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Town Council report, November 14, 2011

Chris Davis/Toni Lucas

Pincher Creek Town Council held a meeting on the evening of Monday, November 14.  In attendance was Mayor Ernie Olsen, Councillors Don Anderberg, Sahra Nodge, Lorne Jackson, Roy Smyth, Wayne Oliver, Murray Lauder, and CAO Laurie Wilgosh.

RCMP Quarterly Report

Acting Detachment Commander Cpl. Lorne Gopp of the Pincher Creek RCMP presented his quarterly report to council.  "This is all new to me, this aspect of policing," he said.
Gopp formerly served in the  Crowsnest Pass and was transferred to Pincher Creek in September of last year.  "We have had some growing pains in the detachment, with NCOs switching out and filling vacancies. Our vacancies are at the top end," he said. "So, what are we doing wrong?" asked Mayor Olsen.  "I don't think we are doing anything wrong, it's part of the story everywhere," responded Gopp.  "I believe the members here are diligent, and trying their best."

Councillor Nodge asked if the detachment was "still working with Crowsnest Pass and Brocket with flex time?"  Gopp indicated that flex scheduling had ceased, and that it was not likely to be repeated. "It's opened up communication between us," he said, indicating it had helped make the officers involved more "Familiar with each others areas."

Mayor Olsen requested that new members of the detachment be introduced to council in the future.

Calls for Service
July 1, 2011 to September 30, 2011

  • Assault complaints 41
  • Mischief 59
  • Traffic collisions 113
  • Provincial traffic violations 238
  • Traffic (impaired) 36
  • Provincial statutes 177
  • Day to day 375
  • Drug enforcement 10
  • Sexual assault 1
  • Crimes against persons 30

Leaky roof at the Huddlestun Senior-Citizen Centre

President of the Huddlestun Senior Association Joyce McFarland appeared before council as an unscheduled delegation.  She said the Centre had experienced serious flooding from a leak discovered in a storage room there over the weekend.

"I am here to tell you that we have a problem in the storage room, and you have a problem with that wall in the storage room, because that wall is soaking wet," she said.  "Water is running into the west end of the storage room.  What are you going to do about that wall?"

"We will be discussing the roof later in the meeting. It's on our agenda tonight," said Councillor Nodge.  "I would request with respect that you cut our rent in half until you get the thing fixed," said McFarland.  "What's your rent now?" asked Councillor Oliver. "One thousand dollars a year," replied McFarland. "We haven't had rain in a couple of weeks, I'm thinking it might be a broken pipe," said Councillor Smyth.

McFarland singled out one Town worker for praise, saying he had responded to the situation in a timely fashion. "Give Bryan a bonus for Christmas, he's a gem and he's done what he can," she said. "I think there's a waterfall behind that wall."

"We will have it looked at," said Mayor Olsen.

Later in the meeting, item 8.1 on the agenda was discussed, addressing the situation with the Memorial Community Centre roof.  "It requires more structural repair than originally anticipated," said CAO Laurie Wilgosh.  All proposals for repair received by the town exceeded the $100,000 budget allocated the project.  Director of Operations Al Roth appeared before council to outline options and answer questions. "We received 3 tenders back," said Roth.  "The two lower bids did not have a warranty on the membrane.  Engineers are suggesting we do not go for the low ones as they don't have warranties." The highest bid, by Charlton and Hill, was for $161,558.00. The structure would involve new trusses over the existing roof.

"Will the $161.558.00 cover the Huddlestun Centre?" asked Mayor Olsen.   "Yes," said Roth.
"I'm apprehensive about a flat roof," said Councillor Smyth.  "The Architectural engineer came back with 'Not strong enough for a peaked roof'," said Roth.

Under this plan the new roof would result in a $78,000 increased expenditure, with the extra money coming from the 100% funded Municipality Sustainability Initiative.

Council voted unanimously to accept the Charlton and Hill bid.

The Voice caught up with George Huddlestun the next day. "I am pleased to hear that the town is addressing it.  If they wait any longer the cost (of repairs) will just go up," he said.
"The Town of Pincher Creek has reduced the rent in half to the Drop-In Centre and we would like to thank them for that."

Support for Library Refurbishment Project

Council was asked for and gave their agreement-in-principle for the Pincher Creek & District Municipal Library's proposed refurbishment proposal. "It's a great proposal and a great design," said Councillor Nodge.  "It makes for a more ergonomic space," said Councillor Jackson Jackson.

Council gets back to it's roots

Council held first reading of the revised Nuisance Bylaw, which states in part "That the Town of Pincher Creek take responsibility for all the trees on town boulevards that are considered unsafe, based on a qualified arborist's opinion."

"In the original complaint you can't find which root goes with which tree," said Councillor Oliver, asking that the bylaw not contain any penalty to adjacent homeowners for root damage to infrastructure. "I agree with you, we can't prove that," said Councillor Smyth.  With that revision made, motion to pass the first reading was carried.

Cemetery Memorial Dedication Policy

According to a motion passed unanimously by council, memorial trees may now be planted in parks and open spaces, in designated areas other than traditional cemetery locations.  All such dedications will be provided with a plaque on the memorial board.  Director of Operations Al Roth would decide the appropriateness of the location of any such trees

Waste Water refund requested

With Councillor Sahra Nodge opposed, on the grounds that everyone should pay for infrastructure, council approved a motion to refund sewer charges to residents that do not actually have sewer service.

Councillor Roy Smyth was delegated to attend the Fort Macleod Santa Claus Parade on behalf of council.

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