Sunday, October 30, 2011

Atom Chinooks lose close seed game against Taber

Chris Davis, Pincher Creek Voice

Atom Chinooks vs Taber in hotly contested seed/exhibition game
Chris Davis photo

Pincher Creek's Atom Chinooks played a hotly contested home exhibition seed game against their Taber rivals at the Memorial Community Centre on Saturday afternoon, October 29.  The Pincher Creek team took the upper hand early, with Chinooks Wesley Krampe and Josh Conley scoring two goals in the first period. Taber's Cody Stange sunk one into the Chinook net near the end of the period, and the score was 2-1 Pincher at the buzzer.

C. Davis photo
Cameron little of the Chinooks scored the only goal in the second period, which was a picture-perfect exhibition of competitive excellence, with both teams demonstrating an eagerness and skill level that was quite pleasing to the fans in the stands.

With the score sitting at 3-1, the home-team crowd had every reason to be optimistic about the likelihood of a Chinooks victory over a difficult opponent.  However, it was not to be on this day.  Taber made the most of every opportunity, and scored three goals in the third period, one each from Rory Murphy, Cody Stange, and Levi Tams.  The Chinooks kept the pressure on Taber, but just couldn't get one into the net in the third.  The game was hotly contested right up to the final buzzer, and it really was great hockey to watch.
It must be said there was some spectacular goalie action in front of the Taber net, quite possibly the edge that won the game for them.
Atom Chinooks vs Taber
C. Davis photo

"They were hard in the third period," said Pincher Creek's Cam Little while waiting for the evening Cowboys game to begin.  He said the Chinooks were out to prove they could cut it against the highly ranked Taber team, and this game proved they could, hopefully ensuring the Chinook team "A" status this year.

Final score, 3-4 for Taber.

C. Davis video

Pincher Creek Atom Chinooks
Southern Alberta Little Spud League

  • 1  Wesley Krampe
  • 2  Easton Fitzpatrick
  • 3  Jesse Hall
  • 4  Beyonce Crowshoe
  • 8  Samual Jordan
  • 9  Trinity Tanner
  • 10 Lloyd Lybbert
  • 14 Michael Kleinhans-Kaupp
  • 16 Abigail Cryderman
  • 18 Tye Kettles
  • 19 Timothy Jorgensen
  • 20 Nelz Vance
  • 21 Josh Conley
  • 25 Taite Jessen
  • 26 Cameron Little
  • 30 Carl Tetachuk


  • Travis McNabb
  • Tom McNabb
  • Jim Fitzpatrick
  • Jim Little
  • Kelly Little


  • Jamie Krampe

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