Monday, December 19, 2011

Children's World Daycare goes to the movies

 Toni Lucas, Pincher Creek Voice

Santa pays a visit to the Fox Theatre
T. Lucas photo

The Fox Theatre hosted over one hundred children and parents at the Children's World Daycare Annual Christmas Party on Saturday, December 17th.  The children and their families came to see "Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked".  Some of the kids wandered out of the theatre a little early, so they saw Santa in the lobby.  He was much too polite to interrupt the movie.

Daycare staff and mother Sam Bonwick holds Leigh

After the movie, Santa went to the front of the theatre, where there was a big comfy chair beside the Christmas Tree.  After he settled in and appointed a helper, the children gathered around him.  Santa then talked to the kids and gave out a stocking for each of the children that are in the daycare that attended, and treats to their brothers and sisters.  Santa had to say that he is "impressed with the children of Pincher Creek.  There are only a few that are in the black book."  He also assured that even those children have time to redeem themselves.  Santa also assured me that the reindeer are fine and healthy.  "Reindeer migrate, you know.  They come back to me when I whistle, early in December.  I give them treats, and I am happy to see them again." There is a lesson in that.  You treat your animal friends right, they become your friends, more than just a pet.  Everything looks to be right on schedule, according to Santa.

It was also the draw date for the silent auction and raffle that is the daycare's largest fundraiser of the year, bringing the excitement to the adults as well as the children.  The baskets, donated from various businesses in town, have been displayed at the daycare, Ranchland Mall, and the Theatre and had people eagerly bidding on them before the movie, as well as raffle tickets being sold for the trip to the Fantasyland Hotel.  The grand prize winner of the trip was Trudi Bennett.  Second and third prizes went to Kelsie Simpson and Matthew Kosch.

Emma Takac has worked for the daycare for the last five and a half years. She said that "this is the largest turnout for the Christmas party that I have ever seen.  There has been a Christmas party every year since the daycare first opened in 1981, but this is the first time that we have held it in the theatre."  It is also the first time that it was held on a Saturday, possibly affecting the attendance, as it has always happened on a Friday previously.

The daycare will be closed on December 23 through Monday, January 2 and will reopen for January 3.  To contact the daycare phone 403-627-5021.  If you would like to book a private party at the Fox, phone 403-627-3444.

The daycare staff wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year.

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  1. Leanne Wiebe22/12/11

    Thank you so much for covering our event. It is nice to know that there is media out there that is interested in the real people of Pincher Creek. We had a great time and I would like to say a huge Thank You to Kim and staff at the Fox theatre for their hospitality as well as a Merry Christmas to all of my staff and the families that support us throughout the year. We are truley blessed to live in a community that supports its families and children the way Pincher Creek does. Have a safe and wonderful Christmas everyone.


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