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Cowboys double up on Chiefs, collect Teddy bears

Chris Davis, Pincher Creek Voice
The hockey rink is not a safe place for Tiggers!
Cowboys hold their annual Teddy Bear Toss

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The Peigan Cowboys scraped themselves off the bottom of the RHL standings with a big win over long-time rivals the Kainai Chiefs in a home game played at Pincher Creek's Memorial Community Centre Arena on Saturday night, December 17.

The Cowboys played the Nanton Palominos to a 6-4 loss on December 9, the weekend before this game.

The Teddy Bear Toss
benefits Piikani Child
and Family Services
Teddy Bear toss 
Kainai #96 Colton Wells Feathers scored first, 30 seconds into the first period, leading Cowboys fans to briefly experience that sinking feeling.  15 seconds later the Cowboys redeemed themselves with a goal scored by Shawn Robertson, ably assisted by Mike Kanyo and Godfrey Weasel Head, triggering the Teddy Bear toss.  This annual Cowboys tradition benefits the Piikani Child and Family Services this year.  After the first Cowboys goal in the game, fans toss a new Teddy Bear on the ice to be redistributed as needed.

Peigan Cowboys vs Kainai Chiefs
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This quick response goal was the spark the Cowboys needed.  They dominated the rest of the first period, and carried on through the second.  It was a fast paced game, and the Cowboys kept Kainai on the defensive for most of it.  Cowboys goalie and Pincher Creek's own Jeff Kaupp is currently the top-ranked goalie in the league, with 136 saves and a 93.2% average.  This is one of those guys that can make all the difference for a struggling team. Kaupp killed a penalty shot in the first period, and left no sunlight for a puck to peek through for most of the game.

The Peigan Cowboys celebrate another goal over the Kainai Chiefs
C. Davis photo
Puck-toss aftermath
C. Davis photo

Puck-toss winner
Austin Kristjanson
During the intermission between the second and third period a puck toss contest was held, won by Austin Kristjanson, who collected $100.00 for his effort.

Kainai bounced back against a tiring Cowboys team in the third period, scoring twice and holding off any further Cowboys goal, but it was too little too late.

Final score: Cowboys 6, Kainai 3

Three Stars of the game:

1: Jeff Kaupp, Cowboys
2: Godfrey Weaselhead, 4 assists, Cowboys
3: Jeremy Weasel Moccasin, Kainai

Interview with Coach Potts
Cowboys Head Coach Tyrone Potts took some time after the game to talk to the press about the win, and about the state of the team in general.

Head Coach
Tyrone Potts
"They played good Cowboys hockey, and we had good goaltending," he said. Jeff Kaupp, he's a local boy, he's from Pincher, unbelievably strong, he kept us in there, he gave us a chance to win.  We played good as a team, we had a good crowd, the boys were up to playing.  This is Teddy Bear night.  They've been doing it for about 5 years, and we always get a good crowd, and these guys come to play.  I think we're probably five wins and zero losses on Teddy Bear night. We're coming around, our veterans are stepping up, They're playing good hockey," Potts explained.  "This is our Teddy Bear night."

Potts was optimistic about the Cowboys' future in the second half of the season.  "We beat the toughest team in the league, we beat Siksika, and now we beat Kainai.  We're going to come back, we're going to make the playoffs," he said.

"Where do you guys practice?" I asked him.  "We haven't been," he replied.  We're the only team in the league that has native and non-native (players), I'm pretty proud of that, plus we get good support from Pincher Creek.  Our team is too spread out to have a commitment to come to practice."

Potts said reffing has changed this year. "The reffing is a lot tougher because of the head shot rules and stuff like that," he said.  "We play our game.  If we play Cowboys hockey we can win, we can compete with any team in the league. We're known as a hard team to play against because we hit, we're a good hitting team."

"We're the only team that has beat them Siksika this year.  We're playing them on the 7th of January.""We have to play five on five hockey and stay out of the penalty box.  If we do that we can compete with any team in this league."

Before wrapping it up for the night, Potts wanted to make sure the fans got some sugar.  "I'd just like to thank all the fan support, and I'd like to thank all the people that come out all year," he said.  "Don't give up on us."  He thanked  Denise Potts and Joanne Yellowhorn, who work so hard behind the scenes.  "Its all volunteer.  We do it for the love of the game," he explained.  "I played with the Cowboys for 9 years, and I've been coaching ever since.  I want to keep it going, because it's a good thing.  We have the best fans in the league."

Cowboys' Otys Potts' 5 game suspension for slashing ends January 20, 2012.

"I'll be back!"
Suspended Cowboy Otys Potts

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Next game:
January 07, 2012, 8:30 pm. at Pincher Creek, Blackfoot Minors vs Peigan Cowboys


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