home near the Alberta/British Columbia border Click here for the CTV story.  Click here for the CBC story.

Update, September 11, 2011: Kienan has been reunited with his family.  Click here for more information. Out of respect for the privacy of a minor and his family, all images of Kienan intended to help locate him will now be removed from this website.

Inquiry into Access Request may affect Water Well Owners and Tenants in Alberta

Government of Alberta news release
Beginning October 18, 2011, the Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner of Alberta (OIPC) will conduct a public inquiry into an access for information request. The inquiry may affect private landowners and tenants who have submitted well water samples to provincial authorities for testing purposes.

An applicant requested information from Alberta Health and Wellness (AHW) in relation to well water testing and other information between 1986 and 2011. AHW denied access to some of the information and said that it did not have other information.

Results from the Nanton High School Rodeo, September 9 and 10

Chris Davis, Pincher Creek Voice

Ryley Jenkins
Ryley Jenkins, Pincher Creek 
Placed first in Saddle Bronc on Friday and Saturday.
Placed third in Boys Cutting on both days.

Cooper Zur
Cooper Zur, Lundbreck
Placed first in Bull Riding on Saturday, after placing second on Friday.
Placed third in the Bareback event both days
Placed fourth in Team Roping on Saturday.

Morgan Michalsky, Lundbreck, did well in Goat Tying on Friday, placing fourth.

Sam Mitchell, Twin Butte, placed fourth in Saddle Bronc on Friday

There will be another High School Rodeo at Nanton this weekend, Saturday, September 17 and Sunday, September 18.

For full results from last weekend`s Nanton High School Rodeo visit

Rain, Deer, it must be fall

C. Davis photos
Chris Davis, Pincher Creek Voice

This beautiful 4-point buck has decided to forego the rural life for a while, opting to settle down in town for a while.  Give 'em an inch and they'll take a yard.

Connecting to the Cosmos

CALC Press release

C. Davis photo
Next week, the Pincher Creek Community Adult Learning Council (CALC) will host a short general interest course entitled Connecting to the Cosmos.

The course will run from 6:30 pm to 9:30 pm on Tuesday, September 20 and Thursday, September 22.

The registration deadline is Friday September 16th, and the cost is $40 per person. The classroom can comfortably accommodate around 20 people.

Committee of the Whole Meeting, September 1, 2011

Chris Davis, Pincher Creek Voice, with extensive material from the Committee of the Whole Meeting minutes, September 1, 2011 session

C. Davis photo
On Thursday, September 1, 2011 the Town of Pincher Creek Committee of the Whole (COTW) met in Council Chambers. Among other things, on the agenda was a proposal to install a crosswalk at Sleepy Hollow Campground along Waterton Avenue, which resulted in a recommendation that administration send a letter to Rick Lemire of Alberta Transportation in support of the idea.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Summer turns to fall

Chris Davis, Pincher Creek Voice

C. Davis photo
Temperatures have been well above average the last few weeks, but our long and glorious summer seems to be finally turning into fall.  According to the Weather Network, we can expect overcast skies and rain on Tuesday, September 13, followed by a gradual return to more seasonal temperatures over the next couple of weeks.

Pincher Creek Pee Wee Football Jamboree results

Coach Tom Holoboff, Contributor

Mustangs vs Comets
C. Davis photo
Well football fans, the first annual Pincher Creek Mustangs PeeWee Football Jamboree has come and gone, and by all accounts it was a huge success. The hometown Mustangs were joined by the Claresholm Raiders, the Coaldale Bears, and the Raymond Comets on Saturday, September 10, 2011.

Volunteers needed for Pincher Creek historical project

Toni Lucas, Pincher Creek Voice, with submitted material

The Town of Pincher Creek is looking for volunteers that are interested in the heritage of our community

Phillip's House, Pincher Creek
C. Davis photo
The Town of Pincher Creek and the Pincher Creek and District Historical Society (PCDHS) are undertaking a survey of pre-1950’s buildings in the community. The architecture, condition and history of over 300 buildings will to be recorded on site survey forms along with current photographs. Volunteers will work in teams and visit assigned locations. This project is to be completed over the next year.

This project, called “Creating a Future for Alberta’s Historic Places”, needs people who are willing to put in some time towards creating a record for posterity of early Pincher Creek. This project is flexible and can accomodate the volunteer's schedule.
Training that covers how to complete forms and determine the architectural styles, type of windows, foundations, roof structures, etc. will be provided free of charge. All materials necessary will be provided.

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