Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Sr. Boys Basketball: Dragons defeat Panthers

Saint Michael's Senior Boys Dragons
C. Davis photos
Chris Davis

Saint Michael's Senior Dragons basketball team hosted the Crowsnest Pass Panthers at the Dale Wentz Memorial Gymnasium last night.

Usually when two teams are obviously mismatched it makes for a dull viewing experience regardless of the sport.  This game was a rare exception to that rule.

Dragons vs Panthers
The Dragons are a seasoned team, one of the best.  For the most part, these guys know the sport, and each other, inside and out.  What was a work in progress has turned into reflexive excellence. They're fast, they're big and tall. For many of them, the core of the team, this will be their last season together before they graduate.

By contrast, the Panthers are, for the most part, younger, smaller, and less experienced. They are also ferociously spirited athletes.

I can honestly say this was one of the most entertaining games in any sport that I have witnessed in the last year.  A benchmark of sorts.  Yes, the Dragons dominated throughout.  Yes, they were repeatedly spectacular.   The big surprise was the speed and fortitude the Panthers demonstrated from beginning to end.

Dragons Rainford, Fairbrother, and Bruder towered over the the Panthers, playing the game with casual and relentless dominance.  Fiest was on top of his game, pulling off some lightning fast brilliant plays.  Woodard was like a crazed wolverine.  I mean that in the best possible way.  Pittman was solid as a rock.  Sam Parkinson, a new and younger recruit, smaller than most of his team mates, was inspiring to watch.  This kid is going to be a contender.  So is Rubert Palao, who got to show his strong defensive moves late in the game. Naumcyzk was again near the top of the scoring list, dependably excellent throughout. This team sizzles.

Despite the odds, despite the score, the Panthers kept pouring 100% into their game.  Give this team a year or two and then look out.  They're fast, agile, and relentless.

Fiest achieves liftoff

One of the great games of the year, if you ask me.

Final score:  Dragons 96, Panthers 41


  1. Allen Wocknitz1/2/12

    Thank you for the fantastic write-up of the Dragon's game. Keep up the good work. If you put your "on-line" work to paper, you would put the Echo out of business! Allen Wocknitz

  2. Thanks Allen, I'm glad you're enjoying our coverage.

    We haven't anywhere near the budget required to go to print, and have no real intention of doing so in the foreseeable future. As well, we'd have to chop too many of our stories to do so, like the above probably, and the video certainly. Being a lifelong reader I understand the appeal of print, being a 20 year internet nut I also think it's becoming a relic of the past rather quickly. I hope you'll continue to check out the Voice anyway.

    -Chris Davis


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