Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Residential B&Es in Fort Macleod

Between February 19th and February 22nd th 2011, the Fort Macleod RCMP received complaints that 2 homes had been broken into on 17th street. Both houses had televisions and computers taken. The houses appeared to be random targets.
A Spring air pellet rifle with a scope was also taken from one of the houses.
The RCMP are investigating this incident as a Break and Enter and are seeking public assistance in identifying any suspects. Anyone that may have witnessed this incident or who has any information to provide are asked to contact the Fort Macleod RCMP at 403 553-7200 or call Crime Stoppers at 1 800 222-8477 (TIPS).

The RCMP would like to advise people to lock their doors and windows at all times and to keep external lights on during the night.

Meet the Pincher Creek Novice 2 Chinooks

Chris Davis, Pincher Creek Voice

Pincher Creek's Novice 2 team has been working very hard this year, learning basic skating and hockey skills, competing against other teams.  Most importantly, they've been learning to be a team.  Good luck in playoffs!

"I am very proud of all the kids," said Manager Tanya Kipling.  "How well they have progressed throughout the year and how much team spirit they have. I could not have asked for a better group of kids to manage. They really have made my job easier."

Pincher Creek's 2011/12 Novice 2 Chinooks:

#2 Eric LeBlanc
#3 Koltyn Kipling
#4 Drew Stuckey
#6 Christopher LeBlanc
#10 Nico Charette
#13 William Johnson jr
#16 Colton Kirkman
#18 Noa Jessen
#20 Rhett Fitzpatrick
#21 Kieran Randall
#28 Mayz Vance

Coach- Sean Stuckey
Assistant coach - Trevor Kipling
Assistant coach - Jody Randall
Assistant coach- Greg Kirkman
Manager Tanya Kipling

Thefts From Motor Vehicles in Fort Macleod

In the early morning hours of February 28, 2012 three individuals were arrested in connection with Car Prowling incidents in Fort Macleod.  It is believed that the individuals were actively checking vehicles between Evening and Midnight on February 27, 2012. At time of arrest they were targeting vehicles on 26, 27, 28 and 29th Street in Fort Macleod. A report of a car prowling on 3rd Ave was also received at 9 PM. Several items have been seized and are believed to have been stolen.

If you have had items stolen from your vehicle during the time stated, please contact the Fort Macleod RCMP Detachment.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Pincher Creek and area well represented at Calgary Home and Garden Show

Toni Lucas, Pincher Creek Voice

Pincher Creek EDO Wendy Kalkan and businesswoman Colleen Cyr
at the Home and Garden Show

T. Lucas photo
Ten Alberta Southwest partners joined together to rent 100 linear feet of frontage at the Home and Garden Show held in Calgary last week. Displays for the towns of Pincher Creek, Nanton, and Fort MacLeod were interspersed with area attractions and accommodations. Questions about tourism, interests, lifestyles, business, real estate, and other opportunities received knowledgeable answers.

Ag Society releases 2011 Rodeo Video

It's also posted on the Pincher Creek & District Agricultural Society's website at

Some of the photography supplied by Chris Davis, Pincher Creek Voice

Monday, February 27, 2012

The Hockey Report, February 27, 2012

Chris Davis

Novice Hockey

The Novice 1 Chinooks had a busy weekend, playing a home game against the Taber Icehogs on Saturday, February 25, and at an away game in Coaldale on Sunday. Chinooks #16 Rylan Bruns had a great game against the Taber team, scoring four times in that contest, twice unassisted.

The Novice 2 Chinooks are starting to look like Novice 1 Chinooks after a season of hard work.  Way to go.  Watch for a "meet the Novice 2" feature later this week.

Video: Novice 1 Chinooks vs Taber:

Atom Chinooks vs Magrath

I caught the Chinook Atoms vs Magrath game on Saturday.  It was a tough match for the Chinooks, who seemed to be up against more experienced players.  Our Atoms have indeed come a long way this season, and they play their hearts out almost every time.  They sure did this time.  Way to go Atoms, and congratulations Magrath, good team you have there.

