Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Sr. Boys Basketball: Dragons defeat Panthers

Saint Michael's Senior Boys Dragons
C. Davis photos
Chris Davis

Saint Michael's Senior Dragons basketball team hosted the Crowsnest Pass Panthers at the Dale Wentz Memorial Gymnasium last night.

Usually when two teams are obviously mismatched it makes for a dull viewing experience regardless of the sport.  This game was a rare exception to that rule.

Dragons vs Panthers
The Dragons are a seasoned team, one of the best.  For the most part, these guys know the sport, and each other, inside and out.  What was a work in progress has turned into reflexive excellence. They're fast, they're big and tall. For many of them, the core of the team, this will be their last season together before they graduate.

Sr. Girls Basketball: Pandas a challenge but Dragons prevail

Chris Davis, Pincher Creek Voice

Pandas vs Dragons
C. Davis photo
Saint Michael's Senior Girls Dragons team hosted the Crowsnest Pandas at the Dale Wentz Memorial Gymnasium yesterday evening, January 30.

The Dragons dominated the first quarter 13 points to 6.  Amanda Higgenbotham was responsible for 8 of those Dragons' points.  The Pandas bounced back, coming within two points of the Dragons in the second quarter with 14 points to the Dragons' 16.  Dragons' Catherine DeCock scored a big ten points for her team in that one.  Raegar Jackson got six confidence-building points for her Pandas.

Anti-logging protesters given until Wednesday morning to vacate

C. Davis photos/video
Chris Davis

At around 3:30 pm yesterday, January 30, Sustainable Resources Development (SRD) officers and two RCMP officers visited the protest site where protesters have encamped in an attempt to prevent logging in the Castle Special Management area near Beaver Mines.  One of the SRD officers hand delivered several orders/documents issued by the Alberta Court of Queen's Bench to specific protesters, which apparently directs them to cease their occupation of the area.  Approximately 10 protesters were at the site at this time.

Protesters, SRD Officers, and RCMP Officers at the logging/protest site
After that process was concluded, the SRD officer handed the proceedings over to RCMP Inspector Joe McGeough.  After some discussion and a request by protester Mike Judd to allow for time to consult with legal counsel, he agreed to give the protesters until 8 am Wednesday morning, February 1 to gather their belongings and vacate the site, including tents they have erected in the path of the logging machines.

According to SRD Public Affairs Officer Duncan MacDonnell, via telephone,  "It's no longer an SRD matter, it is now a police matter."  The protesters declined to make an official comment until they had time both to read the documents they had been handed and to discuss the situation amongst themselves.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Chinook Lanes holds Family Twosome Tournament

Toni Lucas, Pincher Creek Voice

On Saturday, January 28 and Sunday, January 29 Chinook Lanes hosted families in the Youth Bowling Canada (YBC) Family Twosome Tournament weekend.  Although the official categories were Mother/Daughter, Mother/Son Father/Daughter, and Father/Son there were also aunts, uncles and grandparents present representing their families.

Helicopter performs windy manouevres

A helicopter lifts power line tower components into place
this morning near Pincher Creek

Daneen Potter photo

Alberta's communities gain on-the-ground support to fight gang activity

Alberta communities most impacted by gang activity, particularly those in rural, remote and Aboriginal communities, can now apply for a one-time grant to support programs aimed at reducing gang crime and violence through effective prevention and intervention.

Hockey Shorts, January 30, 2012

Pincher Creek Voice: The puck drops here!

January 24

  • Pee Wee Chinooks win Round 1 of Provincials against Fort Macleod.  Game 1: 4-4, Game 2: 2-1

January 25

  • Bantams lose first Provicial Game to Raymond, in Fort Macleod

January 28

  • Atoms win first game of Kimberley Atom Competitive Tournament, 4-3.
  • Easton Fitzpatrick with 2 goals and player of the game. Josh Conley and Taite Jessen also with goal each.
  • Atoms go on to win second and third games in tournament.
  • Pincher Creek Novice 2 played Irvine, played really well, final score Irvine 11, Pincher Creek 7.

