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Piikani Youth and Education Awards Banquet 2011

Trey Shining Double
at the PYEF Awards

C. Davis photo
Chris Davis and Toni Lucas

The Piikani Youth and Education Foundation (PYEF) held their annual awards banquet on the evening of November 17 at the Peigan Community Hall in Brocket.

Quinton Crow Shoe and Roberta Yellow Horn acted as emcees for the event.  The Peigan Minor Hockey parents served the meal of roast beef and mashed potatoes.  Crow Shoe mentioned the need for Piikani volunteer referees and coaches during his opening remarks.

Guest speakers included Piikani Councillor Kyle Grier, Jeremiah Stump of the Calgary City Police, and Lawrence Jackson of the Piikani Nation RCMP.

Quinton Crow Shoe gets a little help with his opening remarks
C. Davis/T.Lucas photos

Morris Little Wolf
Past Chair of the Piikani Education Foundation (2004-2009) Roberta Yellow Horn was the first speaker to take the podium.  She introduced PYEF Council Representative Morris Little Wolf, who performed the opening prayer.   His prayer was made in the Piikani Blackfoot tongue, with a few asides in English. "Today across Canada there is an order from the Elders that their children and grandchildren must start learning their language," he said.  "I encourage all of you in homes as moms and dads to speak that language.  It's something that will rebuild our community for the future."

Roberta Yellow Horn
"This is a unique Foundation that was established during the settlement," said Roberta Yellow Horn during her opening remarks. "I'm really glad that we took the time and the opportunity to develop criteria so that this could suit everyone's needs in this community. I really want to acknowledge this board and their staff for the work that they do," she said, before introducing Councillor Grier.

Councillor Kyle Grier
C. Davis photo
Councillor Grier thanked everyone for coming out to support the youth.  "The community's support is very important for the continued growth of the Nation," he said. "This evening's awards allow us to offer acknowledgement to the efforts of our student, athletes, and Piikani members in the pursuit of self-improvement.  I would like to encourage us as a community to continue to support those that have made the effort in their lives to better themselves in their own way, and in turn their families and their community."  He said that gatherings such as this one had strong roots in Piikani tradition.  "This is how we maintain our Piikani and our Blackfoot way of life."

CPS Officer Jeremiah Stump
Next up to the podium was Jeremiah Stump, who serves with the Calgary Police Service (CPS).  Stump grew up in Brocket and moved to Calgary to attend High School before joining the CPS.
"Be proud and use this as a stepping-stone for your future life endeavours," he told the youth.  "There were times when I thought becoming a police officer would not become a reality.  However, as I got older, and knew this was what I wanted to do, I didn't let anything get in my way."  He apparently always knew he wanted to be a policeman.  "It's something I've dreamt about since I was 5 years old," he said, "since my kindergarten graduation here."  His teacher at the time, Mrs. Charleton, asked him what he wanted to be when he grew up.  "I told her without hesitation I wanted to be a police it's a reality.  You can do anything if you set your mind to it, truly."

Piikani RCMP Officer
Lawrence Jackson
Fourth-generation Piikani RCMP officer Lawrence Jackson was not as sure what he wanted to do upon graduating. "I took time off of school to begin working."  Because he had so many family members in the RCMP, he was influenced to consider a career in the RCMP.  "I was privileged to grow up and see police officers not just as police officers in a uniform, but to see them as real people as well."  He now serves alongside his uncle Tyrone Potts with the Piikani force.  "Hopefully a lot of younger people nowadays can realize the gifts that they have, because a lot of people across the world don't have that kind of privilege to take advantage of an education system today as we do here in Canada," he said.

Mary Ruth McDougall
Elder Mary Ruth McDougall represented the Elders who helped hand out the awards, which included presents and an eagle feather for each person honoured.

Entertainment for the event was provided by the Crowlodge Drummers and the Piikani Nation Secondary School Dancers and Drum Group.  There was an ongoing joke-telling contest as well.

2011 Piikani Youth and Education Awards

High School Graduates

Matthew Halton High School
Leason Smith
Alexandra Smith
Kayla Bad Eagle
Rylan Weasel Bear
Natosina Small Legs
Brody Provost
Deandra North Peigan

St. Michael's School
Erica Plain Eagle

Piikani Nation Secondary School
Jerry Bad Eagle
Rebecca One Owl
Charles Provost
Issac Knowlton
Jaycee Four Horns
Joshua One Owl

NAPI Outreach School
Jase Yellow Horn
Amanda Small Legs

F.P. Walshe School
Daice Smith
Kaitlin Erven
Emil Willy David
Tyco Four Horns
Tenita Sharp Adze
Ayesha Yellow Face
Maverick McDougall-Price
Elizabeth Grier
Savannah Jackson

