Monday, November 28, 2011

Notes from the Huddlestun Drop-in Centre

George Huddlestun

George Huddlestun, Columnist

Shuffle board games on Friday afternoon are looking very good with 7 players out for last week’s rock throwing. Well done!

Crib seems to be the main game these days with Jack coming in first, Kim second, and a mystery player taking third. If Jack is not careful he will be getting dish-pan hands, for he won third on the 24 as well, with Ida coming first and George coming in second. Five tables in play with a nice birthday cake to enjoy after on behalf of Joyce.

Please note the following changes in the program:

  • 500 will be suspended for the time being as there are not enough players to keep it going. In its place we will be offering Crib starting at 1:30 pm. If there are enough players to start Wii games at this time maybe that is a possibility. Keep your mind open and go with the flow.
  • On Thursday, December 15, Crib will start at 1:00 pm sharp followed by a Christmas Special.
  • There will be no board meeting in the month of December however in January there will be a board meeting followed by the Annual General Meeting. This will take place on the last Tuesday of the month.

The winners of the Friday Bingo are as follows: Maxine, Joe, Violet, Marian, Evelyn, Doreen, Freda, Virginia winning two, Barb and the blackout won by Art. The fifty-fifty was won by Virginia. There were about 30 people there to enjoy the game.

The crib tournament at Twin Butte had four tables vying for the table full of prizes laid out for all to see. There was also lots of baking to purchase from three vendors. The winners got to choose their gift as their names were called out. The winners were: Jack Rumsey, Ernie Brenan, George Huddlestun, Ida bond, Ruth S., Audrey, Shirley Rumsey, and Marie Smyth. A very sincere thank you to Edwin Hochstein for driving the Legion bus picking up seniors from Crestview and Whispering Winds. A bouquet must go to the Twin Butte Community Society, Kris and Becky Skinner and David Nowakowski for all the work they did in setting up and making everyone feel welcome. Thank You!
It is hard to believe that December is upon us already. We have had a most wonderful fall allowing the farmers and ranchers to get most of their harvest done before the snow balls come to stay.

I heard the other day that a Child laughs up to 400 times a day and an Adult laughs, get this, “15” times a day. What is wrong with this picture?

Until next time: LAUGH A LOT!

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