Friday, December 16, 2011

Jr. High Girls Dragons Basketball update, Dec. 16, 2011

Coach Tom Holoboff
planning the Dragon attack
C. Davis photo

Coach Tom Holoboff, Contributor, Pincher Creek Voice

     Well sports fans, it is another exciting season of Junior High Girls Basketball at St. Michael's School. This year's team is made up of Cora Bruder, Emily Milligan, Dikota Letourneau-Goulding, Ashley Higginbotham, Emma Burnham, Jordan Wadsworth-Smith, Sadie Bannick, Justine Jorgenson, Tanis Bruder, Ashtyn Duncan and Whitney Holoboff.

     They saw their first action of the season on December 16 at Fort MacLeod. The Cross-Over Tournament, which brings all the teams in the league together to play the teams farthest away, was being held in Fort Maceod. Tonight's foe was the Nanton Girls who proved to be good competition for the Dragons. The Dragons spotted Nanton a 20-2 first half lead, showing the first game jitters for many of the Dragons players. The second half of the game saw much improved play from the Dragons, lead by Justine bringing the ball up the court and dishing to Emily for many points. Employing the full court press Whitney and Tanis were able to force many turn overs and feed Ashtyn and Ashley down low. In the end the 18 point lead proved to much to overcome with the Dragons falling 24 - 13.

Coach Jim and Coach Tom are optimistic that the dragons will see much improved results as the season wears on.

     Saturday, December 17, is another day with the Dragons facing FP Walsh in the morning, followed by an exhibition tilt with the Kainai at 11 am.

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