(The above information from the Pincher Creek Hockey Association Facebook page)

Saturday, January 28

  • Peigan Cowboys defeated by Brooks 11-4.

Upcoming Home Games at the MCC Arena:

Saturday, February 4

  • 11:00 am - Novice 1 vs Coaldale
  • 1:00 pm - Atoms vs Raymond
  • 3:15 pm - Pee Wee vs Bow Island
  • 8:30 pm - Cowboys vs Lomond

Sunday, February 5

  • 1:30 pm - Pee Wee vs Redcliff

RHL Hockey Day
Friday, February 10 will be hockey day in the Ranchlands Hockey League. Local Minor Hockey players will get a free hog at the game while wearing their team uniforms. Parents will recieve 2 for 1 gate admission into the games held that day.

Old-Timers celebrate 33rd annual Tourney

Castaways vs Camfield at the
Oldtimers Tournament

C. Davis photo
Chris Davis/Toni Lucas

Pincher Creek's Memorial Community Centre was the site of the 33rd Oldtimer's Hockey Tournament last weekend.  Twelve teams divided into three divisions competed in 18 games for bragging rights, mickeys, steaks, and primarily just for the sheer fun of it.  Each team played 3 games.  Each game consisted of one 25 minute period and one 20 minute period, with the clock rolling throughout. The winning team in each division went home with 15 steaks to help them celebrate.

High winds keep Emergency Services busy on Sunday

Chris Davis, Pincher Creek Voice

Overturned semi on Highway 22, Sunday morning
Dan Camborg photo

Winds gusting as high as 140 km/hr kept Pincher Creek's Emergency Services busy Sunday morning, January 29.  At 6:00 am they were called to the scene of a blown over horse trailer a mile or two north of the Old Man River along Highway 22.  According to Fire Chief Dave Cox, the trailer was large enough for the horse to stand up in even though it (the trailer) was on its side.  Emergency Services took the trailer apart and extricated the horse, which showed little or no injuries, and transported it to a ranch nearby for further care.
Horse rescued from overturned trailer
Dan Camborg photo
Later in the morning Emergency Services responded to a semi truck rollover further north along Highway 22.  The semi was totally blocking the road, so it was shut down until tow trucks could move it out of the way.  One person was transported to Crowsnest Pass Hospital with undetermined injuries in that incident.  The affected stretch of Highway 22 was reopened around noon.

Emergency Services inside overturned horse trailer
Dan Camborg photo

This morning, January 30 Emergency Services were twice called out to investigate downed lines near Canyon Manor and Kost.  They were on scene only briefly in both cases, containing the situations until service people arrived.   The downed lines were not power lines.

Take a Walk on the Wild Side - Upcoming Library events

The Pincher Creek & District Municipal Library and The Pincher Creek Community Adult Learning Council will be presenting a variety of speakers on Wednesday evenings, including February 8, 15, 22 and 29 from 7 pm – 8 pm at the Pincher Creek Library.
You can attend in person, or video conference in from your local RISE Library. Call 403 627­3813 for more information.

Antiques stolen from Pincher Creek shed

The Pincher Creek RCMP are appealing for the public’s help with a break and enter.

Sometime between January 11 and January 20, unknown persons broke into a shed located in a backyard in Pincher Creek. The owners of the home had it in the care of property managers at the time and were waiting for renters to move in. The owners and victims of this crime are a senior couple who travel in the winter and had left all their possessions in the locked shed.

(photos and items list after the break)

Anti-logging protest continues near Beaver Mines

Protesters onsite, Saturday Jan. 28
C. Davis photo

Chris Davis, Pincher Creek Voice

Despite challenging weather, protesters remain onsite for the 20th day in a row at the site of proposed logging in the Castle Special Management Area near Beaver Mines.  Contrary to inaccurate reports in multiple media sources, their tents have not been removed, instead more have been set up by  individuals supporting the protest.  "It's becoming a popular camping location," said one protester on Saturday afternoon.