Catholic Central High School 
Tyler North Peigan

St. Joseph Catholic High School
Braia English

Bishop McNally School
Robert McDougall

Victoria Park High School
Chanelle Pard

Bismark High School
Michele Crow Eagle

Rabuca Hills High School, California
Wesley Yellow Wings

NAPI Outreach and Matthew Halton High School
Megan Smith

Post Secondary
Albertine Crow Shoe – University of Alberta
Trishell Provost – Lethbridge College
Clayton Provost – Lethbridge College
Debbie Little Mustache – SAIT Polytechnic
Erin Solomons – SAIT Polytechnic
Renay Conrad – SAIT Polytechnic
Deva Little Mustache-Gordon – University of Victoria
Shawnee McDougall-Price – Simon Fraser University
Blythe Provost – University of Lethbridge
Carolyn Little Mustache – University of Lethbridge
Melanie Pard – University of Lethbridge
Nikea White Cow – University of Lethbridge
Stacia Yellow Wings – Kaplan College

Academic Awards

Grade 2: Tremaine Smith - Twelfth Avenue School, Gavin Crow Shoe – Canyon School, Jerome Barrameda Bastien – Ecole Camille J. Lerouge
Grade 3:  Brandi Yellow Wings – W.A. Day Elementary School,
Natasha Woitte – Ecole St. Mary's School,
Wilyquayle Scott – Duggan Elementary School
Grade 4:
 Elias Smith – Canyon School, Harlie Grier – G.R. Davis
Grade 5:  Taylor Crow Shoe – G.R. Davis Elementary School, Roscoe Webb Scott – Duggan Elementary, Kinley Yellow Wings – G.R. Davis Elementary School
Grade 6: Walker English – G.R. Davis Elementary School, Billy Potts – Canyon School, Calyssa Weasel Head – G.R. Davis Elementary School
Grade 7: Jaden Many Grey Horses – Mathew Halton High School
Grade 8: Jenna Smith – Ecole Cariboo Hill Secondary School, Zoey Scott Weasel Bear – D.S. Mackenzie Jr High School
Grade 9: Riley Woitte – St. Francis Jr. High School
Grade 10: Trent Yellow Wings – F.P. Walshe High School  
Grade 11: Carlos Crow Shoe – Matthew Halton High School, Adrienne Crow Shoe – Matthew Halton High School
Grade 12: Alexandra Smith – Matthew Halton High School, Maverick Price – F.P. Walshe High School, Emil Willy David – F.P. Walshe High School

Graduate Incentive
Alexandra Smith – University of Alberta -Nursing
Maverick Price – University of Lethbridge -Bachelor of Education
Emil Willy David – Lethbridge College- UCEP

Post-Secondary Scholarship recipients
College/University Preparatory Upgrading: Lori Yellow Wings – Lethbridge College
Trades & Technical, Stacia Yellow Wings – Kaplan College

College Diploma
Neil Sharp Adze – Lethbridge College
Undergraduate: Robyn Weasel Bear – Simon Fraser University, Nikea White Cow – University of Lethbridge
Post Graduate/Professional: Shelly Eli – University of Lethbridge

Cultural Awards
Natasha Woitte – Ecole St. Mary's School, Drum & Dance Troupe member for 4 years
Hope Grier Stewart – F.P. Walshe School, First Nations Dress Making Extracurricular Class
Shay – Lynn Strikes With A Gun - Catholic Central High School, excelled in High School Blackfoot
Jon Call David – F.P. Walshe High School, highest mark in Aboriginal Studies
Lowell Yellow Horn, Nominated for Peoples Choice Award

2010/2011 Piikani Nation Princesses
Miss Piikani Tiny Tot: Kiora Morning Bull
Jr. Miss Piikani: Hayley Grier -  Stewart
Sr. Miss Piikani: Kayla Pard

2011/2012 Piikani Nation Princesses
Miss Piikani Tiny Tot: Alexia Fox
Jr. Miss Piikani: Macyn Morning Bull
Sr. Miss Piikani: Britini Jackson

2010/2011 Piikani Nation School Princess
Meadow Bastien

2011/2012 Piikani Nation School Princesses
Jr. Princess: Raine Standing Alone
Sr. Princess: Lareesa Cross Child

Citizenship and Leadership Awards
Beyonce Crowshoe, Canyon School - AMA School Safety Program, Library Helper
Elias Smith, Canyon School - AMA School Safety Program
Brooklyn Yellow Wings, G.R. Davis Elementary School - Community Leadership, Pro-active Leadership
Billy Potts, Canyon School - Citizenship Award, Student Council Member
Calyssa Weasel Head, G.R. Davis School - Leadership of the Year
Riley Woitte, St. Francis Jr. High School - Citizenship Award
Shaylynn Strikes With A Gun, Catholic Central High School - FMNI Fellowship Award
Beth Grier, F.P. Walshe School - Bradley Burbank Memorial Award – Friendship Award

