Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Sun sets on some

Chris Davis

Reports are coming in from all over Canada that Sun Media is in the process of slashing around 400 jobs.  Pierre Karl Peladeau's Quebecor Inc. holds a nearly 55 per cent stake in Quebecor Media Inc.  Quebecor is a holding company that owns papers in Toronto, Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg and Ottawa, as well as many weeklies in southern Alberta, including the Pincher Creek Echo, the Nanton News, the High River Times, and the Crowsnest Pass Promoter.  The Sun News 24-hour news channel was launched last year, and has reportedly performed far below expectations.

Alberta gains ground against mountain pine beetles

Government of Alberta news release

Pine beetle magnified
Success evident in areas where control programs in effect

Aerial surveys show Alberta is making progress in its fight against mountain pine beetle infestations in some parts of the province.

This year’s aerial surveys show about 50 per cent fewer red beetle-killed pine trees where control programs are in effect, primarily in west-central Alberta and east to Slave Lake. However, the number of newly attacked trees has increased in the Grande Prairie and Peace River areas, despite the aerial surveys showing no large in-flight of beetles from eastern British Columbia.
“This year’s surveys show some positive results where the province’s mountain pine beetle control strategy has been most aggressive,” said Sustainable Resource Development Minister Frank Oberle. “However, Alberta will continue its fight against the threat of pine beetles.”

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Town Council Meeting, November 28, 2011

Chris Davis

Pincher Creek Town Council met on the evening of Monday, November 28. The meeting began with a presentation by Diane Burt-Stuckey of the ChooseWell Award won by Pincher Creek, which you can read about in more detail by clicking here.

Nuisance Bylaw

Nuisance Bylaw 1574-11 passed second and third readings unanimously. As a direct result of this, the Town will now assume responsibility for trees on town boulevards that are considered unsafe.

Town of Pincher Creek receives ChooseWell award

Director of Community Services Diane Burt-Stuckey and Mayor Ernie Olsen
with the 2011 Community ChooseWell High Achievers award

C. Davis photo
Chris Davis

Pincher Creek's Director of Community Services Diane Burt-Stuckey presented an award on behalf of Communities ChooseWell High Achievers to the Town of Pincher Creek at the Town Council meeting held November 28.

Monday, November 28, 2011

West Virginian winter memories

Buddy Simmons, West Virginia, Contributor

As a crazy West Virginian I live in an area of the U.S. that is too far south to be northern, yet too far north to be southern. Therefore, our snowy season is relatively brief in comparison to the more northerly climes, and absolutely laughable to you folks up there across the border. And that's okay. I greatly admire Canada, I have a few absolutely wonderful virtual friends there thanks to the miracle of social networking, a couple of which that are as important to me as my real-life friends here in the states. I've come to believe I'd enjoy myself there immensely. But - and I mean this with the utmost respect - you can have your extended winters. It isn't that I don't like snow, it's just that ever since I was a kid, the presence of snow somehow automatically dropped my I.Q. along with the thermometer mercury. Allow me to provide a few examples of childhood frost-bitten brain syndrome.....

Pincher Creek EMS attend vehicle fire and help Lethbridge

Chris Davis, Pincher Creek Voice

On Saturday night, November 26, Pincher Creek EMS responded to a vehicle fire located in an alley behind Florence Street on the south hill of Pincher Creek. The vehicle was a total loss, but there were no injuries and no other damages. The cause was undetermined.

On early Monday morning, November 27, five local EMS personnel led by Director of Pincher Creek's Community Emergency Management Agency (PCCEMA) assisted at Lethbridge's Emergency Operations drop-in Centre, providing relief for fatigued EMS in that city from 2 am to 9 am. Among other duties, they helped with displaced citizens and provided advice to County Councillors.

"We went in to give those guys a break so they could take a rest," said Pincher Creek Fire Chief Dave Cox, who was one of those assisting.

North Hill Voice from Whispering Winds

George Huddlestun, Columnist

Tournaments are going great guns here at Whispering Winds. A Crib tournament was held with Dave coming in first, Jacquie second and Edith coming in third by the grace of a card cut.

