Friday, October 28, 2011

Cooper kicks off Halloween weekend at Ranchland Mall

Chris Davis, Pincher Creek Voice

Kids decorating their pumpkins at Ranchland Mall
C. Davis photo

The Pincher Creek Co-op had some Halloween fun waiting for kids today, October 28 at the Ranchland Mall. There were pumpkins with all the glittery fixings for kids to decorate and take home, as well as treats and a special appearance by Cooper, the Co-op mascots.  Kids and parents dropped in periodically thoroughout the day, and there were lots of smiles as we got a sneak peek at some of the costumes we can expect to see on Pincher Creek streets Halloween night.

Members of the Co-op staff also redesigned the entrance to the grocery store into a somewhat spooky maze.

Devin and Vivian show off their pumpkins
C. Davis photo
Co-op GM Bruce Buckingham said the Co-op has some more fun planned for Moonlight Madness this year as well.  "We've dropped things on people's heads the last few years," he said, "Including the balloon drop.  This year we're going to have a Feather Tornado."  Apparently that means having a big container with about 10 million white feathers in it, and 300-400 coloured feathers.  Participants will put their hands in and try to extricate a coloured feather, which will be redeemable for prizes.

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