Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Anti-logging protesters given until Wednesday morning to vacate

C. Davis photos/video
Chris Davis

At around 3:30 pm yesterday, January 30, Sustainable Resources Development (SRD) officers and two RCMP officers visited the protest site where protesters have encamped in an attempt to prevent logging in the Castle Special Management area near Beaver Mines.  One of the SRD officers hand delivered several orders/documents issued by the Alberta Court of Queen's Bench to specific protesters, which apparently directs them to cease their occupation of the area.  Approximately 10 protesters were at the site at this time.

Protesters, SRD Officers, and RCMP Officers at the logging/protest site
After that process was concluded, the SRD officer handed the proceedings over to RCMP Inspector Joe McGeough.  After some discussion and a request by protester Mike Judd to allow for time to consult with legal counsel, he agreed to give the protesters until 8 am Wednesday morning, February 1 to gather their belongings and vacate the site, including tents they have erected in the path of the logging machines.

According to SRD Public Affairs Officer Duncan MacDonnell, via telephone,  "It's no longer an SRD matter, it is now a police matter."  The protesters declined to make an official comment until they had time both to read the documents they had been handed and to discuss the situation amongst themselves.


  1. shouldn't the RCMP instead enforce a cease and desist against the SRD and logging co.'s? To protect the grizzlies!

  2. Anonymous31/1/12

    Thank you Chris for your ongoing and thorough coverage of this protest.


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