Several protesters have been named directly in an Enforcement Order issued by Alberta Sustainable Resource Development (SRD) under the Public Lands Act (attached at the end of this article is a sample).  Gordon Petersen of the Stop Castle Logging group has indicated several times that legal advice has been sought, and the group seems determined to contest the order.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

New Pastoral Couple for Foothills Community Church

Ernie and Irene Bergen are retiring after 34 years of Pastoral ministry, the last 10½ years of which were spent at Foothills Community Church in Pincher Creek, Alberta. Jim and Marilou Nightingale along with their youngest son, Zech (left), former Mennonite Brethren missionaries to Brazil, are taking over as Pastoral Couple starting February 1, 2012.

Survey says!

T. Lucas photo
Dennis James of Brown Okamura and Associates was taking measurements with survey equipment on Main Street Pincher Creek on Friday afternoon, January 27 .  He was checking control lines for the possible removal of two residences further west along Main Street.

Curling Club has great late start with Bonspiel

T. Lucas photo
Toni Lucas and Chris Davis, Pincher Creek Voice

The Pincher Creek Curling Club had a late start on the season, kicking it off with Men's league action last week.  On Friday and Saturday they held a Bonspiel at the Pincher Creek rink, with 8 men's and 8 ladies teams competing.  "Its not just folks from Pincher Creek," said Club President Randy Elliott, indicating a table of players from Fort Macleod.  Other teams came from Claresholm and the Crowsnest Pass.  "We have players from all around here.  They wanted to support our club, and we needed the players," he said. "We are pretty happy with the first spiel of the year."

Occupy your Brain

Phil Burpee
Phil Burpee, Columnist, Pincher Creek Voice

     Wake-up time - half past twelve on the dark night of our moronic national slide into hydrocarbon whoredom and Mad Hatter delusions of grandeur. Prime Minister Stephen Harper no longer even bothers with the pretence of an equitable regard for a balanced rhetoric in matters of steering the wallowing ship of state, which has become our once-bright country, as it ploughs through the turbid waters of the early twenty-first century. Raising himself up to his full, pink-and-pudgy, helmet-hair stature at the microphone before the haplessly gathered representatives of the Club of Rich Nations at Davos, Switzerland, our Prime Minster has taken it upon himself to deliver a walloping good spanking to his feckless peers. Yes, he has seen to it that the trousers have been dropped, the skirts raised, and the boxers and panties duly lowered, so that he might heartily smack the flabby butt-cheeks of his indolent colleagues. For nothing so riles the anger of a former Alberta Firewaller as the vision of foreign buffoons refusing to accept the Historical Inevitability of Corporate Supremacy in the otherwise orderly affairs of nations.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Curling returns to Pincher Creek

Chris Davis

League curling returned to the Pincher Creek Curling Club arena last week, and this weekend the club is holding Bonspiel, which started Friday evening and wraps up Saturday evening.

On the Ladies side the 8 teams competing include Elliott, Walters, Bignold, Kinoshita, Zoratti, Quail, Visser, and Hochstein.

On the Men's side the 8 teams competing include Holtman, Rick Visser, Elliott, Barr, Zoratti, Hockstein, Farano, and Randy Visser.

Al Farano from The Crowsnest Pass delivers one
C. Davis photo

There's live entertainment, drinks, and cameraderie in the clubhouse, and a spirit of friendly competition on the ice.

Half the fun of curling is the afterparty
C. Davis photo

Old-timer's Tourney ongoing this weekend

Chris Davis, Pincher Creek Voice

Retreads sittin' on the bench
C. Davis photo
The Pincher Creakers' Old-Timers Tournament is ongoing this weekend at the Memorial Community Centre Arena.

12 teams are competing, divided into 3 pools, including the Castaways, Creakers, Old Trailers, Mystery Men, Undietakers, Retreads, Olsons, Withdrawals, Ice Devils, Camfield, Rats, and the Nighthawks.

Friday, January 27, 2012

MD Council Meeting notes, January 24, 2012

Chris Davis, Pincher Creek Voice

The Municipal District of Pincher Creek No. 9 Council met on the afternoon of January 24, 2012.