The horses are racing every Thursday evening at 7:00 pm. I hear a bit of grouching and a bit of gloating, but taking everything in stride, all are having fun. If anyone is interested see Dave for all the details.

Notes from the Huddlestun Drop-in Centre

George Huddlestun

George Huddlestun, Columnist

Shuffle board games on Friday afternoon are looking very good with 7 players out for last week’s rock throwing. Well done!

Crib seems to be the main game these days with Jack coming in first, Kim second, and a mystery player taking third. If Jack is not careful he will be getting dish-pan hands, for he won third on the 24 as well, with Ida coming first and George coming in second. Five tables in play with a nice birthday cake to enjoy after on behalf of Joyce.

Lethbridge County evacuees may now return to their homes

Updated Monday, November 28, 9:06 am

Area: Lethbridge County
A state of local emergency continues in effect.

The fires are now contained and under control.
Evacuees may now return to their homes. However, people must stay at least 10 metres away from downed power poles and lines. FortisAlberta (310-WIRE) should be contacted and alerted if there are downed lines that have not been barricaded or marked. Monitoring of the area continues, and a wildfire team from Alberta Sustainable Resource Development (SRD) are arriving later today to deal with remaining “hot spots”.

High winds and grass fires create chaos in southern Alberta

Chris Davis, Pincher Creek Voice

Smoke from grass fires billows into west Lethbridge neighbourhood yesterday
Steven Brown (screencap from vid)

Extreme winds have been creating chaos in southern Alberta for most of the past week. Sunday, November 27 was no exception. Pincher Creek was again affected, with the winds here dying down in the early afternoon.

Elsewhere, the winds continued into late evening. Alberta's Emergency Alert System was activated, and radio warnings were broadcasted asking people to stay away from windows.

Lethbridge area

Homes on the western outskirts of Lethbridge were threatened by grassfires. Smoke filled the skies, particularly in the west end of Lethbridge and in the communities west of the city. Grass fires were reported in the Raymond area, and along the Milk River Ridge near New Dayton and Warner, and on the Blood Reserve southwest of the city where the fire was reported to have started before jumping the river.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Critical alert update Lethbridge area

Toni Lucas, Pincher Creek Voice
(With information from Alberta Emergency Alert.)
As of 6:06 pm, November 27, 2011:

Due to grassfires and strong winds, areas west of Lethbridge, County of Lethbridge residents south of Coalhurst and West of Lethbridge are under an evacuation order for that area.

This is affecting or could affect urban residential or commercial properties. A reception centre in Lethbridge has been set up at the Fritz Sick Centre at 420 - 11 street to recieve any affected residents.

Residents are urged to follow the direction of the local authorities. Please take all possible precautions, and if you are having any respiratory problems, seek medical attention.

Update: Emergency Alert ended.

Critical Emergency Alert for Calgary



Sunday, November 27, 2011

The City of Calgary is closing its downtown core to all traffic. Residents should stay inside away from windows.  There is a storm with very dangerous and damaging winds.

Check Environment Canada website for further weather related information.

Follow the directions of local authorities. Put as many walls between you and the storm as possible. Seek shelter. Watch out for flying debris. Stay away from downed powerlines and trees that may fall. Please dial 9-1-1 only if you have an emergency.

Click here for Environment Canada - Calgary

Disney Party held at the Pincher Creek Pool

Chris Davis, Pincher Creek Voice

Lifeguards Lauren Higginbotham, Myranda Goss, and
Sarah Valiquette were among the dressed-up Pool staff
keeping the Disney Party flowing.

C. Davis photo
The Pincher Creek Swimming Pool held a Disney Pool Party on Friday evening, November 25. The pool provided a humid getaway from the wintery weather, with lifeguards and others dressed up in fun costumes.  There were games and prizes, and the Octopus was a big hit with the kids.

The Octopus
C. Davis photo

Red Cross swimming lessons are being held after school until April 2012. Call 403-627-2565 for more information.

The Pool is asking for donations of fish, useable fish tanks, and fish tank accessories to decorate the lobby.  Call Sherry at 403-627-8278 if have any of these items to donate.

Vestas is sponsoring free swimming on Mondays until December 19, from 6 pm to 7 pm.

