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Old-timer's Tourney ongoing this weekend

Chris Davis, Pincher Creek Voice

Retreads sittin' on the bench
C. Davis photo
The Pincher Creakers' Old-Timers Tournament is ongoing this weekend at the Memorial Community Centre Arena.

12 teams are competing, divided into 3 pools, including the Castaways, Creakers, Old Trailers, Mystery Men, Undietakers, Retreads, Olsons, Withdrawals, Ice Devils, Camfield, Rats, and the Nighthawks.

Ladies and Gentlemen, the Retreads
C. Davis photo

Four games were played on Friday, January 27.  8 games will be played on Saturday, starting at 8:00 am and running until 6:00 pm.  Six games are scheduled for Sunday from 8:15 to 3:45.   Each game consists of one 25 minute period and one 20 minute period. A bar has been set up in the lobby of the arena. Center line rules have been waived. Every game is followed by a Mickey Shootout, following the stated principle that "Everyone on your team should have the opportunity to embarrass themselves."

Retreats vs Creakers
C. Davis photo
The Creakers played a fun game on Friday evening against the Retreads, winning it 5-3.  The Retreads had a terrific passing play, but it wasn't enough against the Creakers' offence. Bob Wright with the Retreads scored twice and also got an assist.  Kevin Fujita scored the other goal for the Retreads.  Randy Witkopf scored first for the Creakers and also got an assist.  Creakers' Dan Crawford scored twice and got an assist. Mike Gerrand and Marty Jurgans were the other scorers for the Creakers.  The two teams tied in the Mickey Shootout.

Come out and cheer on these vintage gladiators this weekend.  You younger players out there have a great opportunity to give your elders the support they've been giving you.  You might even be able to holler at a coach or two.  Plus, it's exciting to watch them fall down and wonder if they're going to get back up again!

C. Davis video

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  1. Anonymous28/1/12

    The Retreds may have lost but they won for best looking team bus!


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