Nature Conservancy of Canada
Larry Simpson of the Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC) made a presentation to Council, explaining what the NCC does.  The NCC is a private, non-profit group that partners with corporate and individual landowners to protect environmentally sensitive areas through the purchase long-term stewardship of those areas.  NCC has been operating since 1962, and at present helps conserve more than 2.6 million acres "ecologically significant" land in Canada.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Landfill has profitable year, plans paving

Chris Davis, Pincher Creek Voice

C. Davis photo (2007)
"I'm really quite proud of what's happening at the landfill," said Town Councillor Roy Smyth, who represents the Town on the Regional Landfill Board, at the Town Council's meeting on January 23.  "We've just finished filling up the existing municipal waste MSW pile, and have it capped, and we've just started using an existing new cell since December."

Dear Premier Redford; A Public Confession of Trespass

David W. Mayhood, letter to the Editor

On 17 January 2012, your government declared a portion of public Highway 774 in the Castle River Country off limits to the people of Alberta to allow logging of our forests beyond public scrutiny. Two days later, your government got around to informing Albertans about the closure by means of small notices nailed to trees only within the prohibited zone.

Town Council and Committee of the Whole notes, January 5 and 23, 2012

Chris Davis, Pincher Creek Voice

On January 5, 2012, the Town of Pincher Creek held a Committee of the Whole (COTW) meeting.  On January 23 a regular Town Council meeting was held.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

WildCanada and Alberta Wilderness Association add their voice to logging dispute


Conservationists today called upon Alberta premier Alison Redford to halt plans for winter logging that could disturb, displace or even kill bears denning in the Castle Special Management Area.

“Logging in winter threatens Alberta’s bears at the worst possible time,” said WildCanada’s Jim Pissot, “when adults and cubs are asleep in their dens.”

Pincher Creek to be featured in Let There Be Kids documentary

Pincher Creek was 1 of 5 communities choosen to be in a documentary due to our great community spirit. The documentary will be submitted to film festivals everywhere. A premiere of the documentary will be held in Pincher Creek in June, 2012.

Here's the official trailer:

Report from the Foothills 4-H Beef Club

Tannis Bruder, Foothills 4-H Beef Club

Foothills 4-H Beef Club
Tannis Bruder photo

The Foothills 4-H Beef Club has started off another good year. We hosted the District Judging Workshop on January 7th at noon, featuring categories of hay, heifers, dear antlers, and muffins. The kids had a lot of fun learning if a slice of hay is good enough to feed to your horses or cattle, what to look for in a good heifer, if your buck is a good one judging by their antlers, and what a perfect muffin looks like. We would like to thank those who gave their time to help make this happen, and congratulate all those who won.

Logging protests continue, now into Day 15

Protests continued yesterday
west of Beaver Mines as loggers
and officials came and went

C. Davis photo
Chris Davis

A CP wire story titled "Alberta officials dismantle logging protester camp" that was released last night, January 25, is inaccurate. According to an email received by Gordon Petersen, "The camp is still there. Protestors will be out again this morning."

9 trucks filled with SRD officials, RCMP, Spray Lake Sawmills staff visited the site yesterday, fired up the two machines on site, and then hung around for about an hour and a half before leaving the site again, and did not return. Of those various officials, none were willing to comment to the press, which at the time consisted of me, about the situation.

New NICU space will provide more beds at Alberta Chiildren's Hospital

Up to 14 new neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) beds will be added at the Alberta Children’s Hospital to help meet the growing needs for these services in Calgary and southern Alberta.

The additional beds, scheduled to open next year, will increase Level 3 NICU capacity by 56 per cent and will reduce the need for neonatal patients with complex conditions or who require surgeries to travel between hospitals in Calgary. Level 3 NICUs are acute care spaces designed to care for the sickest and most critically ill newborns. Using available space at the Alberta Children’s Hospital keeps NICU patients and their families close to pediatric specialists.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Videos from the Napi Pow Wow

Oki Napi!