Look out, Tarcon's got the puck
Midget Huskies defeat Warner
The Huskies rang up a 10-6 win against the Warner Sabres on Sunday afternoon, February 26. Warner got off to a fast start, taking the first period by a score of 2-3.  The Huskies dominated the second period, with 5 goals to Warner's 3.  That pattern was repeated in the third, with the Huskies outscoring the Sabres 3-1 in that one, to win it 10-6.  #9

Huskies Captain #16 Bret Tarcon scored early and scored often, with 4 assisted goals and one to call his very own.  I guess that's why he's Captain, it seems the team can count on him to perform every time, scoring at almost inevitable intervals. Blair Goodreau played a solid game too, scoring once in the first and second periods, assisting the final goal of the game, that one driven home by #18 Chase Tymchyna. The Sabres kept the Huskies defence busy, this was by no means a cakewalk for the Huskies.  Good defence and goaltending were critical this game.

Season over for Cowboys

In case you haven't heard, the Peigan Cowboys are now out of the Ranchland Hockey League playoffs.  They lost three straight in tournament play against Nanton, with the last of those, played in Nanton on Friday, February 4.  It's been reported that only 8 Cowboys showed up for that game, playing bravely until the end of the second period when the game was called.

Would you like to see the “Pinchers Mural” reinstalled?

Pincher Creek's Pincher Mural (demolished in 2008)

Restoration of the “Pinchers Mural” Project.  Would you like to assist with this idea?
Please come along to the public meeting on March 8th Thursday at 7:00pm at the Town Hall Meeting Room.

The original mural was created by Art Driedger was commissioned by the Chamber of Economic Development in 1997 and it graced the old Rexall building for 11 years. The mural told the story of how Pincher Creek got its name and it complemented the big blue “pinchers” located across the street in Pincher Park. The mural was lost with the construction of a new Rexall building in 2008. This, one of our first murals was themed after how the Town got its name.  This mural depicts the finding of a pair of “pincers” in 1874.  The pincers (a farrier’s tool for trimming horses’ hooves) the story goes, were lost on the bank of the creek near the ford in 1868.  (This was the first Mural sponsored by the Chamber of Economic Development – now the Chamber of Commerce).

Communities in Bloom is spearheading a project to see if there is enough interest, ideas and willingness to replace this mural (or similar) somewhere in the community. If you or your organization would like to get involved, we encourage you to attend! The agenda will include discussion on the mural concept, estimated cost, funding possibilities, artist selection, and mural location.

For more information, contact John Hancock 403 627-1511 or the Recreation Office at 403 627-4322.

Piikani Youth Forum a rousing success

Chris Davis, Pincher Creek Voice

The Piikani Nation Secondary School in Brocket was the site of the Piikani Youth Forum, hosted last week by the Piikani Child and Family Services Prevention Team and themed "Bringing Youth Together". Teens from all over Alberta attended the two-day event, which was open to native and non native youth between the ages of 14 and 18.

Facilitators, influential figures, and even a celebrity or two assisted with forums, addressing issues like self esteem, suicide, youth testimony, promiscuity, drugs, discrimination, heritage, moving into the future, and more. For the Piikani Nation kids there was the added excitement of new kids in town, from far away.  More than 130 people were in attendance at the height of activity, despite dismal and snowy weather.

Actor Colin Van Loon
Actor Colin Van Loon was both a featured speaker and a talent-show judge.  You can see him in a couple of episodes of 'Arctic Air', 'Hank Williams First Nation', 'Dreamkeeper', and others.  The upcoming indie film 'Napi 2012' is a retelling of the Napi legend. Van Loon is originally from southern Alberta but now resides in Vancouver, where he graduated from the Vancouver Film School (Acting). He is presently attending Simon Fraser University, expanding on his film knowledge, balancing acting, school, and events such as this one.

