Thursday, October 27, 2011

Dragons and Panthers tangle in exciting volleyball action

Toni Lucas, Pincher Creek Voice

Sr. Dragons vs CNP Panthers
C. Davis photo
Saint Michael's School in Pincher Creek was the scene of boys volleyball, volleyball, and more volleyball on Wednesday, October 26th.  All matches were played between the St. Michael's Dragons and the Crowsnest Pass Consolidated School Panthers.  The Junior B Boys went first, followed by Junior Varsity, with the final match of the evening being played by the Senior Varsity teams.

Jr. B Dragons vs CNP PanthersT. Lucas photo
The Junior B Boys match saw the Panthers come out strong, winning the first set 25-19. The Dragons came back for the second set with a score of 25-19. Tied one each, the Panthers edged forward to take the final set 25-20 and win the match.

Mark and Patty Zoratti
T. Lucas photo
As it was the final match they would play at St. Michael's this season, Dragons' coaches Mark and Patty Zoratti got a stack of pizzas for the team and they celebrated a great year, sitting in the stands while the team munched away while cheering on their older compatriots.  Mark pointed out that the team have played with white armbands this season in commemoration of teacher Jeff Warkentin, who passed away early in the school year.  Patty stated that "the boys have worked really hard.  As this is grade 7, it is their first year (of volleyball).  They have improved a lot."

Ref Brent Woodard
C. Davis photo

The Junior Varsity Boys teams took took to the court next.  The first set ended with the Dragons out in the lead, 25-20.  The second set saw the Panthers rebound, winning 25-21.  In the final set the Panthers were again victorious by a score of 25-23, winning the match 2-1.

Two Assistant  Coaches were on hand for the Panthers, Ron Shultz and David Vigna, who work closely with head coach, Cory Hill.  Vigna explained that for a young team, the Panthers JV have been doing really well.  JV Dragons Coach Tony Bruder also pointed out that his was a young team, with only one grade 10 student playing.

Josh Hilliard serves it up for the Dragons
C. Davis photo
With the action and results being close all evening, the Senior Varsity teams had the crowd ready for a good game. The Dragons delivered for their fans, taking the first set 25-17. Dragons #9 Josh Hilliard performed some impressive spike-serves throughout the match, to the delight of the crowd.  Dragon-fire illuminated the second set, with the home-team taking it 25-19.  They fired it up once more in the last set to a 25-14 win, taking the match in three straight sets.

After the game, Dragons Coach Tony Bruder said the only league game that the Seniors have lost this season was to Ft. MacLeod.  "We are second in standings, a strong second.  We are in Zones, and we hope to make it to the Provincials."

The Senior Dragons next home game is Wednesday, at 6 pm.

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