Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Opinion: Stop sign needed

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Lloyd Coverdale, Contributor, Pincher Creek Voice

     Every “town, city, village “ has a certain criteria that must be met in an attempt to keep their citizens content. They must provide clean drinking water, places to buy food, entertainment, there are so many necessities people need to sustain life. Every community must take a hard look at the services they provide, and I am sure it is not an easy task. I feel it is not only the town council to decide what those needs are, but its residents must come forward with their concerns and ideas. The task of the council is “to make decisions, and find a feasible way to pay for those decisions”.  Residents of that town should be responsible to bring new and innovative ideas and approaches to the council.

    I have sat in coffee shops, and restaurants many times and heard these very residents complain about the elected officials, and how much they dislike the way they are doing their jobs. Not pointing fingers, as I am just as guilty as the next guy.  It is so much easier to rant and rave then to actually do something about it. You might say “I am only one person” “ what can I do ?” and this is a valid question. To start off , you can pay attention as you read the local paper and watch for articles about what is happening in the community. There is usually some mention as to what decisions have been made by the town council. You could attend some council meetings and voice an opinion or write a letter, or email to them. A letter to the editor usually gets a reply, as you can guarantee the members of the board read these letters. Along with stating your issue, try to add a solution to the problem as well, it will show you have thought about the situation, but the main thing, “have your voice heard”.  No member wants bad publicity, so most will reply in some form. If you feel very strongly about an issue, a petition might have to be filled out and presented to council. The whole idea is to get their attention, without being rude or obnoxious. While getting their attention we must keep in mind not every good idea is cost efficient or practical at that time.

     This brings me to my point I wanted to bring into view. Let me tell you about what happened Saturday night. I was in attendance at the Cowboys game at the arena, and during the second intermission everyone heard the squealing of tires. We turned and saw that a truck, which was going much to fast, had come to a quick stop. Why you may ask? Well two ladies were crossing the street from the arena and were almost hit by this truck driving above the speed limit. It was a close call but everyone was safe. I continued talking to residents who were in attendance and it was brought to my attention that this is a regular occurrence at this section of road. Not only do we have adults crossing at this spot, we have many children who visit the swimming pool and library and use this point as an access.

    Myself being new to the area, did not know of this problem until this week. During the next day I kept thinking about this situation, I even walked down to the point of the cross walk and watched the cars go past. I realized from the stop sign at Bev Mclachlin Drive going east to Robertson Avenue, vehicles have a chance to speed up significantly between the two stop signs. This stretch of Main Street goes directly past the arena and library which makes it a vulnerable place for anyone to cross. What makes the situation worst is when an activity is in progress at the arena and a multitude of cars are parked along the street when it is dark. The visibility is greatly reduced and the hazards become much greater.

     As I said earlier I feel it is the duty of the town decision makers to keep their residents safe. This is not a safe place at certain times of the day. I am making a formal request to the council to look into this problem and at the very least put a stop sign in place at this cross walk. I would truly hate to see a child or anyone for that matter be injured or lose their life over a situation which could have been remedied very easily, Safety is everyone's business and if you feel the same please contact the council and make your voice heard.

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Lloyd Coverdale

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