Monday, September 26, 2011

Alberta Arts Days in Pincher Creek: DJ Frankenstein to perform at the Museum

Chris Davis, Pincher Creek Voice

DJ Frankenstein
DJ Frankenstein at Kootenai Brown Pioneer Village
Saturday, October 1,  8 pm, $5.00 cover
1027 Bev McLachlin Drive, Pincher Creek, Alberta

DJ Frankenstein (Frank van Zandwijk) is a 13 year old Honours student at Matthew Halton High School in Pincher Creek.  He moved here two and a half years ago.  "I couldn't speak a single word of English before I came here," he said. He lives in Pincher Creek with his parents and younger sister, and all the rest of his family is still in Holland. "I love making my own music and listening to music. I play trombone in the Grade 8-9 Junior High band this year," said van Zandwijk.

He keeps in contact with DJ friends back in Holland, and they sometimes work on mixing projects together.

POP Radio Pincher Creek
van Zandwijk started his own internet music station last summer, to quell his own boredom and to fill a gap left by commercial radio. He's got his sights set on expansion already. "With the money that I hope to earn from sponsors, I will be able to slowly expand, first is to get a complete broadcasting set,  then I will go for a second computer, because all the sounds that I do on my laptop will be broadcasted if I have the broadcasting set, so a second computer will be very handy," he explained. " Then a better Microphone and Headset, and I am pretty much set for longer hours of broadcasting and FM broadcasting."

As DJ Frankenstein, van Zandwijk is preparing for his first ever live show during the Alberta Arts Days sponsored Harvest Fest 2011, to be held this coming weekend.  Fans of house music are invited to come and check it out, cover charge is a reasonable $5.00, and there will be refreshments.

Click here to check out POP Radio
Pincher Creek

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  1. Very nice Dj-Frankenstein,

    I hope it's gonna be all right with your radio station.

    Greet, Youre friend Dj-Burnkk


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