Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Sr. Girls Basketball: Pandas a challenge but Dragons prevail

Chris Davis, Pincher Creek Voice

Pandas vs Dragons
C. Davis photo
Saint Michael's Senior Girls Dragons team hosted the Crowsnest Pandas at the Dale Wentz Memorial Gymnasium yesterday evening, January 30.

The Dragons dominated the first quarter 13 points to 6.  Amanda Higgenbotham was responsible for 8 of those Dragons' points.  The Pandas bounced back, coming within two points of the Dragons in the second quarter with 14 points to the Dragons' 16.  Dragons' Catherine DeCock scored a big ten points for her team in that one.  Raegar Jackson got six confidence-building points for her Pandas.

C. Davis photo

Coming back from half time, it began to look like the Pandas might just turn the tide.  They outscored the Dragons 11-7 in both of the last quarters, but it just wasn't enough to win the game.

The Pandas displayed a solid sense of teamwork throughout. Given a little more time they might have turned this one around. The Dragons showed fiery bursts of brilliance followed by bouts of exhaustion.   

Amanda Higgenbotham was the top scorer in the game with a whopping 18 points. Right behind her was Catherine DeCock with 17 points.  Dragons' Kelli Potts scored a respectable 10 points.  Emily Milligan and Tamara Parkin scored 4 points each for the Dragons. Over on the Panda's bench the scoring was spread around a bit more, with Raegar Jackson, Alison Farfus Meagan Flannery, Shelley Oswald, Galen Paton, Dakota LaDuke, and Cortney Green all contributing to the scoreboard.

C. Davis photo
It was an exciting game to watch.  The Pandas showed themselves to be tough competitors.  The Dragons lived up to their fiery name once again.

Final score: Dragons 53, Pandas 42

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