Fine Arts Awards 
Carliegh Grier Stewart, Royal Conservatory of Music -  Level 3 Piano Honours
Riley Woitte, St. Francis Jr. High - FMNI Artistic Talent
Raiden Bastien, John Robert Powers Acting - Outstanding Achievement
Hayley Grier Stewart - Completion of Piano Lessons Level 3  
Hope Grier Stewart - Preliminary Drum Lesson 1A
Joshua Scout Bastien - Wrote & Directed Highway of Tears Play
Cowboy Smith - Play Productions

Athletic Awards
Beyonce Crow Shoe, Pincher Creek Dolphins - Set Club Record for Back Stroke & Breast Stroke
Jerome Barrameda Bastien - Completion of Swimming lessons, Tae Kwon Do - Grade 8
Roscoe Webb Scott , Edmonton City Soccer - 3 Silver Medals

Triston wells – Alberta Cup of Champions  AAA
Tournament MVP

Billy Potts – Southern Alberta Riding & Roping Circuit
2nd Place Header 3rd Place High Point Jr. Cowboy
       Kainai Jr. Rodeo
1st Place Header
                Tsuu T’ina Rodeo
2nd Breakaway Roping
3rd Place Steer Daubing
                Nation Wrangler Youth Rodeo
Overall 5th Place Finish

Brandi Yellow Wings – Fort Macleod Minor Hockey
Super Sport of the Game
Kalli Bastien – F.P. Walshe School
Volleyball – Most Improved

Sorayya Strikes With a Gun – Piikani Nation Secondary School
Junior High Female Athlete of the year

Hayley Grier Stewart – R.I Baker Volleyball Festival
All Star

Riley Woitte – St. Francis Jr. High Basketball
Player of the Game

Taylor Crow Shoe
Tae Kwon Do - Green Belt

Beth Grier
F.P. Walshe School Sr. Rugby Provincial Champions

Carliegh Grier Stewart
F.P. Walshe School Girls Basketball A Champions

Christine Scout Bastien
Treaty Seven Championships - Bronze Medal

Shay Lynn Strikes With  a Gun – Catholic Central High School
FMNI Athletic Award

Jon Call David  - Fort Macleod Minor Hockey Association
Most dedicated Player

Trey Provost – Fort Macleod Minor Hockey Association
Most Improved Player

Colten Morning Bull – Fort Macleod Minor Hockey Association
Coaches Award

Lucky David
INFR Qualifier

Carlos Crow Shoe – Selected to play for AAA Atlanta Knights
                        Attended Rocky Mountain Invitational Challenge      Cup
             & Challenge Cup International AAA Championship                          Showcase

Maverick McDougall Price – High School & American League Baseball
        Won High School Provincials
         Selected to play for American Legion Baseball                Northern
         District A All Star team
         District All Star
         Selected to play for AAA Atlanta Knights
                   Attended Rocky Mountain Invitational Challenge          Cup
         & Challenge Cup International AAA Championship                      Showcase

Team awards 
Piikani Nation Midgets – 3rd Place at treaties
Weston FairBrother
Carlos Crow Shoe
Emil Willy David
Jon Call David
Jordan David – Wolf Tail
Trey Provost
Joel Iron Shirt
Maverick McDougall Price
Colten Morning Bull
Marvin North Peigan
Alex Shade
Chase Warrior
Kelli Potts

Special recognition 
Meadow Bastien – Piikani Nation Secondary School
100% Attendance

Mercadies Bastien – Piikani Nation Secondary School
100% Attendance
Student of the year

Tremaine Smith – Twelfth Avenue School
         Eagle Feather Aboriginal Achievement Award – Generosity

Hayley Grier Stewart – F.P. Walshe School
Highest Mark in French

Jenna Smith – Ecole Cariboo Hill Secondary School
         Eagle Feather Aboriginal Achievement Award – Mastery

Savannah Jackson – F.P. Walshe School
Early Completion of Grade 12

Alexandra Smith – Mathew Halton High School
Selected for Pickering Memorial Scholarship
Completion of Pure Math 30

Dwight Wolf Tail - Blood Tribe Police Officer

Lawrence Jackson – Piikani Nation RCMP

Jeremiah Stump – Calgary City Police

Special acknowledgments 
Brandi Yellow Wings
Completion of the Fun Friends Program

Natasha Woitte
Participation in Long & Mcquade Student Recital

Brooklyn Yellow Wings
Accelerated Reader
Mathletics Certificate Achievers

 Hayley Grier Stewart
Participation in Health Horizon Days 2011

Carliegh Grier Stewart
Participation in Health Horizon Days 2011
Aboriginal Wellness Day – Volunteer

Christine Scout Bastien
Actress in Play "Highway of Tears"

ShayLynn Strikes With a Gun
Various Acting Jobs

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