Young diving enthusiast
C. Davis photo
Swim Schedule
Call the schedule hotline at 403-627-4062 for swim time information, or pick up a schedule at the Pool, the Recreation office, the rink, or online at

Alien - Alienation

Image: Twilight Zone

Leaky Wits, Columnist, Pincher Creek Voice

I recently saw a random post on Facebook – a link about a 900 year old skull found in Mexico that was so oddly shaped that the scientific community felt compelled to perform very thorough DNA testing on it to determine its origin. Upon conclusion, the "experts" believed it to be an “alien”-human crossbred.

From news to history

Toni Lucas

Toni Lucas

The fine slice between "news" and 'history' can be mere moments.  I am used to looking at history as if it is from the far distant past.  Many feel that an action or event does not pass into history until it no longer has any impact on those that are living.  I do not have delusions that the past has no impact on current events.  Our Canadian parliamentary system sprouted from roots in England that has its' own origins in Rome, that was adapted from Greece, who borrowed  bits from the Babylonians.  What surprised me was the realization that I have been recording the history of our area, albeit as it happens.

How Google made me smrt

Chris Davis

I'm a history buff.   I've read countless writings both fictional and non-fictional that stretch back to the beginnings of our known record-keeping as a species.

Those were NOT the days.

There's a misty-eyed lie that seems to be repeated in almost every culture.
I find it in Livy.  I find it in Dickens.  I find it in Twain.  I find it in Burpee.  I find it in the random aging stranger who strikes up a conversation at a coffee shop. I suspect I've been guilty of uttering it myself.  It's the lie that things were somehow better before now.

"Oh Yeah? Well, Google This!"

Phil Burpee is a carpenter and
 farmer living north of Pincher Creek.
He keeps an eye on the world
from under the big Alberta sky.

Phil Burpee, Columnist

There was a time in the ancient of days, which is to say before three or four years ago, when conversation used to be a lively process of statement and conjecture and the give-and-take hashing-out of ideas and opinions. I might stop on Main Street to enjoy a bit of jaw-wag with a fellow citizen who is, say, a Wild Roser or some such. In the course of things, such a person might opine that the Earth is flat, or that Danielle Smith is sensitive to the plight of Alberta farmers, or some such other scrap of received wisdom. In olden times I would say something like  -  "Well now, I'm not so sure you've got that altogether right there, Cecil. Let's take a look here." And then I might go on to observe that my neighbour had just sent me a note from Australia, where he'd gone to visit his son, and he made no mention whatsoever of there being a big drop-off of any sort along the way. And when he'd looked out the window of the plane, the edge of the world looked decidedly curved, just like it might if you were flying around a big ball. I might go on to point out that Ms. Smith is so in hock to corporate backers that the chance of a farmer's lot improving under her whip hand were about as good as the proverbial snowball's chance in Fort Lauderdale. And away we'd go, tit-for-tat, this-and-that, hands a-waving  -   making conversation. Lovely. But not anymore.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Amendments give more power to property owners

Property owners in Alberta will have more options available to them if their land is required for major infrastructure projects, and will have access to full compensation under the Expropriation Act and the courts.

Amendments introduced under Bill 23: Land Assembly Project Area Amendment Act, 2011 also clarify what types of projects fall under the Act, and give property owners a clearer process when government buys land for long-term, large scale transportation projects like ring roads or water reservoirs.

Report shows Parks Canada’s significant contribution to Canadian economy

  • Federal Government also announces continuing fee freeze for 2012 at Parks Canada sites

Government of Canada news release

The Honourable Peter Kent, Canada’s Environment Minister and Minister responsible for Parks Canada, today released a report, entitled The Economic Impact of Parks Canada, detailing Parks Canada’s substantial economic contribution to Canada’s economy, at the Tourism Industry Association of Canada’s (TIAC) 2011 Tourism Congress.

Avalanche hits grooming cat at Castle Mountain

Chris Davis, Pincher Creek Voice
(corrected  for accuracy)

Sparking the warning issued by Castle Mountain Ski Resort yesterday ("Castle Mountain not ready for people yet"), one of their own grooming caterpillars was involved in an avalanche.

Recent weather and snowfall has made the snow pack on Castle Mountain unstable. Snow work included the grooming cats and Patrol bombing in an attempt to stabilise the conditions.