"It's very seldom you see correct modern interpretations of aboriginals," said Colin.  "If you want a hand in changing it you need to learn what you need to know to do that."

Leanne Van Loon, Kyle Blood, and Nintendo DS Winner Diandra Crow Chief
C. Davis photos
Piikani Child and Family Services Prevention Team Coordinator Leanne Van Loon wants to help change what she calls "negative stereotyping".  "I have grassroots on and off the reserve," she said. "I know what it's like to be on both sides of the fence.  When I'm here (Brocket) I'm seen as white, when I'm off reserve I'm seen as native."

Talent show contestants Shelby Provost and Autumn Striped Wolf
C. Davis photo

Rapper Ken Eagle Plume
This is our foundation year," Leanne explained as the event was winding down. "All over youth struggle with the same issues within their community. It doesn't matter what colour you are, you have FAS (Fetal Alcohol Syndrome), you have drugs, alcohol, vandalism, family violence, bullying, gang-bullying, cyber-bullying is getting out of control."

Singer Diandra Crow Chief
C. Davis photo
Leanne seemed to be quite passionate about the importance of her work. "Behind this is, if we unite the youth in Alberta, then unite them all in Canada, and then turn this into a united youth worldwide to work on all these issues.  If we can get the discrimination and the prejudice out, because we're all the same, then it's going to be a lot better united as one to really solve these issues in our communities."

Quite the aspirations for a young lady who doesn't seem to flinch from the issues at all.  "we don't want to become that quick-fix society. We need to start solving this. We told the kids 'You can be the generation to put a stop to FAS, now, it's in your hands'.  We want to plant these seeds early in these kids and unite them. Each day they were put into different groups, they weren't allowed to be in groups of people that they had come with, or from their school groups.  It was all about exchanging emails, different contacts, and then when they become our age they're going to know and they're going to have the contacts.  It will give them more power to move forward in a positive manner."
The next generation
Happy birthday Tristen
After two days of heavy topics, on Thursday evening the event wrapped up with a dinner and a fun talent show and a dance, with some exciting prizes.   What party is complete without a "Billie Jean" dance-off?  Oh, and Novice Chinooks goalie Tristen Blood was feted by the crowd as he celebrated his 9th birthday.

Money Cloud scam perpetrated in southern Alberta

The Taber/Vauxhall RCMP are continuing to received complaints of a Pyramid Scheme that is taking place in the area and would like to remind the public to be careful when giving money in hopes of receiving more in return. The Pyramid Scheme is called Money Cloud and the money back return is at the expense of others.
  • 1. If you are told you are give someone money in hopes of getting money back think of where that money is coming from and know that it is just a Hope of getting it back you may not get the money back you maybe actually loosing.
  • 2. Just because your told that something is legal it doesn't always mean that it is.
  • 3. If someone is avoiding your questions then there probably hiding something.
  • 4. Don't always believe everything that is told to you because everything is not always what it seems.
  • 5. Eventually the money is going to run out somewhere and there is going to be more people at the bottom then there are at the Top.

The best rule of thumb is that no one wants to give you something for nothing, and there is never a big easy pay out the money is always coming from somewhere else. IF IT SOUNDS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE, IT MOST LIKELY IS.

When unsure of a situation contact your Local Police Service.

Horse Health Seminar held at Horseshoe Pavilion

Kirstie Robertson, Pincher Creek Voice

K. Robertson photo
The Pincher Creek 4-H club hosted a horse health seminar on Saturday, February 25 from 9:30 am to 3:30 pm at the Horseshoe Pavilion in Pincher Creek. Many local horse health experts were invited, including a farrier, a herbalist, a chiropractor, a diet specialist, and an equine dentist to do presentations about the care and maintenance of horses and their special requirements.

