Saturday, December 17, 2011

Midget Huskies defeat Lethbridge Hounds

Chris Davis, Pincher Creek Voice

Pincher Creek Huskies vs Lethbridge Hounds
C. Davis photo

It's a rare hockey game where everyone on a team, with the exception of the goalie, gets a goal and/or an assist.  However, last night's mismatch between the Pincher Creek Midget Huskies and the Lethbridge Hounds at the MCC arena saw the Pincher Creek team do just that.

The Huskies in control of the puck, a scene that was
replayed over and over again

C. Davis photo

Quite simply, the Hounds were completely outplayed by the Huskies.  The Lethbridge team managed to score once, in the first period. The Huskies scored six times in the first, and just kept on scoring in the second.   The Huskies filled the score sheet and the counter broke at 12-1, near the end of the second period.  The clock was left running through the third period, which was mainly a game of keep-away by that point.  In a match earlier this season the Huskies beat the Hounds 10-1.  Since then the Pincher team has kept on improving.

The Huskies are fun to watch, even when they are having such an easy time of it. Their passing play is phenomenal, something that was well in evidence during this game, and as a team they have an admirable focus.  And they're FAST.  These guys hustle. For a really exciting game we'll probably have to wait until they face Coaldale again.

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