According to a press release issued today, the incident occurred at approximately 5:30 pm , Wednesday, November 23. The grooming cat was swept approximately 500 metres down the mountain. The cat operator was able to extricate himself despite sustaining injuries, and hiked up to the other grooming cat operating in the area. He was the only person involved in the situation.

According to Castle Mountain Ski Resort, heavy snowfall, wind-loading and temperature changes contributed to the incident. The grooming cats were cutting snow-roads on the upper mountain when the incident occurred. The cat was swept from the area by the entrance gate to the South Chutes down into Huckleberry Bowl.

A full investigation of the incident commenced on Thursday when conditions were safe to access the grooming cat. The size of the slide and damages to the Grooming Cat are undetermined at this point.

Castle Mountain Resort General Manager Brian Rhodes said "We are monitoring the the site to secure the cat, and bring it down safely."

PCES responds to accident west of Pincher Creek

Chris Davis

Pincher Creek Emergency Services responded to single-vehicle motor vehicle accident this morning, November 25.  Acoording to Fire Chief Dave Cox, a car slid off the road on Highway 507 approximately 12 km west of Pincher Creek on the Mill Creek hill.  The single occupant refused an ambulance transfer.  Cox said road conditions at the site were poor, with black ice on the roadway.  Highways and streets in the Pincher Creek area are slippery due to snowfall followed by warmer temperatures.

Pincher Creek Emergency Services has been busier than usual with medical calls as well.

Environment Canada predicts west winds for the remainder of today up to  60 km/hr gusting to 80 km/hr, with a high of plus 2 and a low of minus 4 overnight.  The wind is expected to pick up tomorrow, Saturday, November 26.  Saturday's forecast includes a mix of sun and cloud, with a 40 km/h west wind gusting to 60 km/hr, increasing to 70 km/hr and gusting to 90 km/hr late Saturday morning, with a southwest wind at approximately 30 km/hr Saturday evening. Saturday's high is predicted to be plus 4. Sunday is also predicted to be windy, with a high of plus 11.

Motorists are advised to exercise caution, as chinook conditions, precipitation, and warm weather are continuing to create  hazardous driving conditions throughout southern Alberta.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

PCES responds to single vehicle rollover

Chris Davis

According to Pincher Creek Fire Chief Dave Cox, Pincher Creek Emergency Services responded to a single-vehicle rollover this morning, November 24, on Highway 3 east of the Burmis Scales. The driver and one passenger were taken to the Crowsnest Pass Hospital in Blairmore with undetermined injuries.

Public inquiries on health system matters part of new legislation

The Alberta government has introduced new legislation that will require the Health Quality Council of Alberta to report directly to the Legislative Assembly and establishes new inquiry powers.

Legislative Assembly observes Holodomor Memorial Day

Government of Alberta news release

Child victim of Holodomor
(public domain photo)
On Monday, November 28 from noon to 12:30 p.m. Speaker Kowalski will host a ceremony in the Legislature rotunda to commemorate the third anniversary of Ukrainian Famine and Genocide (Holodomor) Memorial Day in Alberta.

“It is by gathering together to hear their accounts of the Holodomor that we are provided the opportunity to honour the contributions the Ukrainian community has made and continues to make in Alberta. The innocent victims of the Holodomor speak to us through their descendants.” said Hon. Ken Kowalski, Speaker of the Legislative Assembly of Alberta.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

High winds keeps Southern Alberta Emergency Services busy

Chris Davis

Pincher Creek emergency services were kept busy  today, November 23.  They attended an accident on Highway 22 involving a semi-truck blown over by the high winds, blocking part of the highway and requiring them to perform traffic control duties until the vehicle was removed.  At Pincher Station they doused a fire near the site of the old Husky House.  A pile of discarded  railway ties was ignited, likely by sparks from a passing train.

According to Fire Chief Dave Cox, Pincher Creek Emergency Services also responded to a situation at the Foothills Trailer Park in Pincher Creek, where a trailer roof was blown off in the high winds. Emergency Services stabilized material at the site to prevent possible injuries.