Sunday, February 26, 2012


Phil Burpee
Phil Burpee, Columnist, Pincher Creek Voice

Did I hear that right? Buck fifteen at the pumps in Calgary and on the way up? What? OK, sure - I got it - the jackmeisters are fiddling with our gas tanks again, all the while chanting their gleeful refrain - "Jack-it-up, jack-it-up, jack-it-up." Man, oh, man - 'deja-vu all over again', as Yogi Berra would have had it. Just when you thought it was safe to turn out the lights........BAM! BWAAAH! HA HA HA! WE'RE BACK!!! More blood-curdling horror from the smashing, crashing demolition derby that is the world of the Global Hydrocarbon Speculator. For he is at work amongst us again. And nothing so gets his saliva flowing as the prospect of armed conflict in the Middle East. This guy likes it hot - and nothing so titillates him as the sight of posturing politicians fiddling with the big thermostat. When the conflagration ignites, he's peeling down to his skivvies and chirping that old tune - "The future's so bright, I gotta wear shades." – even as the fireballs light up the sky.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Pincher Creek Beginners' Roping Clinic week 4

Roping Reporter Janet B.
C. Davis photo
Janet Barkwith, Roping Reporter

Week four of this every-other-week class, and things seem to be slowing down for me at last. To begin with, everything went so fast I found it pretty nearly impossible to notice what exactly
I was doing when whirling my loops and releasing them at the wooden roping dummy. But as I begin to gain a little more experience, I am also beginning to notice what my hand is doing, where my arm is, and where I have to look to perfect the aim for any given loop.

This, of course, is the value of practice (and it became rapidly very obvious that I hadn't done nearly enough in the intervening weeks since last time!)

Alberta to "rendez-vous" with French cultures

Edmonton... Albertans are invited to experience the “joie de vivre” as the province officially marks the Rendez-vous de la Francophonie March 9 - 25, a national celebration of French language and cultures.

Communities across the province are hosting a variety of celebrations including flag raising ceremonies, multicultural gatherings and educational activities to promote and celebrate French cultures, in support of the Rendez-vous’ theme, “Understanding builds a better future”. The Rendez-vous coincides with International Francophonie Day, observed annually on March 20 by more than 50 countries.
The Government of Alberta marks the Rendez-vous with an official event in the rotunda of Alberta’s Legislature on March 6. Members of the public are invited to join the Speaker of the Legislative Assembly of Alberta Ken Kowalski and Minister of Intergovernmental, International and Aboriginal Relations Cal Dallas in a commemorative flag-raising event and live entertainment from Alberta’s Francophone community.

To learn more about Rendez-vous de la Francophonie or to see a full event list, visit, or visit the Association canadienne-française de l’Alberta at www.acfa.ab.c

Friday, February 24, 2012

Congratulations to Bruce Buckingham


Congratulations Bruce from the board and staff of the Pincher Creek Co-op on your new position with South Country Co-op.

Bruce has been our General Manager for the past 4 1/2 years and has done an excellent job of moving our Co-op forward. Under his management we acquired Tim Horton’s and the Brick, and built a new gas bar and C-Store. He was also responsible for renovations to the mall and parking lot. He brought new ideas and changes that were beneficial to our operation.
Bruce started his new venture on February 21 in Vauxhall; we wish him every success in his future with the Co-op organization.

Out and about

Chris Davis Photos, Pincher Creek Voice

Hi Raiden!
Uncle Chris photo
We're streamlining our processes here at the Pincher Creek Voice, as we head towards celebrating our first year of publication this summer.  The following will be a regular theme, capturing interesting moments here in the Pincher Creek area and previewing u coming stories.  We invite you to share your interesting moments here with our other readers by emailing

A frosty morning last week at the Bloomin' Inn Ranch
C. Davis photos

Get ready to meet the Novice 2 Chinooks
C. Davis photo

Roofing begins on MCC Arena
C. Davis photo

Mainstreet Makeover
C. Davis photo

Condos are coming to this location on southeast Main Street
C. Davis photo

Good things were happening at the Piikani Nation last night.
Stay tuned.
. C. Davis photo

Castle Special Place Logging Protestors and Crown Reach Agreement on February 24 Court Proceedings

Castle Logging Protesters
C. Davis photo

Media Release

Provincial officials have decided not to charge anti-logging protestors who were arrested on February 1 in the Castle Special Place. In addition, protestors who were named in the related Court Order will not be appealing that Order in court.

