Monday, October 31, 2011

Peewee Mustangs wrap up season with double win

Coach Tom Holoboff, Contributor

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Well football fans, the Peewee Mustangs wrapped up the season in fine form this past weekend. The team played to the potential we coaches knew was there all season.

On October 22, the Coaldale Bears traveled to Pincher Creek to take on the Mustangs. This back and forth match saw the Mustangs effectively march the ball up the field to score a touch down only to have the Bears make a long play and tie the score. The game ended in a 18 -18 tie. Some new stars emerged on this day with Shay Robertson and Hunter Austring making their debuts at running back. With the Bears having a mix of young and old players, Coach Tom made up a second defense of mostly younger players to allow both teams to gain some experience. Much to the coaches' surprise, the second defense held their ground with many large plays by Tayson Malhi, Caleb Jones, Jesse Saulnier, Geoffrey Hamilton stepping up to fill in for the senior players. Both coaches were satisfied with the play of their teams and enjoyed the match.

2011 Pee Wee Mustangs
C. Davis photo

On October 29 the PeeWee Mustangs wrapped up their season with a small Jamboree in Coaldale.
Their first opponent was again the Bears, but this time the Mustangs marched the ball up the field scoring on the first drive. The defense again played a solid game, not allowing the Bears to have much success on offence at all. The Mustangs' running game of Shay Robertson, Jordan Hochstein, and Thane Buckingham made long gains seemingly at will behind the strong blocking of the line made up of John Walker, James Hamilton, Jaeger Hann, Tj, Kiy-anne Courchesne, Austin Bruder, and Jessi Saulnier. Grace and Chase Lincez made big plays on defence, helping Richie and Mike Lagrandeur make the stops. The Mustangs took the first game 24 to 12.

The second game saw the Peewee Mustangs play the Lethbridge Stampeders for the first time. The Stampeders had not seen a running game like the Mustangs presented on this day, and spent most of the game guessing where the ball was going to come from. The Mustangs' defence played well above the level they had all season, with Austin Bruder and Richie Lagrandeur terrorizing the Stampeders' quarterback throughout the game. Riley Sokownin played a stellar game for the Mustangs, who closed out their season with a 12 - 6 victory over the Stampeders.

So the last weekend saw the Mustangs go 2 and 0 and wrap up the season in style.

Next up is the awards banquet on Friday, November 4, bringing another season of Mustang Peewee Football to a close.

Thanks to Coach Travis and Coach Stan for all the help they provided throughout the season. Thanks also to Bryan Lissel for his assistance on game day and to all the parents for their support thoroughout the season.

This is Coach Tom reminding everyone that everyday is a great day for football.

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