Sunday, December 18, 2011

Taber defeats Novice 1 Chinooks

Chris Davis, Pincher Creek Voice

There was a lot of action around the Chinooks Novice 1 net during
Saturday's loss against Taber

C. Davis photo

Pincher Creek's Novice 1 Chinooks faced their Taber counterparts on Saturday afternoon, December 17 at the MCC Arena.  The first period was an evenly-matched contest, with Chinooks #16 Rylan Bruns scoring first, in style.  By the end of the first period Taber had pulled ahead slightly, 4 goals to the Chinooks' 3.

In the second period Taber pulled ahead in earnest, scoring 5 times to the Chinooks' 2.  That was it for the Chinooks, who were obviously a bit dispirited in the third period.  Taber scored twice more, winning the game 11-6.

Rylan Bruns scored four times for the Chinooks in total. Chinooks Caleb Evans and Riley Potts scored once each.  #19 Nathan Verloop proved himself a valuable asset to the Taber team, scoring four times, #14 Dallas Cummins scored thrice, and #7 Carson Carson Cleland scored twice with one assist.

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