Lawyers for the protestors, and the Crown’s lawyer, reached an out-of-court understanding where no further action will be taken against those arrested, and where the Court Order will be allowed to expire.

“We’re pleased to have come to an agreement that will resolve the outstanding issues surrounding the logging arrests and the Court Order”, said Gordon Petersen, one of those named in the Court Order. “Now we can get on with the business of challenging the substantive legal issues surrounding the granting of the logging licence, and challenging the logging itself.”

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Nighttime bridge work detours Highway 2 traffic near High River

Motorists are advised that Highway 2 traffic near High River will be detoured onto Highway 2A for two consecutive nights.

The detours accommodate girder placement for the new Highway 2-498th Avenue interchange bridge north of High River. Highway 2 will close to traffic from 11 p.m. on Feb. 24 to 7 a.m. Feb. 25 and from 11 p.m. on Feb. 25 to 8 a.m. Feb. 26. Traffic will be detoured to Highway 2A between High River and Aldersyde during the closures, weather permitting.

Motorists should use caution in this area and obey all signs and message boards.

Locals participate in Rick Hansen Relay


Brent Barbero and Joanne Oliver, Contributors

Here are some pics of locals participating in the 25th Anniversary Rick Hansen Relay in Fort Macleod on Feb. 22, 2012.

Relay Medal
Joanne Oliver photo
<  The Official 25th Anniversary Rick Hansen Relay Medal minted by the Royal Canadian Mint.  The Medal is made of pure silver and is very heavy.  The background of the Medal is a laser imprint of the glove Rick Hansen wore on the day he completed the original Man in Motion tour.  That glove has travelled to the International Space Station.

The roads were terrible to get to Fort Macleod but the sky cleared and it was a great day!

Alyssa Barbero (right) from Pincher Creek passes the Medal
to Rob Sulava from Pincher Creek

Joanne Oliver photo

Joanne Oliver photo
(Above) Kendall Oliver, Tia , and Alyssa Barbero (all from Pincher Creek) pose with their keepsake medals, touques, and track suits after completing their portions of the Relay.  
The caravan is proceeding to the far right.

Rob Sulava and Kendall Oliver
Joanne Oliver photo

Pee Wee Chinooks win and lose in double-overtime thriller

Chris Davis, Pincher Creek Voice

Huskies vs Sabres
C. Davis photo
Pincher Creek's Pee Wee Chinooks hockey team hosted the Vauxhall Sabres at the MCC Arena on Tuesday evening, February 21, for the second of a two-game Pee Wee "C" Provincial contest.  The Chinooks had been bested in Vauxhall 4-2 in the first game, and needed to win by three points in this game.  A large crowd of supporters came out for this one, with both teams well represented in the stands.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Initiation Hockey Tournament held on Family Day

Chris Davis, Pincher Creek Voice

Chinooks vs Jets at the
Initiation Tournament

C. Davis photo
Pincher Creek's Initiation Chinooks hosted three other teams for a Tournament on Family Day, Monday, February 20.

The MCC Arena was packed, with the snack bar reporting exceptional sales from all the families that came out to watch.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Pee Wee Chinooks to play Provincial game against Vauxhall tonight

Pee Wee Chinooks vs Vauxhall
6:00 pm tonight, February 21 at the Memorial Community Centre Arena in Pincher Creek.

