Monday, January 30, 2012

Take a Walk on the Wild Side - Upcoming Library events

The Pincher Creek & District Municipal Library and The Pincher Creek Community Adult Learning Council will be presenting a variety of speakers on Wednesday evenings, including February 8, 15, 22 and 29 from 7 pm – 8 pm at the Pincher Creek Library.
You can attend in person, or video conference in from your local RISE Library. Call 403 627­3813 for more information.

February 8: Nutcrackers, Bears & Wolverines
The "Wild Life" Of Whitebark Pines‐ Whitebark Pine is an important species found at high elevations in the Rocky Mountains, including Waterton Lakes National Park. However, Whitebarks are being decimated throughout their range. Discover the important connections between Whitebark Pines and key wildlife species, what is killing this tree, and what Parks Canada and volunteers are doing to help. Join Justin McKeown, Public Outreach Education Officer with Waterton Lakes National Park for this talk.

February 15:  Life on a Silken Thread
Join spider researcher John Hancock on a virtual walk through Beauvais Lake Pro‐ vincial Parks forests to discover the little known world of its spiders! Spiders are the top predators of the invertebrate world, this talk will provide a glimpse into the many “professions” of these amazing creatures!

February 22:  Hair Snares for Grizzly Bears; Monitoring Bears in Southwestern Alberta
Have you been out in Waterton or the Castle area and noticed trees with barbed wire? Wondering what it's for? Multiple agencies have joined together to monitor grizzly bears in southwestern Alberta using non‐invasive methods. Bears naturally rub on a variety of surfaces, leaving behind hair samples ‐ and their DNA. Genetic analysis of the hair samples reveals species, sex, and individual identity of the
bear. This information will help agencies further understand grizzly bear populations, densities, and distributions.  Join Andrea Morehouse, Grizzly Bear Monitoring Project Coordinator, for a talk about this new project.

February 29: It’s Not Easy Being Green
The story of the Northern Leopard Frog’s reintroduction at Beauvais Lake Provin‐cial Park continues. How are the tadpoles that were counted and released in 2009, fairing? And what are we doing to document the events and milestones of this project? Join Heidi Eijgel, Visitor Services Specialist with Alberta Parks for this talk.

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