Albertans invited to provide input as part of new Education Act consultations

Next component of Our Children, Our Future: Getting It Right includes written and electronic input

“This legislation is the foundation of our education system, so it is important we get it right,” said Education Minister Thomas Lukaszuk. “Hearing the views of students, parents, grandparents, teachers, education and community leaders, and others will help us ensure new legislation reflects Albertans’ vision for their education system and impacts classrooms now and in the future.”

Albertans remember those killed in traffic collisions

Government of Alberta information bulletin

Albertans will join Canadians from across the country to remember family members and friends killed or seriously injured in traffic collisions. November 23 marks the National Day of Remembrance for Road Crash Victims.

“Anyone who has lost a loved one in a collision can tell you about the endless grief that follows this one tragic event. On this day, we sadly remember those we have loved and lost,” said Minister of Transportation Ray Danyluk.
“This occasion is a reminder that we can and must do more to prevent traffic collisions from occurring. Through Alberta’s Traffic Safety Plan, we are working to make Alberta’s roads safer and urging Albertans to take greater care when behind the wheel,” Danyluk added.

RCMP connect Van Diest homicide to 2005 unsolved Kelowna sexual assault

RCMP news release

Suspect in two homicides
sought by RCMP
On Wednesday November 23, 2011, RCMP investigators announced that DNA evidence collected during their investigation into the homicide of Taylor Van Diest has been linked to suspect DNA from an unsolved Kelowna sexual assault in 2005. Investigators are now releasing a composite drawing of the suspect as he looked in 2005.

The RCMP are asking anyone with information about this suspect to contact police via the dedicated tip line 1-888-688-4264.

Statement by RCMP Cpl. Dan Moskaluk at a news conference Wednesday, November 23 :

As a result of their efforts, the RCMP investigative team from the Southeast District Major Crimes Unit now have profiled DNA evidence against the person who killed Taylor Van Diest. This DNA is from an unknown male. The investigative team is also announcing this suspect DNA matches the suspect DNA evidence from a sexual assault which occurred in Kelowna in April of 2005. The Kelowna sexual assault remains unsolved.

Alberta producers benefit from good growing season and higher beef prices

2011 results in a positive outlook for many producers

The 2011 growing season proved to be a good year for crops, producing high quality and good yields for many Alberta producers, despite the cool, damp start.

There was also optimism in the livestock sector as market receipts rose by close to one per cent to $2.2 billion in 2011, led by higher receipts for hogs, dairy and poultry. Beef prices are also at their highest since 2003, showing strong signs of a recovering livestock industry.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Let them eat pepper

Toni Lucas

This week, through the use of technology, I have witnessed a truly despicable display of abused power on the campus of Davis University of California.  For the few that have not seen it, students at that campus were sitting, arms linked, protesting higher student fees as part of the "Occupy" movement.  Sitting is not one of the more threatening stances a human being can assume.  A single officer walked along the line of students, spraying these young adults with pepper spray in the face.  And back again when they did not scatter.  He sprayed them slowly with about the same speed and as dispassionately as I have seen gardeners spray chemicals on their plants.  Although somewhat louder, the students put up about as much fight as a rhododendron would, but not as much as a rose bush that might prick back.

High winds pummel southern Alberta

High winds caused major damage to Claresholm's Kal-Tire store today
Heather Brough photo

High winds caused havoc for Kal-Tire in Claresholm today, November 22,  peeling back the roof and causing a lot of damage.

The Pincher Creek area experienced similar high winds today, as did most of southern Alberta.

According to Environment Canada, winds will gradually diminish this evening but will redevelop on Wednesday.

Wind gust data reported as of 12 pm today included:
  • Stavely - 107 km/h 
  • Waterton park - 96 km/h 
  • Claresholm - 93 km/h 
  • Black Diamond - 89 km/h 
  • Pincher Creek - 85 km/h
A wind warning is still in effect for Pincher Creek and much of the region, with winds expected to pick up again in the early morning, gusting to 80 km an hour, and gusting to 100 km an hour by early afternoon Wednesday before diminishing again Wednesday evening.

