Sunday, November 27, 2011

Alien - Alienation

Image: Twilight Zone

Leaky Wits, Columnist, Pincher Creek Voice

I recently saw a random post on Facebook – a link about a 900 year old skull found in Mexico that was so oddly shaped that the scientific community felt compelled to perform very thorough DNA testing on it to determine its origin. Upon conclusion, the "experts" believed it to be an “alien”-human crossbred.

As this was the second such article I had viewed in the past week of an "alien" looking life form, I became curious enough to Google the site to see what the latest flurry of fuss was about. The investigation and information, as usual, read like a well researched paper and appeared to contain an enormous amount of data in efforts legitimize their claim. The experts defined their explanation of the skull well, and in the photograph the skull looked real enough to me.  That being said, I have seen many a wax museum that leads one to believe nothing is for certain.
Then there were the DNA charts that looked authentic enough and the findings did sound feasible. I could buy this, even though I know absolutely nothing about DNA or the testing of it. I don't even watch CSI.

As I read the article it appeared to me that if you wanted to disprove all this authenticated information it would be a hell of a lot of work for any run-of-the-mill research scientist, let alone a commoner such as myself.
Lately I have noticed more and more of these "findings" popping up on TV and the web, with a renewed frequency. Now I've started to wonder why. Over the last 20 years of movies and books and Roswell chatter and TV specials and Mayan calendars and American Stonehenge and conspiracy theories, why the creation of another great diversion from the nuclear reactors still melting down in Japan, the market manipulations and Wall Street booha?

We have been, once again, sidetracked with 2012, Elenin Comet, Planet X, magnetic pole shift, oil in the gulf, the royal wedding, global warming.... the list goes on. So whatever it is that the silent seven and a half don't want us to REALLY focus on, I have my fingers are crossed. Beause if there was a preamble to an alien visit, my wish is that they prove friendly and take the most deserving of us on a "Star Trek".

After all, there is that strong sentiment from the mass majority that almost seem to “hope” something big happens...and the bigger and the sooner and the most earth shattering the better. Why? Because it removes the responsibility from us to have to fix the mess we have created ourselves.

Humanity may be facing mass starvation, terrible disease, plagues, epidemics and so on – which we have caused by greed, materialism and most importantly... overpopulation.
So, it WOULD be cool to have aliens come and either kill us or save us, or have a meteor do it, or a polar shift. Anything other than making the hard decision ourselves.

The world in 50 years will be very different if no “big thing” happens, don't you think?
Fingers crossed is right !!

(Image from "The Sixth Finger" - Twilight Zone)

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