Friday, October 28, 2011

Thunder rolls over Pee Wee Chinooks

Chris Davis, Pincher Creek Voice

Pincher Creek's Pee Wee Chinooks were no match for the CNP Thunder
Chris Davis photo

Pincher Creek's Pee Wee Chinooks hosted the Crowsnest Pass Thunder at the Memorial Community Centre in a crossover exhibition seed game on Friday night, October 28.

Pincher goalies #30 Matthew Duncan and #1 Mica Foxblood had their work cut out for them, with the majority of three periods of solid Thunder action happening in the immediate vicinity of the Chinooks' crease.  The Crowsnest team were ferocious, firing a constant barrage of shots at the Chinooks' net.

Pee Wee Thunder fans
C. Davis photo
The Chinooks held their own, relatively speaking, in the first period, only allowing three goals.  In the second period they rallied briefly, bringing the score up to 2-6 for the Thunder with Chinooks #25 Zach Krampe and #14 Bryce Conley battling the puck past the Thunder goalie. Krampe's goal was assisted by #9 Nic Jordan and #19 Ethan Richards. That was to be the last time the Chinooks affected the scoreboard.

The Thunder controlled the puck for most of the game, this is a team that has their passing play down.

The Chinooks racked up a lot of penalties in the game, which didn't help their chances.  The Thunder exhibited brilliant passing plays, one after another, and they have mastered the fake-out.  The were ready for the rebounds, and they were relentless.

The final score: CNP Pee Wee Thunder 13, Pincher Creek Chinooks 2.

If it's any consolation to the home-team crowd, the Pee Wee Thunder only lost one game last year, and this year they've been an unstoppable force in exhibition play, this being their fourth straight victory in as many games.  No other team has come even close to matching them so far.  About half the players on this year's Pee Wee Thunder squad played with the team last year.

C. Davis video

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