UPDATE from Environment Canada, 4 pm, Tuesday, November 22

Wind warning for Crowsnest Pass - Pincher Creek - Waterton Lakes Nat. Park 
Strong winds gusting up to 100 km/h expected early this evening and tomorrow.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Alberta Transportation to increase wind warning signage in Southwestern Alberta

Chris Davis, Pincher Creek Voice, with sourced material

"Wind Gusts"
Highway 22 last winter, just north of Highway 3

C. Davis photo
     Alberta Transportation is installing new “Wind Warning” signs at strategic locations on Highways 2, 3 and 22 in southwest Alberta.  The signs are folded closed in normal weather, and are to be opened by maintenance personnel when the wind reaches 80 km per hour.  Opened, they read "Extreme Wind Gusts, Use  Caution."  The signs are expected to be in place by December 1.  Similar fold-down warning signs were installed on Highway 3 in 2008 at the Chain Lakes junction of Highway 22 and Highway 533.

Alberta strengthens consequences for impaired driving

With 96 deaths and 1,384 injuries caused by impaired driving on Alberta roads last year, Alberta has introduced new legislation aimed at improving safety on the province’s roads.

Bill 26, the Alberta Traffic Safety Amendment Act 2011, introduced in the Alberta Legislature by Transportation Minister Ray Danyluk, imposes tougher sanctions on impaired drivers, especially repeat offenders.

Accident near Sparwood claims two lives

A three vehicle collision 8 km east of Sparwood on Highway 3 at about 9:50 am this morning, Monday, November 21,  has resulted in two deaths.   An SUV with two occupants lost control and ended up in the oncoming lane of the four-lane undivided highway, colliding with an oncoming tractor trailer unit.  The impact of the SUV with the tractor truck sent the SUV into nearby Michel Creek.  A third vehicle was also involved and damaged.  The two occupants of the SUV died as a result.

As a result of this collision, Highway 3 has been closed between Sparwood and the Alberta border for police investigation. It is expected to reopen at 4:30 pm.

Update, Monday evening, November 21:  Although highway 3 has been re-opened in the Sparwood area, poor weather and road conditions continue and caution is urged.  Click here for a highway camera image taken at the Sparwood weigh-scale.


Alberta Govt. introduces legislation to create fixed Provincial election dates

Chris Davis, Pincher Creek Voice

According to an Alberta Government press release issued today, the provincial government has introduced Bill 21, the Election Amendment Act, which will create a fixed, three-month period in which provincial elections will be held every four years.

“Establishing a fixed election period has benefits for all Albertans,” said Verlyn Olson, Minister of Justice and Attorney General. “Albertans will be better able to plan to participate or involve themselves in the election process, as voters, as candidates, and as volunteers.”

According to the proposed amendment, starting in 2012 a general election would be held between March 1, 2012 and May 31, 2012.  After that general elections would be held in this same three-month window in the fourth calendar year following polling day in the most recent general election.

The three-month window is said to allow flexibility in setting the election date so it does not conflict with days of cultural or religious significance, other election dates, or for any other unforeseen circumstance.

The Lieutenant Governor would retain the power to dissolve the Legislature if necessary.

Alberta Premier Alison Redford promised to introduce this legislation during her successful campaign for the Progressive Conservative party leadership.

Legislation to create independent Child and Youth Advocate

Advocate will also have broader investigative responsibilities 

The Alberta government introduced new legislation on November 21 to establish the Child and Youth Advocate as an independent officer of the Legislature.

Bill 25, the Child and Youth Advocate Act, will also expand the Advocate’s mandate to ensure those in the youth criminal justice system will have advocacy supports. The Advocate currently reports to the Minister of Human Services.

Technology predictions revisited

Chris Davis

There's nothing quite like keeping a record of one's predictions so one can revisit them at a later date and wonder who the misinformed fool was.

So here goes, my top 12 Tech predictions (from July 22, 2010) , in no particular order, for the next wave of change, probably over the next couple of years:

Sunday, November 20, 2011

A Christmas Candlelight Service

Anyone who is experiencing a loss through either the death of a loved one, divorce or separation, or loss of a job etc. are cordially invited to a community service at St. John's Anglican Church on Tuesday, December 6, 2011 at 7:00 pm.

