Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Five months of the Pincher Creek Voice

Chris Davis, Publisher,
Pincher Creek Voice
Chris Davis, Pincher Creek Voice

How do you like us so far?

The Pincher Creek Voice was rebooted on July 23, 2011 with this column (click here). Since then this website has experienced more than 60,000 visitors, far beyond my initial imagining of the prospects.

Our average readership a day has climbed from 0 to 200 in the first couple of months to over 700 a day in the last month.  Our publication covers an area with a population of 7000 people, according to the 2006 census. That's a staggering 21,000 pageviews a month, with the number still rising.  Those of you that like the Voice seem to come back to it an awful lot, and for that we thank you.

Our challenge going into 2012 is to monetize the Voice enough to continue operating it well into the future.  To be clear, we do not now or ever intend to charge people to read the Voice.  Our revenue will continue to come from advertisements and profits generated by our main business, Pincher Creek Multimedia.  The Voice is certainly the flagship of this larger endeavour, but is by no means the whole of it.  In fact, at present it is the least profitable aspect of our overall enterprise,  something we expected and chalk up to sweat equity.

I want to thank the wonderful writers who have given of themselves to help make this happen.  Phil Burpee has been a constant and challenging inspiration.  George Huddlestun has gone above and beyond.  Coach Tom Holoboff did a wonderful job representing his PeeWee Mustangs.  Joe Cunningham's columns, while less frequent, have an incredible shelf-life with a wide-flung readership.  Citizens are beginning to submit longer expressions of opinion, which we are quite happy to add to the dialogue of our community.

And you, Toni Lucas.  Ladies and Gentleman, this wonderful lady has put in an incredible effort here.  Without her this publication would not have been possible.  Thank you for believing, Toni, and thank you for all your hard work.

I'm missing a big long list of you that have contributed in one way or another.  For that I apologize.  My fear in making too long a list is that the one or two people I forget will feel really slighted.  This way those of you I haven't mentioned can chalk it up to my poor memory.

Joking aside, thank you very much.  Without all of your individual contributions this endeavour would be much less interesting and informative.  I really do appreciate your efforts.  Once we make our second million at this I'm buying everyone in town an ice-cream.  I mean it.  Yes, even you.

My biggest thanks goes out to you, gentle reader.  You're what it's all about, and we're eager to hear your feedback.

I could go on and on, indeed I often do.  However, I think I will end this column with a note from our advertising department:  Tell everyone you know about the Voice.  Tell all the people you buy stuff from how wonderful we are.  Tell them you'll buy even more stuff from them if you see their ad here.  If you sell stuff, buy big whopping ad packages from us.

Happy New Year everyone, be kind to one another, and may all your news be good news this holiday season.


  1. Phil Burpee27/12/11

    Chris Davis is a hungry dog on a meaty bone - and let us be thankful. The Voice reminds us of an enduring fact - ignorance is a voluntary state of being. If we would know and understand what is going on around us in this world, then we have but to reach out. Especially now, in a wired world, there is no excuse for seeking to blame anybody for not telling us. It has come to be that we Occupy Knowledge - our ancestors who struggled against parochial self-limitation would be solemnly amazed. Let the Voice be heard.

    "Sit down and read. Educate yourself for the coming conflicts." Mary Harris (Mother) Jones

  2. Thank you Phil, it's folks like you that make it possible, and valuable. As social experiments go, I'm quite pleased with this one.
    I am a great believer in the power of communication, and I feel blessed to have lived through the threshold time between what was and what is. At the beginning of my life television was starting to show us the world, making it smaller in some ways. Now, in whatever phase of my life this turns out to be, all over the world we are sharing our thoughts and activities in ways that would seem like magic to our forebears. The world just got a whole lot larger now that we can share glimpses of the whole and the miniscule.
    Out of the dark, into the light.
    Out of the silence, into the dialogue, and on to understanding.

  3. Lloyd Coverdale28/12/11

    I would like to congratulate Chris and his staff for providing an essential service to this community. Well Done !!!!


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