Friday, November 25, 2011

Amendments give more power to property owners

Property owners in Alberta will have more options available to them if their land is required for major infrastructure projects, and will have access to full compensation under the Expropriation Act and the courts.

Amendments introduced under Bill 23: Land Assembly Project Area Amendment Act, 2011 also clarify what types of projects fall under the Act, and give property owners a clearer process when government buys land for long-term, large scale transportation projects like ring roads or water reservoirs.

“These changes give more power to landowners,” said Jeff Johnson, Minister of Infrastructure. “We’ve heard concerns from Albertans about the law as it currently stands, and these amendments address those concerns. When government needs to buy land, property owners deserve to be consulted with, fully compensated, and have full access to the courts. These changes will ensure that they do.”

Over the past two years, Albertans have shared comments with government about the legislation and identified specific concerns that need to be addressed. The Alberta government is now addressing those concerns, by adding more options and choices for property owners into the Act.

The proposed amendments:

  • Give landowners the option to trigger expropriation of their land.
  • Make it clearer that landowners have the option to sell their land to government and then lease it back until the infrastructure project begins.
  • Provide a clearer explanation of the types of major transportation or water projects under the Act and clarify that this bill cannot be used for standalone utility or pipeline projects.
  • Make it clearer that this legislation does not override the Expropriation Act.
  • Remove any suggestion that an Albertan could receive a jail sentence for violating the Act.
  • Add enhanced access to the Courts

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