One horse open sleigh

Frances Riviere, Contributor, Pincher Creek Voice

Ed Desjardins and Donna Bruder at the Great Canadian Barn Dance
Frances Riviere photo

On January 22,2012, The Great Canadian Barn Dance Site and home of Ed Desjardins at Hill Spring, Alberta was the scene of a spectacle right out of the past − in fact, circa 1900. Hooked to a one horse open sleigh, owned by me and restored by Ed Desjardins, was Ed’s faithful horse Fancy.

The day was well suited to the purpose; the sun shone brightly and the chinook wind abated for the occasion. We were eager to see how well the sleigh would pull and to partake in the old fashioned fun.
In no time, Ed and I and then Ed and Donna Bruder were dashing through the snow  − like in the song Jingle Bells.
Ours was a feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment as we celebrated over coffee and cake, and planned for future one horse open sleigh rides, that we hope to share with others in the future.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Castle logging protesters receive "Trespasser Declaration" from SRD, vow to stay put

  • Tents declared property of Crown

SRD representatives issue
Trespasser Declaration

C. Davis photos/video
Protesters at the site of  logging machines poised to begin strip-logging a section of forest just west of Beaver Mines are continuing to occupy the area despite today receiving a "Trespasser Declaration" from the Government of Alberta's Sustainable Resources Department (SRD).  The protesters have erected three tents  near and  in the way of the logging machines. One of those tents has been on the site since before the machines arrived, according to to its owner, protester Mike Judd.

People in Beaver Mines started to notice increased SRD presence in their small community during the early afternoon of Monday, January 23.  By early evening the declaration was issued in person by SRD representatives, one of which was videotaping the encounter.  Another was telling the protesters that their tents and other possessions at the site were now confiscated and rendered Crown property. Copies of the declaration were pinned to trees next to each tent as well.

2012 Napi Pow Wow a huge success

Drummers at the Napi Pow Wow
Phil Burpee photo

Chris Davis and Toni Lucas with submitted material

The Annual Napi Pow Wow was held at Pincher Creek's Community Hall last weekend, from Friday evening, January 20 to Sunday evening, January 22.  "This competition is to mark and help celebrate the Napi Friendship Center Association being here for 40 years," said Napi Board President Wes Crowshoe. The Centre was established in 1972 and has provided continuous services since that time.

Dancers at the Napi Pow Wow
C. Davis photo
Napi has held a number of competition Pow Wows since the 1990s, with the most recent held in 2001.  It was a recognized event under Quinton Crowshoe's leadership, although it had lapsed in recent times.  Residents of the Kainai Minimum Security Corrections facility were among the many hands that helped to set up for the Pow wow.

Anti-logging rally draws crowd near Beaver Mines

Christine Grotefeld, Rick Collier, Mike Judd, Elaine Kosier, and Jim Palmer at the Stop Castle Logging Rally
T.Lucas/C.Davis photos/videos
Chris Davis

More than 100 environmentalists and concerned citizens from the local area, Alberta and British Columbia, and afar gathered just inside the Castle Special Management Area today, Sunday, January 22. Various speakers reiterated the basic tenets of the protest, sang songs, recited poetry, and celebrated a fellowship of common objectives.  Various representatives of the press were there, including the Voice, the Crowsnest Pass Herald, and bigger outfits like Global.

Stop Castle Logging and people affiliated with various other groups have been protesting in the Castle Special Management area for 12 days now, and seem to have been thus far effective at preventing the commencement of the logging process.

Sid Marty reads to the crowd
"The logging in this location is a deliberate poke in the eye from SRD to the public of Alberta, saying 'we don't really care about the thousands of letters that have been sent in to the Premier, we don't really care about the survey that showed that a high percentage of the population between here and Lethbridge are opposed to this logging, we don't care about the scientific evidence that you present in your protest of why it shouldn't be logged'," said author, composer, and activist Sid Marty in an interview after the speeches were over. "The proper thing to do when there is this much opposition to a project is to reevaluate it and invite public input, you know,  and rethink it, and come to a determination that's in the best interest of all concerned, rather than just going ahead with this."