This event is organized by the Ministerial of Pincher Creek and co-sponsored by Eden's Funeral Home and Snodgrass Funeral Homes.
For more information call Rev. Betty Vaughan 627-9288, Eden's Funeral Home 627-3131, or Snodgrass Funeral Homes 627-4864

Midget Huskies edged by Coaldale in feisty game

Midget Huskies vs Cobras
C. Davis photos and video
Chris Davis

Hot off their 10-1 win over Lethbridge on Friday, November 18, the Pincher Creek Midget Huskies had every reason to be optimistic going into their Sunday, November 20 game against the Coaldale Cobras.

In the first period the Huskies kept the pressure on, and demonstrated a good game of keep-away, holding their own against a strong Coaldale team, scoring early for the lead until 5:07 on the clock, when Coaldale evened things up. Another for Coaldale at 2:06 put the onus on the Huskies to pick up their game, which they did, scoring with 1:11 on the clock, the period ending in a 2-2 tie.

Cowboys bucked by Mustangs

Peigan Cowboys vs Fort Macleod Mustangs
C. Davis photos/video
Chris Davis

After winning an intense cliffhanger of a game last weekend, the Peigan Cowboys were back facing the same opponent, the Fort Macleod Mustangs, in a home game at the MCC Arena in Pincher Creek on Saturday evening, November 19. From the first puck-drop this game had all the elements of a classic grudge match. Godfrey Weaselhead of the Cowboys scored first, with 12:56 on the clock, raising the hopes of the hometown crowd. Mustangs' Kevin Olson evened the score at 6:46 on the clock.
Who needs a stick anyway?

2011 Moonlight Madness event a huge success

Lieve Parisis, Co-op GM Bruce Buckingham, MD Reeve Rod Zielinski, 
and Constance Colley at the Grand Opening of the Wind Fun store
C. Davis photo
Chris Davis/Toni Lucas

Pincher Creek and District Chamber of Commerce Administrator Lieve Parisis deserves a heartfelt round of applause for organizing an incredibly successful Moonlight Madness event this year.  The Christmas Craft Market at the Ranchland mall was packed with Christmas-minded shoppers and vendors.  The Chamber held their official ribbon-cutting opening of the Wind Fun & More Eco-Friendly Gifts store in the mall, with MD Reeve Rod Zielinski performing the honours.

New multi-use recreation facility for Piikani Nation?

Chris Davis, with submitted material

The Piikani First Nation is hoping to construct a new multi-use recreation facility in Brocket, to be situated at the present site of the ball diamonds west of the tracks and south of the Full Gospel Church.

A proposal, including a work plan submitted by MPE Engineering in Lethbridge, was approved and submitted to Aboriginal Relations and Alberta Environment immigration by Piikani Resource Development (PRD) under the community development trust fund in the spring of 2009. Draft drawings were produced by BEP Engineering of British Columbia in 2010, and were presented to several sectors of the community including Piikani Elders, Piikani Chief and Council and a group of social clientele.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Carbon Rapture and Porridge

Phil Burpee, Columnist

Our MLA, the Honourable Evan Berger, Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, has recently assured us that Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) is set to become a vanguard technology in the ongoing effort to curb the introduction of greenhouse gases, particularly carbon dioxide (CO2), into the atmosphere. This is refreshing, not because CCS is a particularly admirable concept, but rather in that a member of the Progressive Conservative Party of Alberta, and a Minister of the Crown to boot, is coming out on the record as declaring that there might actually be a problem with atmospheric tinkering   -  well, more like bludgeoning. Mr. Berger's comments in relation to CO2 release would actually seem to indicate an at least tacit acceptance of certain elements of climate change science. For CO2 is indeed a pernicious bugbear when it comes to cranking the atmosphere out of whack.

Piikani Youth and Education Awards Banquet 2011

Trey Shining Double
at the PYEF Awards

C. Davis photo
Chris Davis and Toni Lucas

The Piikani Youth and Education Foundation (PYEF) held their annual awards banquet on the evening of November 17 at the Peigan Community Hall in Brocket.

Quinton Crow Shoe and Roberta Yellow Horn acted as emcees for the event.  The Peigan Minor Hockey parents served the meal of roast beef and mashed potatoes.  Crow Shoe mentioned the need for Piikani volunteer referees and coaches during his opening remarks.

