Saturday, October 22, 2011

Flu Clinic In Pincher Creek

Toni Lucas, Pincher Creek Voice

Bill Thorpe gets his shot.
T. Lucas photo

     It was busy in the Pincher Creek Town Hall Gymnasium on Saturday, October 22.  The Flu Clinic was in full swing.  Lynn Cameron-Thorpe, public health nurse for the Pincher Creek area stated that "this open to every Albertan over the age of six months."  She would like to remind everyone to bring their Alberta Health Care card and wear short sleeves when they come for their shot.

     Jolene Van Driesten is a fourth year University of Lethbridge nursing student, one of the medical staff administering the vaccine, and Bill Thorpe was relaxed and ready. Once the needle was out and the process over with he said "Well, that's over for another year."

Lander and Kimberly Hurst
T. Lucas photo
Lander Hurst was waiting on the sidelines, with mom, Kimberly Hurst.  "He was very brave, no fussing or squirming."  Lander showed off the dinosaur stickers that he got from the nurse for his adventure.

The next two flu clinics in Pincher Creek will be held in the Town Hall gymnasium.
Wednesday October 26, 1pm to 7pm
November 2, 1pm to 7pm

For a list of clinic schedules in Pincher Creek and Blairmore, click here.
Clinics are going on throughout the health region, to find the schedule for your area, please go online to the Alberta Health public site at

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