Come cheer on this great home team in their quest for Provincial glory.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Monday Matters! “Can’t Break That Habit?”

Herky Cutler, Columnist, Pincher Creek Voice

Herky Cutler
So I was at the pool the other day, and after my swim, it was shower time. The shower facility at the pool is a small open area with 6 shower heads. I have been swimming at this pool for years, and I ALWAYS use the same shower head if it’s available. ALWAYS! Now I have excellent reasons for doing so, (we always have good reasons for perpetuating our habits don’t we?), as that particular shower has a nice steady stream, it’s on the end so it’s easy to get to if other people are around, it’s close to the change area so access to my towel is quick, and so on.

2012 Pincher Creek Town and Country Bonspiel

Toni Lucas, Pincher Creek Voice

2012 Town and Country Bonspiel
C. Davis photo
The Pincher Creek Curling Club is fortunate that that the condensers were working, the ice was solid, and the houses were all in a row.  After a shaky start to the season, everything was in great shape for the Pincher Creek Town and Country Bonspiel that occurred February 13 - 18.  Twenty teams got to play on home ice, ranging from businesses, farms and ranches, families and friends based on the tireless work of the club's board and members to get the rink back in operation after mechanical failure at the beginning of the season.  Saturday the 18th culminated in a fantastic dinner and the awarding of prizes for individuals on all the teams.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Atom Chinooks defeat Raymond Ice

Toni Lucas and Chris Davis, Pincher Creek Voice

Atom Chinooks vs Raymond Ice
C. Davis photo
Pincher Creek's Atom Chinooks hosted the Raymond Ice on February 18, 2012. The Chinooks got the edge on the Ice in the first period with two unanswered goals, the first by Chinooks' #30 Carl Tetachuk, assisted by #21 Josh Conley.  For the next goal the two Chinooks front-men switched duties, with Conley getting the goal and Tetachuk the assist.  These two have mastered the break-away double play.

Palominos crush Cowboys

Chris Davis, Pincher Creek Voice

Cowboys vs Palominos
C. Davis photo
The Piegan Cowboys hosted the Nanton Palominos at Pincher Creek's MCC Arena on Saturday night, February 18, for game two of a best-of-five, in the first round of the RHL playoffs.

Saturday night's game had an element of grudge-match to it for the Cowboys, after Caleb Bailey suffered a dislocated shoulder from a hit-from-behind in Friday night's 8-0 defeat by Nanton.  The damage is serious enough to warrant surgery, and will keep Bailey out of the rest of the season.

Meet the Novice 1 Chinooks

Chris Davis video
Want something like this for your team?  Contact us at

Hi/Lo Bowling Tournament begins

Toni Lucas, Pincher Creek Voice

Hi/Lo Bowling Tournament begins
T. Lucas photo
Saturday, February 18 marked the start of the Hi/Lo Doubles Bowling Tournament at Chinook Lanes in Pincher Creek.  The tournament was ongoing on the February 19 as well, and will continue on Saturday, March 10.  There are 35 teams or 70 bowlers at this level participating in Pincher Creek.  Chinook Lanes will sending two teams Calgary to for the Hi/Lo Provincials on Saturday, April 14th.

Free beer and sausages at the Ranchland Mall

Chris Davis, Pincher Creek Voice

Megan handing out samples
at the Liquor Den

C. Davis photo
The Sausage Showdown was underway at the Ranchland Mall on Friday, February 17.  Cowley's Back Country Butchering and the Co-op Meat Department were giving out free sausage samples next to the Liquor Den, which was having a beer tasting event at the same time. Sausage samplers were encouraged to vote with their dollars by contributing to the local Food Bank at the table of their choice.  The event was very well attended.

Back Country Butchering table
C. Davis photo

Co-op table
C. Davis photo
The second installment of the Sausage Showdown will be held all day this upcoming Friday, February 24 at the same location, after which a winner will be announced.

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