Monday, January 23, 2012

Some drug dealers don't care if you die

Chris Davis, Editorial

Tragedy has again visited the lives of several young people and their families this weekend.  As reported in the Calgary Herald, two deaths over the weekend, one a 23 year old man in Nanton and the other a 23 year old man at a SAIT residence in Calgary, are suspected to be the result of overdoses.  Two more suspected victims from the same Nanton call are recovering in a Calgary hospital.

Ten recent deaths in Alberta and British Columbia have been attributed to a bad batch of ecstasy that police believe was laced with paramethoxymethamepetamine (PMMA), a toxic substance five times stronger than regular ecstasy.  In Calgary at least five deaths have been attributed to this cause recently.  Authorities in British Columbia believe the death toll there may be as high as 19 people.

Kids are dying from this stuff.   Regularly.  And sorry, if you're under 30, to an old guy like me you're a kid.  Someone with an amazing lifetime of possibilities ahead of you.

I grew up in the late sixties and early seventies.  Back in my youth there were two main choices of illicit recreational poisons to choose from, pot and booze.  Yeah, we knew about the harder stuff, but for the most part it was too expensive, too scary, or too remote to really figure into our teenage years and early adulthood.

I'm not going to defend pot of booze.  They aren't good for you, and both have ruined more than a few lives.  However, unless you get behind the wheel of a car while under their influence, they don't tend to kill you this quickly.

This new stuff kills, and it kills quick.  It turns a house party into a house of horror fast.

Trust me kids, you don't want to die this way.  You don't want your friend to die this way.  I've seen it.  It's brutal, it's nasty, it's no damn fun at all. You can't wash it away or forget it, ever, once you've seen it.

My oldest son is turning 20 soon.  Every time one of these stories hits the press my stomache churns. First, I worry for him, a worry you can't know until you've had precious children of your own.  Then my heart breaks for the siblings, parents, and friends of the victim(s).  Then  I think of the friend who picked it up and shared it, only to kill a friend.  I think of the brothers that have killed their younger brothers.  I think of the souls stained for a lifetime by this kind of experience.

Yeah, it may be a cheap high, but someone out there just valued your life, and the life of your friends, at $5.00 a shot.

If you've got some in your possession, and by the way fellow parents, Nanton isn't so far from home, please flush it now and find some safer way to enjoy the day.

Be safe, and look out for each other.  Friends don't let friends die from getting high.

There are stories I never want to write.

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