Mike Judd, fulcrum for the protest
Beaver Mines area resident Mike Judd has been one of the most dedicated and passionate activists in this protest.  His appearance before the assembled crowd was greeted with much enthusiasm and respect.  Judd is most certainly a man who acts on his convictions.  "We have to turn this, what we've got happening here, into something real, guys," he told the crowd.   "Because tomorrow morning, just sitting up this road there are two logging machines. My tent just happens to be sitting right in front of where they have to go.  Some SRD officers are going to come along, they're going to tell me 'Move that tent or we'll move it, we're going to start logging here, you're going to be charged with trespassing'.  Some other people have brought tents now too to back us up, and they will also be charged," Judd continued.  "And ultimately what it is going to come down to is those people that are right there at the time at the front of the line that are going to determine whether you lose this forest out here or  you don't.  It's come down to that."  Judd made it plain he was asking people to help in a concrete way.  "The time has come for us to put our money where our mouth is, to put our beliefs, what we believe in and what we stand for to the test."

A young voice declares her fondness for forests

Video from this event:

For more on this event, please watch the following videos of some of the people who spoke at it and check out some of our earlier coverage at the following links:

Some drug dealers don't care if you die

Chris Davis, Editorial

Tragedy has again visited the lives of several young people and their families this weekend.  As reported in the Calgary Herald, two deaths over the weekend, one a 23 year old man in Nanton and the other a 23 year old man at a SAIT residence in Calgary, are suspected to be the result of overdoses.  Two more suspected victims from the same Nanton call are recovering in a Calgary hospital.

Ten recent deaths in Alberta and British Columbia have been attributed to a bad batch of ecstasy that police believe was laced with paramethoxymethamepetamine (PMMA), a toxic substance five times stronger than regular ecstasy.  In Calgary at least five deaths have been attributed to this cause recently.  Authorities in British Columbia believe the death toll there may be as high as 19 people.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Pincher Creek Hockey update, January 22, 2012

Novice 2 Chinooks vs Irvine
C. Davis photo
Pincher Creek's Novice 2 Chinooks played three games at the MCC Arena this weekend.  They played Irvine once on Saturday, and Cardston twice on Sunday.  It was a treat to watch these youngsters demonstrating their skills and having fun.
The Novice 1 Chinooks played a good game against Coaldale on Saturday morning.

The Novice teams have really developed their teamwork this season, and their puck handling and skating skills were a pleasure to see.

Novice 2 vs Irvine
C. Davis photos

Chris Davis

Pincher Creek's Midget Huskies unfortunately lost their final game in the Casey Cup Memorial against the Blackie Tigers this afternoon by a score of 7-5.  The team beat Blackie in the first game of the series on Friday night 5-2, but were not successful against the determined Tigers the second time around.

Upcoming hockey week at the MCC Arena:
Please note that with Provincials and Playoffs season beginning the schedule can change with little notice.

Tuesday, January 24:  Provincials - Pee Wee Chinooks vs Fort Macleod, 6:00 pm

Oldtimer's Tournament next weekend: 
Starts Friday, January 27 at 8:00 pm.
Saturday, January 28 from 8:00 am to 6 pm.
Sunday, January 29, 8:15 am to 3:45 pm.

Novice 1 Chinooks vs Irvine

Brass Monkey nabbed by Drone

Phil Burpee wants you
to stay warm
Phil Burpee, Columnist, Pincher Creek Voice

     The Montana branch of the Department of Homeland Security has announced the apprehension of an illegal entrant into the United States. At approximately 3:25AM last Tuesday morning, a U.S. Border Patrol Predator drone aircraft spotted a single, stooped figure making a run for cover just east of the Sweetgrass border crossing, moving in a southerly direction. He was quickly apprehended by a squad of agents with dogs and metal detectors. The fugitive surrendered without incident, and was subsequently transferred to federal offices in Billings. When queried as to his reason for affecting an illegal entry into the Great Republic, the suspect, a brass monkey clutching his groin, is reported to have replied in a falsetto voice, and with some anguish - "I'm gettin' the hell out! You wanna know exactly how cold it is up in Alberta!? Well, check this out!" When he removed his hands, the officers in attendance apparently nodded grimly, and whistled quietly through their teeth. "Yep," remarked one weathered veteran of the frontier. "They're gone alright."

