Monday, January 30, 2012

Antiques stolen from Pincher Creek shed

The Pincher Creek RCMP are appealing for the public’s help with a break and enter.

Sometime between January 11 and January 20, unknown persons broke into a shed located in a backyard in Pincher Creek. The owners of the home had it in the care of property managers at the time and were waiting for renters to move in. The owners and victims of this crime are a senior couple who travel in the winter and had left all their possessions in the locked shed.

(photos and items list after the break)

One of the stolen items:
Signed copy of painting by
Frederick Remington

Some of the boxes and antiques taken had great sentimental value to the owners including all their family pictures, items from the First and Second World Wars and Native artifacts. The items range in size from an antique table set to photos and paintings were kept in several blue (Rubbermaid-type) boxes.

RCMP believe that several of the items may be circulating through the southern Alberta area and are asking local residents, antique dealers, pawn shops and classified shoppers to keep their eyes open in hopes of returning at the very least the victims family photos. The owner has offered a reward for the return of the photos.

Here is a complete list of items missing.

  • 2 peace pipes, one Blackfoot and one from eastern Canada.
  • Antique calculator with original box
  • 1 pair of WWI leather riding leggings
  • 2 pairs of leather wrist protectors
  • Antique round oak table with 3 sleeves and 5 oak chairs (2 captain and 2 dining)
  • 5 oak dining room chairs (not part of the above set)
  • Antique cylinder record player with 150 cylinder records
  • Kerosene chandelier hanging lamp
  • 2 other kerosene lamps, 1 of them a Fin Ger lamp
  • Lady Slipper Bridal bit
  • Rawhide lariat from the 1920s
  • Men’s diamond willow walking cane with a buffalo horn handle and a brass tip on the bottom
  • Bridle and bit with silver studs initials LFB on it
  • WWII German helmet
  • German officers shirt crest with swastika removed
  • 2 stone hammers
  • 1 war hammer
  • 200 arrow heads
  • Wooden butter bowl press and handles
  • Hat rack made from horns
  • Brass 7-day clock
  • Complete shaving kit with ivory handles, with peacock carving
  • Hand carved dice in a bone case
  • 2 antique curling irons
  • WWI officers compass
  • Antique silver tea set
  • Chinese vase
  • Signed copy of painting by Frederick Remington Arizona Cowboy.

Anyone with information regarding this incident should call Constable Bob Wright at the Pincher Creek RCMP office at 403-627-6010 or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS.

If you see these items please contact Pincher Creek RCMP

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