Guest speakers included Piikani Councillor Kyle Grier, Jeremiah Stump of the Calgary City Police, and Lawrence Jackson of the Piikani Nation RCMP.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Metis mark the death of Louis Riel with flag-raising ceremony at museum

Toni Lucas, Pincher Creek Voice

Shinaya Gamache raises
the Metis flag at KBPV

T. Lucas photo
A respectful crowd assembled to celebrate the raising of the Metis flag over the grounds of Kootenai Brown Pioneer Village in Pincher Creek on November 16, 2011.  They were gathered on the anniversary of the death of Louis Riel, who fought to have the offspring of European and Aboriginal parents recognized by the Canadian government. A prayer was said by Karen Gamache, President of the Metis Local 1880 Association, and then everyone went outside to watch Metis Youth Advisory Committee Leader Shinaya Gamache raise the flag, with the help of Vice President Kim LeBlanc of the local association.

Community Foundation of Lethbridge and SW Alberta shares $154,650 with community organizations

News release
Grants Committee Chair Dennis Hatt, Society of the Friends to the
Pincher Creek Library Janice Day, MD of Pincher Creek No.9 Councillor
Bjorn Berg, Community Foundation President Barb Cavers

The  volunteers and partners of the Community Foundation of Lethbridge and Southwestern  Alberta celebrated National Philanthropy Day on Tuesday, November 15.  In a ceremony at the Galt Museum and Archives in Lethbridge officials from the Foundation announced the distribution of $154,650 in much-needed funding for a wide variety of projects to 26 deserving organizations from communities across southwestern Alberta.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Guidelines on sharing personal information for Energy Disconnection Practices

The Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner in conjunction with an Alberta Utilities Commission led consultation with industry stakeholders and social service agencies has developed guidelines for the sharing of personal information in the event of disconnection of natural gas or electricity services.

For never was a story of more woe than this

Come one, come all to Theatre Prospero and Livingstone School’s production of  "Romeo and Juliet" on Thursday, November 17, 6:30 pm and  Friday, November 18 at 11:10 am at the Livingstone School Gym
Admission:  Silver Collection
Enter a draw to win the “Best Seats in the House”!

No provincial sales tax for Alberta

Government of Alberta news release

Alberta Finance Minister Ron Liepert issued the following clarification of comments made yesterday in response to a question from a member of the audience at the Edmonton Economic Development Outlook conference:

“First, in the interest of absolute clarity, Premier Redford, Deputy Premier Horner and all of my cabinet colleagues are committed to preserving Alberta’s “NO PST” status."

Town Council report, November 14, 2011

Chris Davis/Toni Lucas

Pincher Creek Town Council held a meeting on the evening of Monday, November 14.  In attendance was Mayor Ernie Olsen, Councillors Don Anderberg, Sahra Nodge, Lorne Jackson, Roy Smyth, Wayne Oliver, Murray Lauder, and CAO Laurie Wilgosh.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Santa's Bakeshop at Matthew Halton High School

Santa's Bakeshop: Claire Johnson, Kajsa Taylor-Reeves,
Yoda Taylor, Veronica Oczkowsi, and Yea-nee Shin 
T. Lucas photo

Yummy Santa

Toni Lucas

Matthew Halton High School's kitchen was briefly transformed into Santa's Bakeshop over the second weekend of November.  Students of CTS Foods Claire Johnson, Veronica Oczkowski, and Yea-nee Shin joined Kajsa Taylor-Reeves and Halton's own resident Elf, Yoda Taylor in preparing cookies for the Christmas season.  "These are top bakers in their classes," said Yoda, who runs the schools food programs. Working with Taylor-Reeves of Taylor Made Events and Catering from Calgary, Alberta, this group created over 3,000 cookies, and 200 litres of nuts and bolts.

Snowman cookies
T. Lucas photo

The students had fun creating a myriad of different cookie shapes.  In the 1980s when Yoda was running Home Economics Food Studies courses in Halton, she had a desk and four small kitchen areas to work with.  Now her area has  full commercial kitchen facilities and a five-station food room. Her 'staff' feeds the student body out of the Hawks Nest Cafe, while learning menu planning, and a gets taste of business acumen by working out costs and pricing.

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