Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Dragons get Raided in volleyball shut-out

Toni Lucas, Pincher Creek Voice

St. Michael's JV Girls Dragons versus  Nanton's JT Foster Raiders
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St. Michael's Dragons hosted Nanton's JT Foster Raiders in both Junior Varsity and Senior Girls volleyball on Monday, October 24.
     The Junior teams took to the court first. The Dragons came on strong to start, then seemed to falter, early into the first set.  The Dragons have been steadily improving, but they did not bring their best game to the court today.  They lost all three sets to the Raiders 14 - 25, 16 - 25, and 12 - 25.  Raiders Coach Candice McKay said that her team "played strong and well."

The Senior Dragons versus
Nanton's JT Foster Raiders

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The Senior Dragons held up little better than their younger counterparts, losing the first set 14 - 25.  Part way through the first set, Raiders athlete #8 came down wrong, appearing to have sprained her ankle.  She was attended to on the sidelines after being helped off the court.  The second injury of the evening was minutes later.  In a tangle to return a volley back to the Dragons, Raider #11 was still down on hands and knees after the rest of the girls moved away.  in the fray, she took a teammate's elbow to the eye, and sat out the rest of the game.

This did not seem to give much advantage to the Dragons though. Despite the Raiders being perilously low on replacement players, the Dragons lost the last two sets by a score of 15 - 25 in each set.

The Sr. Dragons get shut out by the Raiders
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Remember kids,
do your homework!

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     After the game, Tyler Speelman, Coach for both of the Dragons teams, said  "The Juniors were missing two of the regular starters and played well but really missed them (their teammates).  The Seniors hit well, this was one of their best games for hitting, ever.  Amanda Higginbotham hit extremely well today.  Both Junior and Senior teams were caught flat-footed tonight, and to beat a team as good as Nanton, you have to be ready to go, and be in the game."


Mini-volleyball at St. Michael's School

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