The pinnacle and over the precipice

Toni Lucas

"There is no worse feeling than that millisecond you are sure you are going to die after leaning your chair back a little too far."

The above was part of a list I found called "Truths for mature humans" (link).  The moment I read the post, I viscerally knew that feeling they described.  Yes, I admit I have done it. Even though I have not had anything like this happen in the last 20 years or more, the last one was a doozie. Perhaps it is a doozie every time, for everybody.  If there was a video of that particular hi-jinks, I am sure that it would simple to pinpoint the exact moment of my epiphany.

Lakers dunk Cowboys

Chris Davis, Pincher Creek Voice

Cowboys vs Lakers in RHL action
C. Davis photo
January has been a rough month for the Peigan Cowboys.  On January 7 they were defeated by the Blackfoot Miners 13-3.  On January 14 they played the Brooks Black Hawks, losing that game by a whopping 16-1.  On January 20 they lost to Nanton 7-3.  On Saturday, January 21, they hosted the Lomond Lakers at Pincher Creek's MCC Arena.

Pee Wee Chinooks edge Vauxhall Sabres

Chris Davis, Pincher Creek Voice

Pee Wee Sabres vs Chinooks
C. Davis photo
Pincher Creek's Pee Wee Chinooks hosted the Vauxhall Sabres at the MCC Arena on Saturday, January 21.  Vauxhall was playing their second game of 2012, with a short bench and an extra helping of energy and spirit.  The game was an exciting one between two closely matched teams.

Atom Chinooks play exhibition game against Picture Butte's Cobras

Chris Davis, Pincher Creek Voice

Atom Chinooks vs Cobras
C. Davis photo
Pincher Creek's Atom "A" Chinooks played an exhibition game against Picture Butte's "B" Atom Cobras on Saturday afternoon, January 21 at Pincher Creek's Memorial Community Centre Arena.  The Chinooks demonstrated their well developed teamwork skills throughout the game, including an excellent passing play and good work in front of the net, setting it up and knocking it in.

As expected when an "A" team plays a "B" team at this level, the Chinooks were the winners of this game by a fair margin.  Both teams gave the game 100% in an effort that was entertaining to watch. The Picture Butte athletes are developing into solid opponents and are likely to prove to be a force to be reckoned with in the near future.

Huskies continue to win in Montana

Chris Davis

Pincher Creek's Midget Huskies are on a winning streak in Montana, where they are competing in the Casey Memorial Cup.  On Friday, January 20 (as reported here yesterday)  they defeated the Blackie Tigers 5-2.  On Saturday, January 21 they played two games.  They won both by definitive margins.  In their first game of the day they defeated the Helena Bighorns 11-5.  Then in the evening they beat the Lethbridge Hockey Hounds 12-1.  They face Blackie again today Sunday, January 22 at 11:30 am in the Finals.  The winner gets spiffy new jackets, according to Huskies' #5 Steven Mitchell, who has been kind enough to send brief reports from the event.

RCMP K Division Honour Roll


"The Wall of Honour was established in recognition of those members who lost their lives while on duty in Alberta Territory since 1874.
The Wall of Honour was erected in the public lobby of K Division Headquarters, and officially unveiled during a dedication ceremony January 5, 2002."

Saturday, January 21, 2012

2012 Napi Pow Wow ongoing this weekend

Young Dancer at the Napi Pow Wow
C. Davis photos/video
Chris Davis

The 40th annual Napi Pow Wow is taking place this weekend at Pincher Creek's Community Hall.  Hundreds of dancers and onlookers crowded the hall on Friday night for the first of three days of festivities, including dancing, special presentations, drumming, food, and community.  The Napi Board and Volunteers were honoured for their commitment to providing resources to urban First Nations people in Pincher Creek.

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